The 5 Best Carpets for Stairs and Hallways and How to Buy the Perfect One

There’s a reason why warranties on carpeting rarely includes stairs; this area of our house receives a constant and concentrated flow of traffic, making it the first to display wear and tear. Hallways also inhibit the function of connecting one place to another, therefore receiving similar damages.

If you are doing a research on how to find the best carpet for stairs and hallway, then here are some tips and suggestions to consider.

How to choose the right carpet material

Carpets come not only with various designs and color swatches, but also differ with density and durability.

When going one floor level to another, we tend to set foot on the same exact spaces concentrated at the center of the stairway. This is the reason why carpet for stairs and landing should be selected not only based on aesthetics but also its endurance to foot traffic. When shopping for a carpet, verify these factors:

  • Face weight
  • Face weight is the weight (in ounces) per square yard of carpet material. By knowing this you get a quick idea of the density of the carpet that plays a big factor in durability. This factor may be misleading when comparing two different products; a heavier face weight does not necessarily mean a denser and more durable carpet, it may depend on the length of the fibers.

  • Wear rating
  • There’s no definite standard to base a carpet’s wear rating. This rating system is given and created by the same company that manufactured the carpet therefore it may turn out as a bias rating. But, if you’re planning on having one supplier for the whole house, then a higher wear rating should be considered for stairs and hallways.

  • Twist level
  • The number of twists in a one inch strand of carpet refers to its twist level. Durable carpet for stairs and hallways should have higher number of twists to lessen fast unraveling of fibers. Think of the twist as braided hair, the tighter the twists the less chance it will loosen and deform.

  • Texture
  • Carpet texture is important for stairs and hallways because they are connecting spaces that receive the most usage. Choose a carpet that does not break the sensation from one space to another. The right fabric will compliment not only the user but will ensure a heavy duty material. Determine whether the components used are sturdy enough and is comfortable to walk on.

  • Under surface
  • Stair carpets should always be non-slip and kept installed in treads to minimize accidents. Whether you decide on a full waterfall carpet installed, or just the area rugs, make sure that he sheet under on the opposite side of the fabric is non-slip and is capable of adding friction to lessen movement of the material.

  • Pattern and color
  • This last item may sound superficial, but it actually plays a role in the lifespan of a carpet. Patterns in carpets add vibes to a room or space, so remember to choose something that will not clash with your room design.

    Dark colored carpets can conceal more dirt and damage than light colored ones, making it more adaptable to heavy use and daily tear. Choosing to install light colored ones such as grays and whites will draw attention when there’s presence of stain. Consider the traffic and usage of the space before deciding on a color.

You may have a lot more questions about finding and comparing carpets, so here’s a video that can possibly answer your questions about carpet buying.

After deciding which carpet to purchase, the next step is the installation process

Here are some tips to consider:

Invest on installation fees

Just like any other finishing material, hiring an experienced installer is a vital component to maximize the lifespan of our carpets.

Stairs have many corners and edges that are susceptible to tearing and early damage, so installation techniques should not be taken for granted. No matter how expensive your chosen carpet is, without the proper installation techniques and process of application, it would be pointless.

Ask about installation options

The greatest thing about hiring a professional to do the job is they’re equipped with tools and experience to fit your preference.

For the stairs, normally households settle for a waterfall or continuous carpet installation; but having the carpet installed per step is a better approach to this. The first steps of a staircase tends to be the one most used and the first to display damage, hence it is very impractical to change the whole stairs carpet just for one or two damaged steps. By installing the carpet individually on each step, you can replace only what needs to be replaced saving you a lot of money.

Hallways on the other hand, can be designed with darker shades or topped with runner rugs to lessen the impact of traffic and provide protection to the carpet.

Buy more than what you need, or choose what is traditional.

When choosing a carpet, you cannot verify whether that style will be constantly available produced within a ten year period.

Manufacturers tend to discontinue production of carpets that are either not selling well enough in the consumer market, so it’s better to have a spare dedicated for stairs and hallway carpet replacement. Verify the actual total area needed to be covered for these high traffic places so you can effectively buy the exact size of the carpet that will be needed for future replacements.

On the other hand, if you do not fancy storing your stock carpet, you can also focus on just choosing between the classic or traditional prints that manufacturers offer. These standard patterns have greater chances of being reproduced or are constantly being offered, saving you the worry and hassle of having to store backup carpet for years.

Check out a few of the carpet products that we love:

Modern Geometric Trellis Contemporary Area Rug

From the word ‘contemporary’ you can already say this rug is presented with a classy design. It can compliment any kind of staircase, either in bare wood finish, or as added protection for an installed carpet.

This product can be custom cut depending on which part you want it placed, as an area rug to define a certain space or hallway, or at every step in a staircase. Each stair carpet rug comes in dimensions of 1 feet by 2 feet, making it exactly fit for stair treads.

The trellis geometric rug comes in a variety of colors from terracotta to neutrals such as gray, white and pink.

