Top 5 Best Chalk Paint Brands For Furniture

​You may be new to the concept of furniture painting but for sure you have heard all the hype on the best chalk paint brands. Choosing paint for the walls of your home boils down to what you really want. This is not the case with furniture painting because you have limited options.

Chalk paint is a latex-based paint with powdery granules. It has a different effect when applied on wood. If you are going to redo furniture and cabinets using chalk paints will give them an impressive new look that will be admired by many.

Reasons Chalk Paint is Good for Redoing Furniture and Cabinets

The term chalk paint has been trademark by a British color expert and artist, Annie Sloan. It refers to her wide variety of decorative paints that are eco-friendly in nature that can be used on furniture and cabinets.

Chalk paint however has become synonymous with any paint with a mineral base to give a distressed look to furniture and cabinets. This paint also contains fine granules that when dry will create a matte finish.

Why Is Chalk Paint Ideal For Restoring or Redoing Furniture and Cabinets?

Amazing Appearance

With not much effort, your furniture and cabinets can have a vintage and distressed look. Even if your furniture and cabinets have a rough surface using chalk paint will enhance the charm of these pieces. You can be creative and paint old pieces of furniture and cabinets in any way you like using a wide array of colors and different techniques.

Easy to Use

You do not need to be good at painting furniture and cabinets because any brush stroke style you use will add to the overall great look of the items.

No Sanding

Minimal preparation of furniture and cabinets is required prior to painting because they do not need to be sanded. Any imperfections on the items can be painted over and the will come out looking great.

No Primer Needed

Chalk paint does not require any primer. Simply apply the paint directly on the furniture and cabinets.


Chalk paint is virtually odorless and non-toxic. It contains minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Chalk paint is not limited to wooden furniture and cabinets. This versatile paint can also be used in plastic, metal, ceramic and glass.

How to Use Chalk Paint on Furniture and Cabinets


It is relatively easy to get a beaten and old furniture or cabinet into a piece of gorgeous art piece with a distress look and matte finish. Here is how to achieve that look.

  1. Choose any wooden furniture or cabinet that needs a new coat of paint.
  2. Choose a Chalk Paint brand and color. You can use a solid color or layer one or two colors to create a unique color.
  3. Gather your bushes, painter’s tape, stirrer, soft rags and wax (if you want to apply a top coat for protection).
  4. Choose a cool, clean and well-lit work area with good ventilation. Chalk paint is odorless but a well-ventilated work space will help the paint dry fast. A clean work space will prevent debris and dust from getting into the newly painted furniture or cabinet.
  5. Prepare the piece of furniture to be painted. Use wood glue to patch up any dents or holes and remove any finger oils or gunk. Remember there is no need to sand furniture when using chalk paint.
  6. Tape off any portion you do not want to paint. Remove hardware and knobs, too.
  7. Test the paint on a small and hidden portion of the furniture to get a clear idea of how it will look. This test will allow you to make modifications on how the paint will look on your furniture.
  8. Evenly apply the first coat of paint. You can dip your brush directly on the paint can. Remember there is no need to apply a primer when using chalk paint.
  9. The first coat of paint will have the brush strokes visible and will look somewhat patchy. The second coat will start to reveal the true paint effect on the furniture. Paint following the direction of the wood grain. You can however paint across the grain of wood to increase coverage.
  10. Distress the furniture with sandpaper of medium grain. Do this in a gentle, steady and slow manner. Even without distressing, chalk paint will also look good on your furniture so distressing is your choice.
  11. Seal the furniture with wax. Waxing the piece of furniture after the last coat will enhance the paint and give it aft luster. It will not give it a glossy effect because chalk paint will still have a matte finish even when waxed.

Top 5 Best Chalk Paint Reviews

There are many brands of chalk paint available in the market. It can be challenging to pick the best brand for your project. Here is a list of the best chalk paint brands to make the choice a lot easier.

1. Chalk Finish Paint by Chalky Chicks


Chalky Chicks is a small chalk paint manufacturer but it can very well give its big competitors a run for their money. This Chalk Finish Paint is thin thus it can be effective used with a paint gun or paint roller. It is however thicker than most paints that are gun ready so it can be applied without a primer.

This chalk paint comes with an extremely low VOC content so it is odorless. It comes with a good consistency making it easy to spread. It has a good coverage and distresses well. It dries up fast, too.


  • Does not require any thinning
  • Effective with a paint gun
  • Low VOC content
  • Does not need a primer
  • Has a coverage area of up to 150 square feet


  • Top coat needs to be waxed to protect the finish and make it more durable. A user says it is easy to achieve the look you desire for your furniture.

Using the Chalk Finish Paint by Chalky Chicks will give your furniture a professional look because it eliminates all the guesswork.

2. FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint


The FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint is a water-based acrylic paint that dries fast. It comes with a formula that is easy to distress and layer to achieve your desired color, feel and look. Using this chalk paint will not require any priming or stripping.

This chalk paint is ideal for wood furniture, cabinets, walls and drawers. It can be easily be applied on various surfaces including wood, canvas, terracotta, metal, decorative glass and ceramic.


  • Non-toxic because it is water-based
  • Can be used in a variety of surfaces
  • Comes with a deep matte finish
  • Thick consistency allows better adherence to the surface
  • Budget friendly


  • First coat takes close to an hour to dry
  • Limited coverage of only 20 square feet

A user says this chalk paint really sticks to any surface and does not need any sanding or priming. She says the furniture just needs to be cleaned with water and soap and dried before application of the paint. She also says it is easier to work with than latex paint.

The FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint is of high quality. The people behind this brand are trusted names in the Arts and Crafts Hobby industry including Martha Stewart, Apple Barrel, Gallery Glass and Mod Podge.

3. Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint


The makers of Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint are experts when it comes to furniture because this is all that they do. This chalk paint provides a high-gloss but contemporary look. It is also able to provide your furniture with distressing to make similar to the look of old world-styled furniture.

This eco-friendly chalk paint comes with no VOC so it does not contain any dangerous or harmful chemicals making it safe to use for indoor furniture and cabinets. This chalk paint provides maximum coverage with a chalky and silky smooth finish after only one or two coats.


  • Comes with a Zero VOC certification
  • Does not need any priming but provides great adherence
  • Dries in 20 minutes
  • Wide color selection


  • Lesser coverage than the competition
  • Needs to be diluted with water when used with a spray gun

A user says this chalk paint wants her to paint almost everything because it is so easy to use, paints evenly and dries up fast. She also says that there is absolutely no smell.

The Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint works well in achieving a contemporary look as well as a vintage and chic look. It is ideal to use on wood furniture, cabinets, plaster, wallboard, masonry, metal or glass.

4. Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint


The Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint comes in a latex formula that is low in odor, dries in about 30 minutes and is easy to clean with soap and water. A 30 ounce can has a 150-square feet coverage.

This chalk paint comes with excellent adhesion and only requires one coat to get your furniture back to life with a smooth velvety and ultra-matte finish. It is ideal to use on wood, canvas, metal and ceramic surfaces. You can also come up with a distressed look in a short time.


  • Does not need priming to come up with best results
  • Does not contain toxic materials and comes with FDA approval for food contact
  • Comes with a deep matte finish
  • Excellent adhesion and coverage
  • Quick drying
  • Odorless
  • Easily cleans with water
  • Budget friendly


  • Needs waxing to look good
  • Many users says it needs some priming before application

A user says using this chalk paint transformed her few pieces of pieces of furniture with minimal cost. She says she is pleased with the outcome after just a few coats.

Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint can be used with a spray gun because of its thin consistency. It is reasonably priced and is quick and easy to apply.

5. CHALK PAINT (R) by Annie Sloan


Annie Sloan is the person behind the existence of chalk paints. She pioneered the manufacture of chalk paints. She patented her name. Different variations of her original formulation are found in other brands of chalk paints.

This original decorative chalk paint is ideal for wood furniture, cabinets, home decors, floors and accessories. It is water-based, comes with a matte finish and does not contain any harmful and dangerous materials. It is a bit more expensive than the rest of the chalk paint brands because of the reputation Annie Sloan has developed in the industry.


  • No sanding and priming is not necessary for best results
  • Does not contain toxic materials
  • 150 sq. ft. coverage.
  • Easily cleans with water


  • Needs to be waxed
  • Does not dry fast
  • Needs some sealing time
  • Expensive

A user says this is the best chalk paint she has ever used. She has painted her cabinets three times with different colors and each time with the CHALK PAINT (R) by Annie Sloan. She says she also used the clear soft wax of Annie Sloan and her kitchen cabinets still look great after 4 years.

The CHALK PAINT (R) by Annie Sloan is easy to apply. It is a much talked about brand in the chalk paint industry because it pioneered its formulation and use. Despite the competition it has maintained its hold as a top brand.


There is so much that you need to learn if you want to achieve an excellent new look for your old pieces of wood furniture. While it is easy to work with chalk paints it can be a challenge to choose the best brand.

Each chalk paint brand comes with the same basic formula but each is unique in many ways. Some work well applied straight from the can. Some work better with paint guns. Your choice will therefore depend on how you want to work with the chalk paint.

There is nothing like the original. Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint is more expensive than the other brands of chalk paint it indeed is on top of the list of the best chalk paint brands.

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