6 Tents With Air Conditioning Facility

Everyone seeks a little bit of adventure in their lives. This helps them in taking a break from their mundane life and routine activities. Camping is one of the go to adventures for people who love exploring mountains and hills, away from the hustle bustle of city. Mostly people prefer camping in summer as it has longer days and shorter nights and also doesn’t required people to carry loads with them.

While it is indeed all fun and adventurous, one can’t deny that camping in summer can also be tiring. The constant heat and sweat may sometimes make it unbearable for people to retire for the day in peace. That is why they need tents that provide them a bit of comfort.

Earlier, people only carried tents for resting whenever they stopped their travel. However, now the tenants look for comfortable options i.e., those tents that not only give them a bed to sleep but also give them comfort in summers. That’s why tents with air conditioning facilities are in demand in today’s time. Along with providing comfort in humid environment, these tents also provide a sense of safety to its tenants.

But how do you decide upon which tent to buy? It’s easy. You can go through our buyers guide listed below.

Buyer’s Guide

· Space:

This is an important point to consider when you’re looking to purchase a tent with air conditioning. Is it spacious enough? Will it be accommodate everything you need for camping? Space is important when it comes to comfort level and therefore the tent you purchase should definitely have enough space to not feel suffocation.

· Water resistant:

Camping usually involves going in hilly or forest areas. With the unpredictability of weather, it is rather a smart choice to have something concrete to stay in. Water proof tents have proven to be a boon for campers. One can easily stay in and not worry much about the pouring rain. The ground of tent should especially be water resistant as its easy for water seep in from there.

· T style door:

Doors are the access point to the tent and therefore should be comfortable to get into and large enough to allow proper airflow in the tent. It shouldn’t be small and one should be able to cross the door easily.

· Easy to carry & set up:

Camping is usually for people to unwind from their daily lives and do some new adventures. So, getting the tent ready should be an easy job. It shouldn’t take more than 15-20 mins to set it up as there are other things too required to do while camping. Other than that, it should be easy to carry around too. The material shouldn’t be too heavy and should be easily foldable when packing up again.

· Advanced Venting:

The tent should’ve an advanced venting. It helps in drawing in cool air from the ground and letting hot air out so as to maintain the temperature inside the tent. Proper venting allows in keeping things normal and comfortable for people in the tent.

· Zipper protection:

One should feel safe inside their respective tents. Having a good quality zipper that allows zipping the tent shut properly without disturbing the air flow within it is extremely important. It helps in keeping the inmates safe and letting them enjoy the comfort of the tent when they just want to relax or unwind from a tiring day of adventure.

· Storage pockets:

Tents should have storage pockets within them as there are a lot of things that the campers carry. These pockets help in keeping space for people in the tent while keeping the things in a proper place.

These are few things to consider before making purchase of a tent with air conditioning. We’ve selected few of the best tents available and are listed below:

1. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9'

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9' _ Sports & Outdoors

Built with H20 block technology and advanced venting system, this tent in the one that sits extremely well with the campers.


Campers are always looking for tents that would provide them with great comfort and help them relax after a tiring day. This instant cabin tent is made just for that. With its advanced venting system, it ensures that the temperature within the tent is up to comfort level. Apart from that, its waterproof material and mesh windows help a great deal in enjoying the rain in the comfort of your tent.

Features and benefits:

· Durable fabric

The tent is built of durable 68D polyester fabric which ensures that it lasts long. One doesn’t have to worry about it tearing up soon and can easily enjoy their time camping out.

· Spacious

This tent has a 14’ x 9’ floor plan which is why it can easily accommodate 9 adults in sleeping bags inside the tent. Also, if the number of tenants is less, then lot of luggage can easily be stored inside.

· Advanced venting

This tent has an advanced venting system that allows cool air to flow in freely and for the hot air inside to flow out, so as to provide a balance temperature inside the tent.

