The Best Acrylic Paint Brand – Reviews 2017

Decorating your walls is a fun and unique way to personalize your room. If you have a knack for artistic drawing and compositions, then this DIY home project will allow you to let your creative juices flow. The first thing you need to do is to make sure you pick the best acrylic paint for your project.

Choosing the right kind of paint for your walls isn’t just about selecting the color. Keep in mind that aside from the aesthetic value, the quality and consistency of your paint plays a crucial role in achieving a polished and professional look.

Benefits Of Using Acrylic Paint

There are various types of acrylic paint with different quality, sheens, textures, and colors. Acrylic paint is a quick drying and water soluble material which becomes water resistant once it dries.

Acrylic paints are made from pigments that have been suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. They vary in gloss, matte or semi-matte finishing which is also referred to as satin sheen. Acrylics also have numerous benefits when it comes to painting your walls with it.

Here are some advantages of using acrylic paint in your home DIY project:

  • It can be used for various surfaces – This saves you a couple of bucks especially since it is versatile enough to use for walls, wood, glass, ceramic, fabric, canvas, paper, and other surfaces. You don’t have to buy a separate type of paint.
  • It is resistant to cracking or splitting – The paint material is flexible and can expand or contract without cracking or splitting when exposed to varying temperatures. Keep in mind that cracks or splits in the paint will enable water to creep in the paint film which eventually will lead to peeling.
  • It is easier to touch up – If your surface is properly primed, it provides a strong adhesion which makes it suitable for different types of surfaces. It doesn’t display any shadows or variance in the sheen. In case you make an error in your brushstroke, you can easily clean it up with soap and water.
  • It is more breathable and quick drying – Since it doesn’t trap in moisture, it won’t cause the paint to lose adhesion or blister. It dries quickly which saves you more time since you can apply your second coating sooner compared to other types of paint.
  • It is easy to dilute – Just add water to soften up your paint. It doesn’t require the use of special paint thinners.

Acrylic Paint Reviews

We’ve rounded up five acrylic paints that we think can help you decide which one will work  on your wall design.

1. Colore Acrylic Paint Set



The Colore Acrylic Paint Set is a multi-purpose kit that can be used in most surfaces including fabric, wood, paper, walls, and other materials. This makes it versatile enough to use for your DIY home projects or arts and crafts. You can even teach your kids how to paint with this easy to use paint set.


  • This acrylic paint produces a water-based and non-toxic material for a durable finish.
  • The paint has a nice consistency, dries quickly, and stays on the brush making it easy to work with. It doesn’t drip on your canvas while you’re painting.
  • The set comes in 24 colors and has a wide array of hues to choose from so you won’t run out of ideas for your décor. Plus, it produces a vivid color which makes your design pop out.
  • The colors blend well and the paint is easy to dilute. It produces a smooth finish.
  • The kit comes in an attractive packaging. Each color is sealed in a tube. You can squeeze the tube to get out as much paint as you need.


  • The paint tubes are smaller than I expected.
  • The consistency of the paint in some tubes appear thin and transparent.


The Colore Acrylic Paint is versatile and can be used by both beginners and professionals. It is a fun starter kit to introduce your kids to the world of art. Although the tubes are small, the quality makes up for it.

2. Crafts 4 All Paint Set



The Crafts 4 All Paint is a great way to unleash your creative juices. This paint mixes easily with other tones to produce rich, vibrant and pigmented shades. It has a thick consistency and produces a smooth satin finish which makes any piece of work look like a piece of art.


  • It comes in a variety of 24 beautiful colors and a bonus set of quality brushes that comes in different styles and sizes. This makes it more convenient so that you won’t have to buy a separate set of brushes.
  • The paint provides good coverage. Once you mix it with water it produces a softer watercolor appearance.
  • The colors are bold and vibrant which show well through even when painted on different surfaces.
  • The paint dries easily and is easy to clean up with just soap and water.


  • The packaging is small which gives your roughly a teaspoon of paint in each tube.
  • The tubes is quite airy which leaves a small amount of paint inside.
  • Once the paint dries out, the effect appears in a dull matte finish.
  • Some of the paint consistency produces a chunky and watery effect which makes it inconsistent.


The Crafts 4 All Paint Set is designed for all ages. It is suitable for novice or intermediate artists who are passionate in creating unique designs. The kit provides more value especially since it comes with a brush set. This paint set is affordable for its price. However, some tubes may tend to be a little inconsistent when it comes to quality.

