5 Best Equestrian Wheelbarrows for you!

Get the perfect guide and comparisons between the best wheelbarrows out there specifically made for your variety of purposes.  

The compact object can be single-handedly used, a wheelbarrow may look like your ordinary device but its range of usage in the modern world knows no bounds. Today, construction site workers use it to transport bricks, while the gardener may use it to transport compost or anything that needs to be moved from one place to another. Equestrian Wheelbarrows are completely versatile and fit into your demands.

Here’s a complete guide on how to buy the best wheelbarrow according to your requirements.

Buyer’s Guide to the best Wheelbarrows out there

A wheelbarrow is associated with field labor and much more. The following are factors you need to keep in mind:

  • The Capability

The buyer needs to keep personal capabilities in mind while buying a wheelbarrow. Sometimes, its easier to pull a cart rather than pushing it. Hence, even while loading, materials will be required to lift higher than usual.

  • Size of Barrow

One should get a large heavy cart only if they’re capable of moving it. There can be times when you may have to, even with an equestrian wheelbarrow. Also, if you work in a large area, it’s better to get a bigger handle for even distribution of weight.

  • Construction Material

Wheelbarrows are made mainly of two types: metal and plastic. While metal is strong and a galvanized one may protect from rust for some time, metal trays can be affected by toxic substances, on the other hand, plastic trays are lighter, weatherproof, and much more resistant to toxic substances.

  • Tires

The tires may seem a small factor to consider but it has its importance. Two primary types are, pneumatic and solid. While solid tires don’t puncture, the ride won’t be smooth especially on rough terrain, on the other hand, pneumatic tires can puncture but are much smoother and easy to move around. Also, if you want, there are puncture-proof pneumatic tires available too.

1.     Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG56200BLA Plastic Yard Cart

This cart helps you transport heavy loads over rough terrain smoothly. Engineered with large 20-inch puncture-proof wheels, it’s a smooth resin constructed, weather-resistant, leak-proof, and easy to clean wheelbarrow made for every use.  

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG56200BLA Plastic Yard Cart 


Designed for heavy-duty, long-lasting use, this cart features sturdy, structural foam construction that won’t rust, dent, chip, or peel. All-plastic, seamless pan design resists leaking and cracking. Big Wheel Cart holds up to 7.5 cubic feet of debris, refuse, and more and offers a weight capacity of 300 lb. Durable ergonomic handles are designed for better leverage and reduce strain. With a smooth, one-piece tube construction, the cart rinses clean after use.

Features and Benefits

·         A Heavy-Duty yard carts

The significantly tough tray of the cart and ergonomics make it apt for any field of work and easy to handle and dump stuff even when filled.

·         Seamless one-piece molded tub

Durable, weather-resistant, and leak-proof tub which has been molded into completely makes it tougher than other barrows and gives a longer life to the cart.

·         Sturdy structural foam construction

Sturdy structural foam construction makes the material resistant to rust, dents, chipping, or even peels. The quality of the cart has been made to withstand all weather.

·         Large wheels.

The large 20 inches, puncture-proof wheels roll over smoothly on any kind of surfaces. The big wheels make it easier to move materials effortlessly.

Advantages & Disadvantages

 The weighted capacity of 300 pounds
 Weather Resistant

 Wheels get bogged down in soft or wet soil
 Low dip point.

2.     Marathon Yard Rover- 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart 

A lightweight wheelbarrow that has been specially designed to avoid working with heavy ones. Available in two colors, easily maneuverable, perfect for your garden’s day to day requirements. 

Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart - Green/Black


The Marathon yard Rover is one of the most popular two-wheel wheelbarrows on the market. Its lightweight, ergonomic design makes yd work a breeze with lower lifting effort, easier balancing & maneuverability. It’s perfect for common projects around the house for users of all ages & strengths. Yd Rover features a 36″ Long x 27 5″ Wide tray & 300 lb hauling capacity. It can haul materials such as mulch, topsoil, logs, yd waste, debris, rocks & more. It makes the perfect outdoor gift for a gardener or backyard enthusiast.

Features and Benefits

·         Pneumatic Wheels

The air-filled pneumatic wheels make the barrow easy to move around and work significantly well over rough terrains also, makes it easier to pull/push for the arms and back.

·         Rustproof Tray

The tray is made up of polyurethane, stop worrying about your wheelbarrow getting rusted. The strong plastic construction of this one means no galvanizing of the tray, no repaint jobs, just easy transport.

·         A loop handles

The handle features a loop instead of two arms which allows you to push/pull or even dump with more ease. This significant attribute makes a lot of differences.

·         Low to the ground

This factor enables the cart to be handled by even kids. As the wheelbarrow is lighter than others, it is also more compact in style and lowers to ground.

Advantages & Disadvantages

 25% Lighter than a standard wheelbarrow
 300 pounds load capacity

 Not meant for heavy-duty work
 Too low to the ground

3.     Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart 

A convertible handle, redesigned frame making it easy to assemble and maneuver, this heavy-duty dump card covers all the areas you need to be concerned about.

Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart | 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1200 lbs capacity | GOR6PS model


The newly-designed Gorilla Carts 1200-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Poly Garden Dump Cart has an innovative, updated frame design that makes it quick and easy to assemble and put this cart to work. The cart features the patented quick-release dumping system so the cart can be loaded and unloaded with ease, and the balanced 4-wheel design makes it a simple-to-use alternative to a wheelbarrow. The new frame design allows for easy assembly while improving maneuverability and rigidity, increasing ground clearance, and giving the cart a tight turning radius.

Features and Benefits

·         Pneumatic Wheels

The wheels have been designed to support a heavy load of all types in all kinds of terrain, whether it be heavy dirt, mulch, gravel, or even plants. The increased ground clearance offers easy maneuverability and rigidity.

·         Quick Release dump feature

The newly patented quick-release dump feature makes unloading easier than before. You can workaround at home, garden, or even farms without breaking a sweat.

·         Heavy-Duty Handle

The handle features a padded 2 in 1 heavy-duty material that can be easily pulled by hand or even towed to farther places with the heavy load.

Advantages & Disadvantages

 1200 pounds load capacity
 Heavy Duty barrow for multipurpose

 The hitch attached bends
 Dump clasp doesn’t lock completely

4.     Polar Trailer 8449 Cub Cart

A massively tough of a wheelbarrow with rugged construction and huge capacity which makes it perfect for vast fields or even herds.

Polar Trailer 8449 Cub Cart


The Polar Cub Cart is the lightest, heavy-duty hand cart on the market. Perfect for any lawn duties on your checklist. Its 400-pound load capacity will handle everything from black dirt to landscaping rock to firewood. Features include an all-steel frame with powder coat finish, high impact polyethylene tub, rugged wide-track rubber tires, and shielded ball bearings.

Features and Benefits

·         Rubber Tyres

The wide rubber track tires ensure a smooth ride for the wheelbarrow to get out of anyplace without much effort. The wider wheels take out the strain from the host and make the ride comfortable.

·         Massive Load Capacity

400 pounds is the on-paper load capacity of this barrow. It is a lot for any kind of work, whether it be on farms, gardens, or even homes.

·         Polyurethane tub

The tub has been constructed of a hard-wearing plastic called polyurethane that won’t crack under consistent pressure and work in all weather as it is rust free and can be used regularly for years to come.

·         Protected Ball Bearings

The ball bearings can be one of the vulnerable parts of this cart. These are shielded from any floating debris or any particles that may hinder your smooth ride.

Advantages & Disadvantages

 Low maintenance
 400 pounds load capacity

  •  Assembly instructions are confusing

5.     Best Choice Products- Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow

A multipurpose garden cart with deep wheelbarrows which can hold up to 5 cubic feet of materials. It is the ultimate all-rounder wheelbarrow out there.

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow Garden Cart w/Built-in Stand for Lawn, Gardening, Grass, Soil, Bricks, and Construction, Green


This green colored wheelbarrow is constructed from powder-coated steel, polyurethane, & rubber for a rustproof performance. The wheelbarrow is lightweight & only needs 8 bolts to secure it together. The weight capacity is 330 lbs. with instructions included for easy assembly. When maneuvering, the thick padded loop handles make pushing the wheelbarrow comfortable and easy to lift. The 13-inch rubber wheels are sturdy & pneumatic, which allow you to steer the cart in various types of terrain. The steel tube handle doubles as a stand to help the wheelbarrow remain balanced when not in use.

Features and Benefits

·         Inflatable Rubber Wheels

The 2-wheel design with inflatable 13-inch rubber wheels gives this cart a sturdy body making it easy to steer clear of uncomfortable rides over different terrains.

·         Padded Handlebar

A versatile thickly padded handle acts as both, a stand for idle use and makes moving the wheelbarrow much more smooth.

·         Sturdy Composition

Constructed of durable materials, it makes the perfect heavy-duty yard cart. Barrows must be crafted with a powder-coated steel frame that resists rust building.

Advantages & Disadvantages

 Versatile usage
 330 pounds load capacity

 Assembly instructions are vague
 Inflatable tires


An equestrian wheelbarrow is the simplest traditional lever out there with a touch of modernity in it. A good wheelbarrow is a significant tool in any worker’s kit. It saves hours and hours of labor work and with the right one, you can even forget repeated trekking back and forth.

Here, we’ve given you a wide variety of wheelbarrows to choose from according to your need and also provide the most appropriate guidelines to keep in mind every time you shop for equestrian wheelbarrows. We have done your homework; we’ve researched and presented you with a reasonable price range. When one works hard for long hours, the right tool can make all the differences.

We did our part, make sure you choose the best equestrian wheelbarrow according to your comfort. Keep coming back to us for more such detailed and informative comparisons.

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