5 Spectacular Ways You Can Light Up Your Room

If like me, you have always wanted all the rooms in your home to be simply spectacular then you already know that the final outlook of the room depends on a number of factors: the paint in the room, the furniture and the lighting.

While the paint and the furniture are the things that can’t be changed frequently, lighting provides the unique flexibility to be altered whenever you feel like it. Whether you want to get more lamps in the room or get laser lights for room, you can do so with little effort.

If you are looking for ideas to brighten up your room whether it’s your bedroom or your music room then you can learn from my experience. I have found some very useful, simple yet effective ways to light up the room. So let’s take a look.

1. Use as much natural light as you can

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It doesn’t get any simpler than this: natural light is the best way to light up a room – it’s practically free. The only drawback is that you can’t use it in the evening or at night so you need to complement it with something else (More on that later).

For natural light, all you need is a window in the room. The design and the position of the window will dictate how much light gets into the room and there’s a lot of room to be creative there. You can also go for a glass door if you feel comfortable with it. Curtains can help you control the amount of light that you let into the room.

One thing that you need to take care of is to get as much light in the room without getting a lot of heat in the room. Modern window panels do that by default but you may have to spend a little more cash for the feature. Bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with natural light so you should consider it to be your primary source of light during daytime.

2. Lamps

You may be thinking that there is nothing spectacular about the lamps and that’s where you are wrong: with lamps, there is a lot of room for creativity and that’s exactly what makes them so amazing.

You can either opt for one or two big lamps or if you want more granular control over the light in different areas of the room then small lamps are better.

If you decide to go with the big ones then make sure that you place them in such a place that their light is able to cover the entire room. Small lamps also provide the portability that you may need once in a while.

There are a lot of shapes and designs of lamps to choose from. As a Batman fan (well, who isn’t?), I have got a lamp shaped liked the Batman insignia in my room. You will be able to find the lamp of your favorite superhero in no time.

If you want to give an artistic touch to your room, then you can get the lamps that are shaped like a cloud. In fact, you can even make one yourself. Lamps provide a lot of flexibility and don’t cost a lot. Additionally, to get a natural environment, you can keep few kerosene lamps.

3. String Lights

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String lights or fairy lights are not just for decorating the Christmas tree, you can also use them to light up your room. And they take granular control over lighting in the room to a whole new level.

String lights can be used in a variety of ways: you can simply hang them on the wall, you can hang them in the shape of an object or a character, you can hang them from the ceiling and you can even create a chandelier out of them if you want to.

Using them in combination with things like paper cups and cupcake wrappers is also an artsy way to add some style to your room and your lighting.

The other great thing about string lights is that they don’t consume a lot of power so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill. But beware: as each bulb on the string doesn’t give much light so you may end up using a lot of strings. This can become a problem as they will dissipate a lot of heat (and your electricity bill will definitely take a hit).

4. Laser Light

Yeah, you read that right. You can also use lasers to light up your room. While the end results may look terrific, this solution is neither easy nor cheap. So you really have to decide if you want to go this way.

Another “benefit” using lasers to light up the room is that you can have amazing laser light shows right there in the room. But that needs special equipment so you not only need to have a place in the room where you can put it but you will also have to spend a lot of cash.

If you are still hell bent on using lasers to light up your room then there are some laser lamps available in the market. They are nothing more than a novelty at this point but as mentioned before, the results are truly spectacular. So you should at least give such a lamp a try before you make up your mind.

5. LED Strips


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LED strips are exactly that: strips of LEDs that can be literally mounted anywhere. From the wall to the headboard of your bed, from the ceiling to the door of your room, from the shelf in the room to your nightstand.

LED strips come in different colors so you can easily have multiple colors in one room. Matching and mixing different LED strips will allow you to get the exact shade of lighting that you are after.

LEDs are quite bright while still being efficient and lasting for a long lifetime. They can also be used in combination to lamps and string lights. LED strips require a lot of work to install but the end results are definitely worth it.

Having the right lighting setup in the room can be difficult at the start but with just a couple of tries, you can get it to be perfect.

There’s one thing that you should never forget no matter which way of lighting your room you choose: always have the ability to control the lighting intensity or luminescence. What may be just right at day time might be too bright at night so it’s better to have a way to control them.

So there you have it. These are the 5 simple yet spectacular ways, you can light up your house. Have I missed something? Is there a way that’s even easier and simpler? Have you already tried one of these ways? Be sure to let me know in the comments. And if you do try one of these methods, don’t forget to share the results.

And lastly, if you liked the article, share it with your friends and family so that they can have incredible lighting in their homes too.

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