The Best Paint Edger For First-Time Users

Do you often encounter problems when painting your home’s wall or ceiling? If you are conducting your own paint job, a paint edger will come in handy. It is a useful tool that will assist you when cutting edges and corners in your home.

This is much more convenient than taping or masking the corners which take up lots of time. A paint edger uses pads and wheels to help and guide you as you roll the paint. This allows you to create clean lines.

We rounded up the top three best paint edger to help you understand how it works.

How To Use A Paint Edger

Here are some valuable tips on how to successfully use a paint edger.

  1. Control the amount of paint. How much paint you use can greatly affect the result of your painting job. The flip-up edge guards protect the wheels as you reload it so that you won’t get any paint on it.
  2. Avoid using too much paint. If you load your edger with excessive paint, it can cause the paint to thicken and it may overflow and leak into the wheels. This may cause splatters on your ceiling and end up ruining your work instead. Extreme amounts of paint can also leave lumps of paint on the wall below the edger.
  3. Practice. Don’t expect to use it without experiencing any minor issues. For most people, especially first-timers, it takes a lot of practice before you master it. Try it out first and eventually you will get the hang of it.

The Benefits

Using a paint edger is beneficial for cutting and creating lines especially for first-time painters. Here are some advantages you can get from using a paint edger.

  • It provides a nice and straight line. It makes cutting in on your ceiling easier than masking it off. It works effectively on creating even lines especially if you have problems doing it compared to using a brush.
  • It reduces your painting time. Time is what most of us don’t have the luxury of. Using a paint edger will significantly make any painting job quicker. This way, you can complete your project faster and move on to your next painting task.
  • It provides more accuracy. When you are cutting in the trims, using a paint edger provides more precision and control. This allows you to reach and cut through even hard to reach areas more accurately.

Best Paint Edger Reviews

1. Shur-Line 2000878 Paint Premium Edger


The Shur-Line paint edger is built with a rotating 180-degree handle for an easy grip. It also has retractable edge guides so that you won’t leave any marks on the surface. This allows you to work on hard to reach areas without any difficulty.


  • This spreads out the paint evenly. Just use a small amount of paint in the edger and apply it with a small paintbrush.
  • Using this edger will save you tons of edging time so you can focus your extra time on other tasks.
  • You can use this to paint high angled areas. This way you won’t have to climb up all the way up the ladder.


  • The paint has the tendency to leak onto the wheels. Make sure you don’t apply too much paint to avoid this.
  • Be careful when using it. Applying too much pressure can weaken the handle.
  • The rotating handle makes it hard to by hand because it requires a long stick. Therefore, it makes it difficult to apply pressure on the paint.


The Shur-Line paint edger is suitable for people who have a hard time painting a straight line. It works effectively on reaching hard to access areas. Just don’t forget to use the right amount of paint. Otherwise, a thick paint can cause it to drip and may just leave a mess on your wall.

2. Mr. Long Arm 0470 Trim Smart Paint Edger


The Mr. Long Arm paint edger works well on trimming ceilings, walls or baseboards. You have the option to use it by hand or with an extension pole depending on the surface you are painting on. It also comes with vertical and horizontal wheels that allow you to paint clean lines.


  • This product can cut through your ceilings without a hitch compared to other paint edgers. It reaches high and tight areas without any difficulty.
  • You can paint a nice and straight line as long as you avoid the paint from dripping on the wheels. The foam tends to soak up the paint so if too much pressure is applied, it can leak on the sides.
  • It is more durable than other competitor products.


  • The replacement pads are not easily available. You have to order it and wait.
  • If you plan on using the pads on different colored paints, you need to wash and dry it first. This shaves off time especially if you’re working on a specific timetable.
  • The pad may easily disintegrate after a couple of uses.


The Mr. Long Arm paint edger holds the paint well and rolls on smoothly over the surface. However, you need to be careful not to soak it with too much paint because the foam pad tends to absorb more paint which may spill if not properly handled.

3. HomeRight C800771 Quick Painter Edge


The HomeRight Quick painter edge is equipped with a 3-inch painting pad that can be conveniently adjusted to four different painting positions to suit your preference and need. It is also built with a rod that is easy to pull so you can quickly reload your paint.


  • You can use it to paint and touch up your trims without any hassle.
  • This edger provides great coverage for any painting job. Just be careful not to release too much paint on the pad so you won’t mess it up.
  • It provides great control and precision even when you are using the extension rod.
  • You can easily regulate the paint flow depending on your requirement.
  • The handle allows you to easily transfer the paint from the bucket.


  • Washing the pads requires a little more effort and time. Make sure you clean the pads after every use especially if you are going to use it with a new paint. Any leftover paint may affect the shade and tone of your new paint.
  • It may cause your paint to splatter and drip if not used properly.


The HomeRight Quick painter edge allows you to finish your painting job fast and easy. It provides more accuracy especially when painting over hard to reach areas.


After evaluating all three products, the best paint edger goes to The HomeRight Quick paint edger. It rises above its competitor in terms of ease of use, functionality and form. This paint edger is the easiest to use and allows you to finish any painting job quicker.

The HomeRight Quick paint edger is designed for convenience. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced painters. As long as you carefully follow the instructions on how to apply and use the edger appropriately, then you won’t experience any issues or problems. This replaces the need to tape down your trims which ultimately saves time and energy.

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