6 Incredible Ideas That Will Music Room Furniture Make You Go Wow (#3 is Simply Amazing)

If you are a music enthusiast,then nothing short of remarkable quality of the music and a wonderful experience of listening to it will suffice. If, like me, you have a dedicated music room then just having the right equipment won’t do; you will need to make it tasteful and for that reason you might be on the lookout for some awesome music room furniture ideas.

I have created a list of some creative furniture items that will not only improve the quality of the time that you spend in your music room but will also help you manage your music collection better. So without further ado, let’s dig in.

A L Shaped Sofa Or Two Sofas In The Same Formation Is A Great Point To Start

What you need in your music room is a sofa because it not only provides a comfortable place to sit but it is also able to accommodate a moderate number of people that would otherwise require a lot of other pieces of furniture. That can come in handy if you invite your family or your friends to listen to your music collection or show them your amazing music room.

What’s more, if you aren’t in the mood to sit up straight while you are listening to music then you also have the option to lie down on the sofa for a while. Even if you fall asleep while listening to your favourite tunes, you will be in a comfortable position to sleep.

Placing an L shaped sofa in one of the corners of the music room is the best way to use the available space in the room which is more often than not limited. Just make sure that the sofa goes with the other furniture in the room and the overall theme that you have decided for the room. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that it faces your music instruments so that you can easily and clearly hear even the slightest nuances in the music.

Bottom line is that you just can’t go wrong with an L shaped sofa in the music room so if nothing else works for you then this is just the right thing for you.

Leather Ottomans Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes

I have discovered over the years that leather ottomans can be used for multiple purposes. The most obvious one is for sitting (duh!) but it can also double as a makeshift table that can be used for placing drinks or coffee depending on what you are in the mood for.

A big enough circular ottoman can be placed in the middle of the room acting as a focal point of the room. The same can be done by pairing a couple of square or rectangular ottomans.

If you ever run out room to sit on the big sofa then you can use the ottomans to extend the seating capacity of the room. What’s more, they also function as a great foot rest if you need one. To be absolutely comfortable, you just have to make sure that they are shorter than the height of the chair or the sofa where you are sitting.

Bean Bag Chairs

Are bean bag chairs great? The answer is yes. They simply fall in the category of cool music room furniture. They are not only comfortable, they also don’t take a lot of space and they are really easy to move around.

If you don’t want to place a sofa or just some generic looking chairs in your room then some bean bag chairs will do. In fact, if you don’t feel like having any other furniture to sit on in your music room then you can just go with bean bag chairs and you won’t be missing out.

Bean bag chairs also make it possible to have a dynamic furniture arrangement in the room. You feel like sitting close to the speaker? Just drag a bean chair close to it. Want to sit somewhere else in the room? Just drag the chair to that place. And if you think that bean bag chairs are useless if you want to lie down then you couldn’t be more wrong.

Just combine two of them and you will have enough room to lie down and relax. I have done that on several occasions and it always works great.

Fashionable Yet Functional Tables

Every room needs a table and so does your music room. But it just can’t be a simple table. That will ruin the whole look of your music room. Try something groovy that goes with the whole “music” theme. A table that’s shaped liked a record or a table that’s shaped after a music note will look great in a music room.

But remember, the table shouldn’t just be all style and no function, it should work as a normal table too because after all you will need a surface to place glasses, cups etc.

You can take it a step further and make a table yourself from the materials that are left over from the construction of the music room.

This way, you can create a table, from scratch, exactly the way you want to. If there is a musical instrument that you like in particular (mine is a guitar) you can fashion your table after it. And you don’t have to stop just there, you can make multiple tables in the shape of different instruments and place it in different places in the room. Some of these tables can be even for purely decorative purposes.

Lamps That Are There For A Little More Than Just For Lighting The Room

While you may have already installed appropriate lighting in your room, nothing beats stylish lamps that can be placed at several points in the room. Just like the tables, these lamps need to be elegant yet functional. From simple stands to more elaborate ones, the options are truly limitless.

Just like with the tables in the room, you can also use a lamp that’s shaped like a music instrument. Hang it from the ceiling (make sure it’s safely secured) and you can enjoy a masterpiece while having all the light you need in the room. You can also use a number of smaller lamps that hang from the roof to get the same amount of lighting in a very different way.

Lamps can also help you control the lighting color and intensity in the room hence helping you control the mood and the ambience of the room. Make sure that you go with the color changing lights to have even more granular control. You will be amazed what you can achieve by simply picking up the right shade of light and being able to change it at will.

Classy Shelves For Housing Your Music Collection And Instruments

Shelves are used for storing things, which in this case, is your music collection. Whether you have a lot of records or whether you have collected a great deal of discs, a shelf is exactly what you need to keep them and showcase them for your friends so that they can be admired in all their glory.

Shelves can also be used in another way and that is for storing your music instrument collection. If you are a collector of guitars then you can build a custom shelf for displaying your guitar collection. Same is true for other instruments too.

Remember, a plain old shelf will do the job but it would feel out of a place in a music room. So try to have (build?) a shelf or shelves which feels that it belongs in a room that has been purpose built by a music aficionado to listen to and enjoy music.

These are some of the furniture ideas using which you can achieve the music room furniture layout that you have always wanted. All the things mentioned here can be used in combination with each other to have a great music room.

You will not only be able to relax but will be able to do it quite comfortably and fashionably if you use some of the furniture from the above list. I have used all the things mentioned above in my own music room and I couldn’t be any happier with the result.

So what do you think? Do you agree with the list above? Is there something missing? Or is something mentioned in the list can be used in another way? Be sure to tell me in the comments what you think. And if I have missed something, mention it too. Also, if you like the list then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Happy music room decorating.

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