What’s The Best Baby Booster Seat For Eating?

So what is a baby booster anyway? No, it's not the medicinal booster shot you give kids to prevent sickness. Rather, it's a baby booster seat or chair used by infants to eat solid food at the dinner table. On that note, what's the best baby booster seat for eating?

Your Guide Baby Booster Seat Shopping

To clarify, a baby booster seat is a type of highchair for eating children. However, instead of being a whole chair made of plastic, a baby booster seat with tray (or even without one) is typically just the seat that you can attach to an ordinary chair in order to "boost" it up and allow an infant, toddler, or kid to eat with their parents at the dinner table.

A baby booster seat is something you can use to help your baby start eating solid food when he can sit up by himself. A baby booster seat with harness is also excellent when it comes to supervising meals and cleaning up afterwards.

Types of Baby Booster Seats


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Here are the different types of baby booster seats or highchairs to watch out for.

Portable and Hook-On Booster Seat:

Instead of a freestanding highchair, a baby booster seat is something that attaches to a chair in order to allow a baby to eat with his parents even when he's not big enough to sit without a highchair or baby booster seat.

The portability of a baby booster seat depends mostly on how it goes about bringing forth its portability. When searching for a baby booster seat for dinner, you can go with the hook-on variety of seat that attaches to a chair, table, or even person in order to allow an infant to eat.

These hook-on highchairs can free up space in tight quarters. They also cost less than your average cumbersome chairs that eat up real estate rather than save it. They're portable as well, which means it allows you to feed your infant on the go, like when on vacation or doing some camping.

Basic Frame Baby Booster Seat:

Many a baby booster seat for breakfast follows the basic plastic or metal frame of baby booster seat. You'll either get something made of molded plastic mixed with a harness or two or a metal frame with a bit of padding on the seat to make it comfortable to sit on.

Some booster seats have trays while others don't. All of them have some sort of harness though for the sake of baby safety. These booster seats are usually lightweight and inexpensive. You can even fold them easily for moving and storage. They're typically less comfortable for a baby than other highchairs plus they have nooks and crannies that are hard to clean.

Full-Feature Baby Booster Seat:

This is taking a baby booster seat to the next level. These are the fully decked out products. To be more specific, it's the type of baby booster seat for lunch that includes adjustable height, seat recline, dishwasher-safe tray covers, adjustable chair height, wheels, and well-padded seats.

A baby booster seat can end up with one or several of these features included with them. Just as long as they're not standard or basic frame baby boosters, then these highchairs are likely to belong in the full-feature category.

These models are further characterized by their ability to transform, allowing the chair to change and evolve along with a growing child. This baby booster seat age translates to all-age or multi-age boosters with the ability convert themselves to a booster seat or a kid-sized highchair (as opposed to an infant-sized one).

Wooden Baby Booster Seat:

Rather than get a baby booster seat for table or chair use, you can instead opt for the wooden variety of baby booster. A wooden seat for babies has fewer crevices that can trap spills and crumbs plus some models can convert to regular chairs.

These wooden baby seats have certain drawbacks, though. Usually, they have low footrests or seats that are too deep for an infant, so they're actually more like toddler booster seats rather than something made for babies to be honest.

5 Baby Booster Seats For Review

1. Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat:


This is a basic portable hook-on highchair or booster seat for feeding purposes. It comes with an adjustable tray and the seat itself is supported by two straps that secure your baby when eating. This piece of nursery furniture and baby booster seat amazon is also dishwasher safe to boot, which means when you put in the dishwasher it won't get damaged or damage the washer itself.

It also has a weight limit of 23 kilograms or 50 pounds. Take note though that you shouldn't use it on a bench or stool without a backrest or within motor vehicles because of the inherent balancing act and risk of falling over. The straps attach to the backrest, so if the backrest is too thick for the straps, then using it as a booster seat is no longer viable. It's a real pain to attach and detach, though.

2. Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care Booster Seat:


As for the rainforest version of the Healthy Care Booster Seat brand of Fisher-Price, it delivers age-related marketing into the equation by having a tray that looks like a toy set than a feeding tray. This children's booster seat age one to four years can really give many a toddler a boost. It's not recommended for infants with its size and its choking hazard toys.

So why is this iteration of the Healthy Care Booster Seat with rainforest-themed toys a little worse when it comes to ratings than the plain or "vanilla" version of the Healthy Care Booster Seat? The tray with the toys that differentiate itself from its sibling are also its greatest weakness. The paint on the toys is cheap and can come off quite easily. The quality control on this item is also questionable, with some units arriving with a damaged table and whatnot.

3. Summer Infant Pop N' Sit Portable Booster:


This baby booster seat walmart or baby booster seat target is a simply made portable booster with a folding frame and a lightweight build that you can set up in seconds. It can be used either for playtime or feeding. It also has a BPA-free tray that's both detachable and dishwasher safe. It even comes with a carrying case to boot for effective outdoor use.

It can be used for a trip to a friends' house, the child's grandparents' house, at the beach, or in the park since it's collapsible yet sturdy enough for everyday indoor use by the most overactive of children. It also has chair safety straps and a 3-point safety harness for use on a bigger chair. It's like a stepladder for seats. However, there are complaints about the portable booster not looking anything like the way it's advertised.

4. Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat:


According to many baby booster seat reviews, the Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat is a seat that you can use through different generations or at least through different ages of the same user. It includes a tray that's stored beneath the seat for easy access, storage, and mobility. You can remove the soft foam insert as your baby grows into a toddler, thus requiring more baby booster seat real estate on its part.

As per usual of baby booster seats of this caliber, the Ingenuity brand of baby seat also has a 3-point harness (the same as Summer Infant Pop N' Sit) that secures your baby. The dishwasher-safe tray includes a cup holder and it's self-storing. As for the downsides to this promising baby booster seat, you should measure this seat before buying because depending on the size of your baby, the straps may not be long enough for him.

5. Bumbo Multi-Seat Baby Booster Seat:


The Bumbo Multi Seat Baby Booster Seat prides itself as an adjustable seat that can double as a floor seat, booster seat, and feeding seat. As a floor seat, it has a foam pad insert to ensure supportive stability that remains comfortable on the ground. As a booster seat, the baby booster seat babies r us has attachment straps that keep the seat connected to the chair it's boosting for your kid.

As a feeding seat, it has wide leg openings and a harness that keeps the kid from making too much of a mess when eating his solid food. However, the reason it's not higher on this list is because there are reports of users getting spots on the foam pad the peel off easily, black marks and stains on the frame, and a white base that's all scratched up. In other words, Bumbo needs work on its quality control.


The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat looks (and pretty much functions the same way) as the deluxe version or the toy version sans the rainforest toys. Clearly, the best baby booster seat for eating is Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat hands-down.

Granted, it might not have the toy gimmicks of its Fisher-Price counterpart, the simplicity of the Summer Infant Pop N' Sit, the multi-usage and multi-generational Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat, and the 3-in-1 multi-seat option of the Bumbo Multi Seat Baby Booster Seat. However, it more than makes up for it with its high weight limit and lack of major flaws.

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