The Best Caulking Gun For Easy Application

If you’re having a hard time caulking the gaps and cracks around your home, a caulking gun may just do the trick. This tool is used to squeeze out the caulk from a tube or cartridge. It helps you control the amount of caulk coming out. This way, you only use what you need.

A caulking gun makes caulking easier. Therefore, it is a must-have for any caulking project. We’ve created a list of the best caulking gun available in the market to help you decide which product is more appropriate for your caulking project.

Types Of Caulking Gun

Caulking is an important step for home renovation projects. Aside from sealing the splits in your house, it also provides weatherproofing to both the interior and exterior surfaces of your home. From your window, doors, sidings and other areas, a caulking gun will make any application easy and breezy. Just make sure you choose the right kind of caulking gun and know how to properly use it.

Investing in a quality caulking gun is crucial to the success of your caulking project. Avoid buying cheaply made guns that may easily break, wear out your hands, and create a messy caulk. However, not all guns have to be expensive. A little research into each product can help you pick the right gun for you.

Here are the different types of caulking gun:

  • Basic Caulking Gun – When you are using a basic caulking tool, it requires you to lower a plunger and at the same time, pull a trigger to let out the caulk. However, even after you’ve released the trigger, the plunger continues to work on the tube. This means that the caulk may continue to discharge.
  • Using the plunger also causes soreness on your fingers and fatigue on your hand. You can opt to use a latex glove for protection.

    When you are buying a basic caulking gun, check the plunger first. It can either be smooth or ratcheted. Look for a smooth plunger rod because it allows you to have better control over the plunge.

    Another feature to look for is a built-in cutter. This is used to open the caulk tube and works better than a standard utility knife. It cuts more evenly and is relatively safer to use. Lastly, choose a gun with a built-in wire as well. It is used to clear the clogs from your tubes.

  • Battery Powered Caulking Gun – Compared to a basic caulking gun, this is easier on the hands. This type of gun is available in a range of price points. It has a higher price tag compared to a basic model. This tool may be powered by AA batteries or a rechargeable battery which is more expensive.
  • Pneumatic Caulking Gun – This type of gun is connected to an air compressor. It is easier to use similar to the battery powered guns. This type of gun also varies in price point ad depends on the size of the caulk you are using.
  • Choosing the right type of caulking gun depends on a number of factors including your budget, comfort, and ease of use. Whichever you prefer, just make sure you buy a quality caulking gun.

Best Caulking Gun Reviews

Here are some of the top caulking guns in the market for you to choose from.

1. Astro Pneumatic Tool Caulking Gun Air



This pneumatic caulking gun uses a standard cartridge that dispenses a smooth flow of caulk. It is built with a solid metal material for strength and durability. You can use this with a small air compressor.

It is easy to clean up excess caulk on this tool. All you need is to use a small amount of paint thinner. This tool doesn’t have any leaks even after you’ve released the trigger and produces a nice beading.


  • Although the initial run of caulk lays short, afterward, it continuously disperses an even beading of caulk.
  • It’s more comfortable on your hands and doesn’t tire out your fingers as easily, unlike other caulking guns. This makes it suitable for large or multiple sealing projects.
  • Once you get the hang of it, this tool is very easy to use.
  • Using this gun saved me a lot of time compared to when I was manually caulking by hand.


  • This tool doesn’t come with any instructions making it difficult especially for first-time users.
  • The trigger return spring may tend to malfunction and the trigger button is too small.


The Astro Pneumatic Caulking Gun is more suitable for users who are working on a time frame. If you want to get things more done in less time, this tool may be just for you.

2. Dripless Inc. Ergo Composite Caulk Gun



This caulking gun is built with a lightweight frame for easy handling. It has a revolving frame which allows your caulk cartridge to rotate making it efficient especially when reaching hard to reach corners and edges. This tool comes with a built-in cutter to conveniently open your cartridge. Plus, it has a hook so you can easily hang it on your ladder whenever you need a quick break.


  • This tool is simple and easy to use. It feels light on your hand making it suitable for newbies to advanced users.
  • This gun is designed with an ergonomic handle for easy grip. This helps balance your gun without adding stress to your hand.
  • It is built with a heavy-duty plastic material that is durable and long-lasting.


  • Although the name states that it is dripless, it tends to leak caulk as much as the other inexpensive caulk guns.


The Dripless Inc. Caulk Gun may not be as dripless as it claims to be. However, it scores some points when it comes to ease of use. The trigger is easy to squeeze and the tool itself is easy and light to handle.

3. Newborn Caulking Gun



This tool is built with a smooth pressure which requires lesser force during caulking. The pressure rod snaps back after you pull the trigger to prevent the caulk from dripping. Both handle and the trigger are padded for additional comfort. This reduces the strain on your finger and hand.


  • The ergonomic handle is a plus especially for smaller hands like me. It reduces the soreness that I normally get from other caulking guns.
  • This tool is built with a good quality construction material. The device appears solid and durable enough to last a long time. I accidentally dropped it a few times and it doesn’t seem to have any issues so far.
  • It provides good control over the amount of caulk you need to use.


  • It doesn’t cut the tube as evenly as a razor knife.
  • The pressure isn’t enough to create a nice beading.
  • You need to squeeze the handle more often than the usual.


If you are looking for a comfortability and ease of use, the Newborn Caulking Gun has these qualities. Plus, it is made with high-quality materials so you won’t have to worry about breaking it.

4. Newborn Revolving Frame Caulking Gun



This device is made with a steel revolving frame allowing it to rotate for a consistent bead orientation. The handle and trigger are designed with a zinc alloy to prevent it from corrosion making it last longer.


  • It is built with an easy squeeze handle for added comfort and ease.
  • The rotating frame comes in handy especially when you are cutting at an angle. Just keep the tip pointed at the correct direction.
  • The soft trigger allows you to easily control the flow of caulk.


  • The caulk continuously drips from the tool. Although it has a pressure trigger to stop the leak, it is quite difficult to maneuver while you are beading.
  • The rod is a bit large for small openings while the cutting device doesn’t work as well as it should.


The Newborn Revolving Frame Caulk Gun may be a good choice if you are working on angled areas or corners. It is built with sturdy and quality materials that can last you for years.

5. Dripless Cradle Hex Rod Caulk Gun



This caulking gun is suitable for most caulks and sealants. It is sold at a very reasonable price making it very affordable. This tool holds the tube tightly and securely, therefore, expelling a smooth beading of caulk.


  • This caulk gun prevents leaks and mess on your caulking projects.
  • The trigger is easy to handle and feels smooth and balanced in your hand.
  • You can easily click the trigger without any hassle for an even beading.
  • This gun is built with a metal material for longer use.


  • I had difficulty hauling the rod back. You’ll need additional strength to pull it off.
  • The handle may tend to break easily. Make sure you handle it with care.


The Dripless Cradle Hex Rod Caulk Gun works great for preventing drips and leaks. This way you can squeeze in every inch of your caulk without wasting it.


Based on the five best caulking gun featured in this article, we highly recommended the Astro Pneumatic Tool Caulking Gun. Compared to the other caulking guns, this scores high in terms of ease of use and functionality.

It works great for time constraint projects that require you to finish quickly without sacrificing the quality. This tool is made with a solid and heavy-duty material that can last you a long time. It prevents drip and leaks from ruining your work. Plus, it’s very easy to apply and use.

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