3. Creative Joy Acrylic Paint And Brushes Set



The Creative Joy Acrylic Paint and Brush Set comes in 12 vivid colors and a set of brushes for your convenience. It’s a great way to learn and practice shading, detailing, and outlining your artworks. The soft bristled brushes are easy to maintain and clean.


  • Most products in this price point doesn’t usually come with brushes which is why the set of brushes is a great bonus. It is designed with an easy handle grip which is comfortable for both small and large hands.
  • The brush set has different designs which allow you to create different textures and strokes with it.
  • The paint gives off a smooth and creamy effect. Plus, it dries out easily which makes it quicker for you to apply a second coating if needed.
  • The colors are bright and vivid. The coverage depends on what type of surface you are painting on. Some will only require one coating.


  • Although the set comes with brushes, the materials lack quality and doesn’t last too long. Don’t expect much from this.
  • It doesn’t provide enough coverage for plastic surfaces. Instead, it appears sticky.


The Creative Joy Acrylic Paint and Brush Set is suitable for beginners and hobbyists. It produces vibrant colors and comes with a set of brushes which is great for manipulating the texture and dimensions of your artwork. However, do not expect much from the quality of the brushes. It won’t last you long.

4. Castle Art Supplies Acrylic Paint Set



The Castle Art Supplies Acrylic Paint Set comes in 12 big 75ml paint tubes so that you can squeeze in more paint for your artworks. Some paints dry off easily even before you finish your touch-up, this paint provides just enough drying time to balance your work.


  • Most acrylic tubes are small which makes this paint set more worthwhile.
  • The colors mix well. It goes over any surface smoothly and the paint doesn’t run down your canvas. This makes it easier to work with.
  • The paint has the right amount of consistency. It isn’t too thick not too thin which makes painting smooth and easy.


  • The colors appear too sheen in when painted over some surfaces.
  • Some of the paint consistency appears to be thin which produces a dramatic color shift once the paint dries off.


The Castle Art Supplies Acrylic Paint Set can be used by beginners and professionals. It provides a variety of color choices that produce vibrant shades in your décor.

5. Royal Art Supplies Acrylic Paint Set



The Royal Art Supplies Acrylic Paint Set is flexible and can be used for various types of surfaces. Aside from using it on your wall art, it provides great and smooth coverage for glass, ceramic, fabric, canvas, paper, wood, and other painting surfaces. The set comes with 12 vibrant colors that works great when blended together. You can create new tones for a customized design.


  • The paint dries off smoothly and evenly. It doesn’t crack once the paint dries which gives your artwork a beautiful finish.
  • The colors are very rich in hues which make any artwork come to life.
  • Just add water to create different textures and hues on your design.
  • It is very affordable for its price point.


  • The pain consistency appears a bit thick which requires you to make sure that your paint glides on smoothly as possible to avoid clumps.
  • Since the tubes are small, you may easily run out of paint if you are working on a big project.


The Royal Art Supplies Acrylic Paint Set is a great starter kit especially for people who want to learn how to create artworks using acrylic paint.

Choosing The Best Brushes For Acrylic Paint

After choosing the right acrylic paint for your DIY project. Another important step is to pick the best brush to match your acrylic paint. Selecting the right tool is crucial to the success of your artwork.

Even if you have a good paint, if you are using a bad quality brush, then you won’t be able to achieve a successful wall mural. Here are some factors to look for when you’re buying a brush.

  • Type of bristles – The type of bristle you use can affect the outcome of your paintwork. A stiff bristle may leave brush marks on your wall but provides more texture with your paint. The soft bristles on the other hand, allows you to paint with smoother brush strokes and is more suitable for blending colors.
  • Size – The size of your brush is identified by a number in the brush handle. It pertains to the thickness of the ferrule. The manufacturers may produce different sizes from other brands. Bigger brushes are best used if you are painting on large surfaces while smaller ones are more appropriate for small areas and more intricate designs.
  • Shape – The shape of your brush provides a unique style and effect. The best way to learn is to experiment and have fun with it.

Your brush stroke is also affected on how you handle and grip the brush. The way to control your brush properly is to hold it close to the ferrule. This way you can create more detailed paint strokes.

Top 5 Brushes For Acrylic Paint

We’ve chosen five of the most highly recommended brushes to guide you in choosing the most suitable tool for you.