· Water resistant

This tent has H2O block technology and thereby allows its tenants to relax inside the tent whenever it’s raining outside. Its floor is also water proof, so no worries about water seeping in at unexpected time.

· Easy Setup

This tent can be easily setup in minutes and therefore saves time to a great extent.

· Room divider

The room divider present in this tent helps in giving privacy when there are two different types/groups of people travelling together and wants some time alone.

Key specifications:

· Pack size: 48in X 11.5in X 11.5in

· Pack weight: 30.5lbs

· Tent stakes: 20 steel 7 inch stakes

· Tent poles: Telescoping steel

· Floor material: Durable 125gm P.E.

Advantages & Disadvantages


​· Spacious

​· Provides privacy

​· Easily ready

· Water proof​


​No vestibule


This tent is comfortable to stay in during camping and also extremely easy to set up. With its water proof technology, you can rest assured about the sudden change in weather. Overall, it is a great buy in this price range for the next time you wish to go on a camping adventure.

2. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

2. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Easy to assemble, water proof and spacious enough to have a number of people, this tent is definitely the best available out there in the market.


This tent is comfortable and spacious enough for people to easily relax inside. It is also water proof in nature, which allows people to be safe guarded from rain, when it occurs during camping. Its venting allows in maintaining a certain temperature so as to keep the place cool and comfortable. There is an electric cord available with this tent which allows people to use it when in need.

Features and benefits:

· Spacious:

This tent can fit in around 9 people to sleep and 3 queen size beddings. It is enough to have people relax here in their comfort zones.

· Advanced venting

The venting technology used in this tent ensures that the temperature remains cool enough for the people to be comfortable in there.

· Removable rainfly

When its raining out, campers always stay in. However, you can enjoy watching rain from tent simply by removing the rainfly and watch it from the transparent window. The fabric is strong enough to withstand rains.

· H2O block technology

Rains are unprecedented and happen quite often in camping areas. Therefore, it is needed to have water resistant tents and this one provides this facility. You can relax without worrying much about the rains.

· Electric Cord Access Point

This tent comes with an electric cord access port wherein you can easily connect your USB cord. Not only that, when not in use, this port can be zipped close and hence is safe to use.

Key specifications:

· Pack size: 27in X 10in X 10in

· Pack weight: 18.25lbs

· Tent stakes: 21 steel 7 inch stakes

· Tent poles: Fiberglass (9.5mm, 8.5mm, and 6.9mm)

· Floor material: Durable 115gm P.E.

Advantages & Disadvantages


​· Durable material.

· Water resistant.

​· Electric cord access port.

​· Comfortable.

· Easy set up​


​· Only 10 people can fit in.


This extended dome tent is preferable among the campers for it can withstand all 4 seasons whenever one wishes to go camping. The temperature within it is maintained in accordance to the comfort of the people and it being water proof, protects the people sitting inside it from heavy rainfall. It has a great design and is overall comfortable, therefore it can be bought for camping purpose.

3. Ozark Trail 16x16-Feet 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Pre-Attached Poles

Ozark Trail 16x16-Feet 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Pre-Attached Poles

This is a 12 person instant cabin tent, suitable for warm weather and a large family camping.


While camping in a warm weather, all a camper needs is a tent wherein he can comfortably unwind after a tiring day. This tent has it all. Be it water resistant technology, proper venting, spacious enough, it has everything to make it a comfortable space for the people staying in it. Also, its easy set up design makes it a completely hassle free experience for the campers.

Features and benefits:

· Durable

The tent is made up of durable fabric to withstand weather changes and also to last few years. Also, it is suitable to be used in warm weather mostly for it can easily keep the inside temperature cool due to its venting technology.

· Instant set up

It’s extremely easy to set this tent up. It can be done within duration of 2-5 mins maximum, thereby saving the time and energy of the campers. No extra work is required in setting up the tent.