When opting for stair tread rugs the usual concern is that it may be slippery for kids and elder members of the family, but this product is known to be nonslip. It stays in place despite the lack of installation because the under surface is provided with a material similar to a rubber finish that provides friction and resistance to moving.

The pattern combines balanced curves and straight lines that make it easy to match with any piece of furniture and floor finish.

It has a soft texture, but remains sturdy and durable enough to withstand constant traffic along stairs and hallways.

25’ Stair Carpet Runner Rugs – Marash Luxury Collection

This stair carpet runner rug can be dual purpose; as a standalone carpet, or as protection to an already installed carpet. Runners may be used either for the stairs or for the hallway.

Because it is made with a non-slip underside finish, it effectively clings to every step of the stair and landing. On the other hand, it can also be used in preserving the carpet finishing of the areas of our house with high traffic by allowing users to walk on runner rugs instead of the installed carpet itself.

Nothing feels like home than the pattern of florals and curve, and that is what this runner rug offers. It also comes with 4 color varieties that can be matched with your stair or carpet finish: red, ivory, black and sage.

The best part of this product is the luxurious feel it gives off when installed. It is durable but easy to clean and take off when dirt starts to accumulate. For stairs, you are also able to either showcase and emphasize the beauty of your wooden stair threads instead of covering them with a whole carpet finish, or draw focus and add focal attention to your bare stair tread.

Kapaqua Bordered Non-slip Hallway Stair Runner Rug Carpet

The kapaqua runner rug is both classy and modern in pattern design. It has bordered straight line edges that allow the illusion of a wider or longer space when placed in between walls. When you think of hotel hallways, you imagine soft and classic colors paired with a pattern that are easy on the eyes; that is how the kapaqua carpet is fashioned to.

It can be ordered depending on how long you need it to be, making it less of a hassle of having to install two rugs in one staircase or hallway. When faced with a small room that has a lot of equipment or storage, this carpet’s design can widen the space. It comes in two colors, brown and red.

Despite ordering a long length carpet, this non-slip rug stays in place no matter how it is constantly walked on. Because of the rubber material sewed in the opposite side, slipping is lessened.

Dean Flooring – DIY Peel and Stick Bullnose Wraparound Carpet Stair Treads/ Runner Rugs

The bullnose wraparound carpet does not have any patterned designs, contrary to the other products mentioned. The carpet comes in three earthy and neutral colors: almond, beach bum, and brownstone. Because of the neutral shades, it is easier to achieve the illusion of a warm and classy vibe, or a modern look depending on your preference.

The opposite or under side of this carpet stair rug is a foamed rubber material padding that can easily be taped to the wood finish and will not leave any marks of adhesive at all.

Made from high quality fabric material, it is specifically designed to handle heavy traffic areas because the cushioned foam on the opposite side evenly distributes the load being received. For hallways, these runner rugs can lessen the damage by providing additional surface protection.

The best feature of this product is the intricate wraparound detail in the stair trimming or the bullnose; this wraparound rug can help your pets and other users by providing extra protection and grip along treads.

A set includes 15 pieces of tread rugs, so if you have spare pieces maybe you can add a little bit of dazzle and use it as a carpet for basement stairs. Oftentimes this space is neglected, so it’s the perfect opportunity to spice things up downstairs.

Casa Pura Carpet Stair Tread Mats

Casa Pura carpet stair mats are not typically shaped rectangular finishes; it has a straight edge on one side, which will wrap around the bullnose area of the tread, and an arc design that will be on top of the tread itself.

This product offers no pattern design but comes in five different color shades: brown beige, red, wine red, blue, and green. Because of the natural warm colors and curved edges, these mats are able to instantly add elegance and charm to your staircase.

It has densely woven edges to protect from the usual worn edges, and on the back side of the carpet are adhesive strips that can hold each piece firmly in place. Whether vacuumed or spot cleaned, the mat is able to stay in place even without additional fasteners.

The quality of the material is well-made and stiff on the bullnose edging, but one thing we do not like is that the arch detail design only fits specific stair treads. Installing this on a wide or narrow stair tread will result in a poor unbalanced design.

Now that you have a general idea of the basics of carpet buying, let us help you decide which one to choose. Every product mentioned above portrays a quality needed for a hallway and stair carpet, but there’s one that fits all the criteria.

The peel and stick bullnose wraparound carpet stair treads/ runner rugs is the product that displays the qualities of the best carpet. It has the perfect texture of being soft and cushioned but still durable.

It can be vacuumed or spot cleaned, and is overall easy to maintain. This carpet also is very sleek in design, making it able to compliment and blend with whatever the house design is. The under surface of the carpet is a padded foam finish, and can be installed with just tapes provided by the manufacturer.

Best of all, it leaves no residue and will not damage your floor finish not like traditional carpet installations. Purchasing this carpet does not necessarily mean you do not have to hire a professional installer, but it means you are able to pay his service for a lesser fee since the process is less technical and needs lesser tools.

The bullnose wraparound carpet stair tread and runner rugs are the perfect company to your home; it will add warmth and coziness while not compromising durability and safety.

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