1. LorDac Arts Detail Paint Brush


The LorDac Arts Detail Paint Brush is great for painting with acrylic, oil or watercolor. It is made with Taklon synthetic and animal hair which holds strongly against breakage. The bristles are designed for durability and won’t get easily damaged by the paint and solvent.


  • The tips of the brush allows you to paint in sharp detail and precision.
  • These brushes won’t leave any brush marks on your masterpiece.
  • The bristles are easy to clean and stays in its original shape.


  • The bristles tend to split and fray after a few uses. Make sure you handle them with care.
  • The ferrule came off after washing the brush.


The LorDac Arts Detail Paint Brush comes in 12 different brushes with various shapes and sizes including a round, flat, and liner. It provides you many options so that you can paint with various styles and brush strokes making it versatile to work with.

2. Xpassion Paint Brush Set


The Xpassion Paint Brush Set includes 10-sized brushes ideal for watercolor, oil or acrylic painting. It is designed with a double-crimped ferrule for long lasting use.


  • This brush set is very affordable yet it makes you feel as if you’re using professional materials.
  • It doesn’t leave any scratch marks on the surface.
  • The bristles glide easily and provides good coverage on any material.


  • The handles feel kind of rough which feels uncomfortable in your hands most of the time.
  • The quality of the brushes doesn’t seem to be too high. The handles tend to break easily.


The Xpassion Paint Brush is great for both beginners and advanced painters. It is easy to work with even on different surfaces.

3. Heartbay Painting Brush Set


The Heartbay Painting Brush Set is packed with 10 brush sizes. The brushes don’t shed its hair so you won’t have to worry about leaving hairy marks on your paint. It is designed with short handles for a better grip and control especially if you’re are working on small details.


  • This brush set is very easy in the pocket.
  • The brushes feel light and easy on your hands. The size and shape of each brush are just right for any painting job.


  • The brush styles are not appropriate for very detailed and intricate paintings.
  • The bristles appear to get frizzy after several uses.
  • The coating on the handle easily shreds which sometimes can get stuck on your work.


If you are searching for a low-cost brush that works well, the Heartbay Painting Brush Set is a good choice. You don’t have to pay twice or thrice as much to achieve a good brush stroke.

4. Mont Marte Paint Brush Set


The Mont Marte Paint Brush Set is packed with a 15 piece brush set for additional painting options. The bristles are thick, smooth, and don’t come off easily. It comes in a nice carrying case to keep your art materials in order which makes it suitable for traveling as well.


  • The quality of the brushes feel elegant compared to the other inexpensive ones.
  • The bristles don’t fray easily even after several uses.
  • The brushes feel soft yet firm when you’re painting making it flexible.


  • The hairs and bristles has the tendency to become loose and therefore, gets in your paint and your artwork. Picking off the hair may just mess up and ruin your masterpiece.


The Mont Marte works great on painting with watercolor, acrylic or even oil paint. The paint rolls smoothly on any surface and absorbs the color of the paint well. The carrying case which can be set up like an easel stand is definitely a bonus.

5. Cube Craft Paint Brush Set


The Cube Craft Paint Brush is designed with ergonomic long handles for balance and comfort. This allows you to achieve consistent brush strokes.


  • The quality of the brushes are nice and firm while the handle feels sturdy. The brushes work well even if used repeatedly.
  • The brush hairs doesn’t shred easily so it won’t disrupt your work.
  • The carrying case keeps everything organized and in place.


  • The smaller brushes may have the tendency for the ferrule to separate from the stem.
  • The bristles appear to separate into the grooves.


The Cube Craft is equipped with 15 brushes allowing you to paint in different styles and strokes. It makes it more fun to use and play around with.

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Based on the five best acrylic paint reviews, we strongly recommend one of the bestsellers, The Creative Joy Acrylic Paint and Brush Set. In comparison to the other brands, this acrylic paint provides you value for your money. It provides good coverage, produces vibrant hues and colors that you can mix and blend easily together, and comes with 6 pieces of brushes to help you create more textures and dimensions.

In addition to the other benefits, you can also use it on various DIY home projects. This is a great choice for both beginners and experienced painters. The Creative Joy Acrylic Paint can help you create beautiful pieces of artwork on your walls.

Whether you are working on your children’s bedroom or your living room, this acrylic paint provides high-quality materials that can make your art piece look professionally made.

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