· Spacious

This camp can easily fit in 12 people and around 3 queen size beddings. It provides extreme comfort and is suitable for large family size camping as everyone can easily fit in. Otherwise, the space can be used for keeping luggage too.

· Three room cabin

This cabin has dividers and can be divided into three rooms and overall consists of 7 windows that provide good ventilation.

· Electric cable port

This tent has an electric access port that makes it easier for the campers to connect their USB cord to it when needed. The flap for the same can be easily closed when not in use.

Key specifications:

· Pack size: 52.4 x 14.2 x 12.6 inches

· Pack weight: 61 lbs

· Tent stakes: 25 steel 7 inch stakes

· Tent poles: Telescopic steel

· Floor material: 1000D thick polythene with bathtub design

Advantages & Disadvantages


​· Durable material.

· Correctly priced.​

​· Electric cord access port.

​· Spacious.

· Easy to set up​


· Quite heavy.

 · Takes longer to pack.


This is a good family sized tent cum cabin. Though its quite heavy to carry, it almost works as a small home to campers as it has 3 rooms with big windows and water resistant fabric. It gives the person staying in it enough comfort in warm weather. So, one should definitely purchase it if they’re planning on going camping in warm weather with a huge number of people.

4. Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent

Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent

Extremely easy to set up and has a large door for ease to get in and out, this is a 8 person instant cabin tent, suitable for campers.


This 8 person Coleman elite Montana tent is spacious and gives ease and comfort to people staying in it. It has LED lighting on its ceiling which is battery powered and provides light inside tent since it has only 2 windows. It’s good for most of the seasons and therefore people can use it in any weather for its fabric is strong.


Features and benefits:

· Spacious

This tent is very comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate almost 8 people. If there aren’t as many people in for camping, then one can easily make used of the space to store their respective luggage.

· Water resistant

The tent has been made keeping in mind the change of weather. Therefore, in case it rains, the campers can easily relax inside the tent with no worries as it is water proof. Even the floor doesn’t allow water entering the tent.

· Zipper protection

The zipper of this tent has been manufactured with fabric that provides protection against the sudden weather changes around. It ensures to keep the people inside safe when the zipper of the tent is closed.

· Protected seams

The seams of this tent are inverted which doesn’t allow the water or any other particle enter inside the tent from its needle holes. This ensures the people can relax safely inside.

· Wind-strong frame

This tent has been designed so as to withstand strong wind, which may be the case many a times during camping trips. It is to ensure safety of the campers.

Key specifications:

· Pack size: 32.75 x 13 x 8

· Pack weight: 26.9 lbs

· Tent stakes: steel stakes

· Tent poles: Fiberglass

· Floor material: Polythene 1500mm water proof

Advantages & Disadvantages


​· Durable material.

· Water proof​

· Easy to set up.

· Spacious.​

​· Inside sewn seams.


​· Feels like a cave.


While this is a good option at this price, if you’re travelling as a family of 8 and all want to be in one tent together, however, fewer windows might cause problems for one to stay in it comfortably. Other than that, there are no issues as it is water resistant and can also withstand strong wind. So, overall, one should purchase it only if they’re looking for a lighted tent with fewer windows.

5. Coleman Elite Weather Master 6 Screened Tent

5. Coleman Elite Weather Master 6 Screened Tent

This tent consisting of a screen room, an overhead light and illuminated wall switch with a good space inside makes it the perfect tent for warm weather.


This tent has enough space to place two queen sized airbeds inside for comfortable stay in it. It is also water proof and has an overhead light which provides a sense of safety to people at night. With an additional screen room, people can easily relax out in a warmer weather as it acts as an extra sleeping area. Apart from this, people can simply enjoy the skylight by staying in the camp due to its rainfly available up on the ceiling.

Features and benefits:

· Large space

This tent can fit in 3 queen sized airbeds, therefore making it a comfortable and large space which is enough for people to relax.

· Water proof

The material used in making the tent is a water proof material and therefore restricts water from entering the tent in case there’s a rainfall. People can easily stay in securely.

· Overhead light

The LED lighting present inside the camp overhead allows the people to read things later in night easily.

· Illuminated wall switch

This switch controls the overhead LED lighting. One can simply select the type of lighting they want inside the tent such as high, low or night mode. This switch operates on 4 D-cell batteries or one CPX 6 cartridge.

· Skylight

If a person wants to enjoy the skylight by sitting or lying inside the tent, they can easily do that through the rainfly on the tent’s ceiling.

Key specifications:

· Pack size: 48 x 11 x 10 in

· Pack weight: 41 lbs

· Tent stakes: steel stakes

· Tent poles: Steel and fiberglass

· Floor material: Polythene

Advantages & Disadvantages


​· Water proof.

· LED lighting.​

· Hinged doors.​

· Screen room.​


​· Suitable for warm weather.

· Not freestanding.​


This tent is suitable when you want to go camping in a warm weather. It has mesh ceiling and thereby, you can enjoy summers in it much more than the winters or rains. With two rooms and one screen room, it is comfortable for a small family to go camping in it comfortably.

6. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Large space and made with polyester fabric, this tent is there to provide both comfort as well as protection to the campers.


This tent is made up of weather armor fabric which ensures that you and your fellow campers are secured from any kind of changes in the weather outside, as long as you stay inside the tent. Apart from that, it is spacious enough to have 2 queen size airbeds in it and a large front screen wherein you can enjoy the feel of porch at camp too.

Features and benefits:

· Spacious room

The tent is spacious enough for people to comfortably stay inside. The mesh windows help in keeping the bugs out and letting the breeze in. One can easily fit in 2 queen size airbeds in this tent.

· Water proof

Unpredictability of weather is one thing that campers can’t bank upon and therefore always prefer tents that are made up of water proof material. This tent is made with polyester fabric and polyurethane water resistant coating to ensure that the people inside are safe from the rains.

· Screen room

A person can enjoy the weather by sitting on the porch/screen room of the tent. In addition to this, this room can also be used as a second room by zipping it up when needed.

· Built to stand

This stokes of this tent is made up of a combination of shock corded fiberglass and steel, which helps in providing stability to it and doesn’t let it uproot, which ensures the safety of the campers.

· Ventilation

The tent has a vent at the back and mesh opening at top which helps in providing hi-low circulation of air and keeps the temperature within the tent cool.

Key specifications:

· Pack size: 27 in x 10.25 in x 10.25 in

· Pack weight: 26 lbs

· Tent stakes: steel 7 inch stakes

· Tent poles: Steel and fiberglass

· Floor material: Welded Polythene

Advantages & Disadvantages



· Water proof.

· Provides proper ventilation.​

​· Built to stand.

​· Screen room.

· Comfortable rooms.​

· Takes time to set up.

· Suitable for warm weather.​


This tent is suitable for mild weather and not extreme cold as it fabric and structure keeps the temperature cool inside. The only issue with this tent is the time taken to set it up as one has to do it carefully. Otherwise, it is one of the best tents available for camping given its good fabric and strong capability to withstand weather.

To sum it up

Tent is an important element to purchase while going camping. It is the temporary home to campers and therefore one must purchase it only after careful calculation of everything. The tent should be comfortable for the campers and also strong and water resistant in nature. Keeping all these things in mind, we would suggest you to purchase ozark trail 16x16-Feet 12-person 3 room instant cabin tent with pre-attached poles.


This tent has everything that is required by campers. It is spacious enough to have 12 people stay inside with ease and comfort. There’s excellent ventilation within the camp, making it easier for the people to breathe and relax. Since it’s a family size tent, everyone can have their own privacy even while travelling. Its electric cord port helps the campers in using it whenever they feel the need to. Overall, this is the best choice among the options available here.

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