Which Is The Best Cloth Diaper Pail Available?

Is there a way to get rid of these unpleasant odors when disposing of baby diapers? Yes, there is. And it's called the diaper pail. A diaper pail is a special garbage pail made for stinky baby or adult diapers that you can use (instead of or aside from your garbage bin or trash cans) in order to minimize the stench of human waste within your home prior to putting out the trash. The best cloth diaper pail therefore includes pails made to house heavy-duty cloth diapers.

What Makes a Cloth Diaper Pail Different from a Laundry Bin or Trash Can?

The pail is different from ordinary trash cans in that they have a way of covering the smell, either by having a lid that keeps the stench of baby poop and pee trapped within the pail or a deodorizing agent that masks or chemically changes the smell so that it won't stink up a bathroom or nursery. Some even come with a cloth diaper pail liner or waterproof bag that further seals the smell.

This pail can also be placed within a room inside your home because it's essentially a cloth diaper pail deodorizer. This is in contrast to a huge garbage bin that you put in the front of your house far away from the main entrance for easy pickup from the garbage men and to keep its smell from entering your house. Or a laundry bin that will smell like a toilet if you place your washable cloth diapers there.

How to Shop for Cloth Diaper Pails


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Disposing of used diapers need not lead to stinking up your house. A diaper pail is a good investment because it's a specialized bin that contains the smell of the multiple diapers so that your home doesn't end up smelling like an open sewer or leaking septic tank.

Here are the things you need depending on the type of diapers you wish to dispose.

Cloth Diapers:

Cloth diapers are washable, reusable diapers. Therefore, you need a cloth diaper pail smell deodorizer when it comes to dealing with cloth diapers. You'll also require a cloth liner for storing dirty diapers between washings since in this case the diaper pail serves as a laundry basket instead of a trash bin for disposable diapers.

Obviously, you can't use your actual laundry basket to store cloth diapers full of urine and feces. You can use cloth diaper pail alternatives like trash bags and the like to store your diapers until the next wash. When it comes to the cloth diaper pail vs wet bag argument, the pail almost always wins (usually with the assistance of a waterproof liner).

Disposable Diapers:

When it comes to disposing disposable diapers, your diaper pail now becomes a trash bin (instead of the laundry hamper that the cloth diaper pail doubles as) to temporarily store the diapers for the week before they're taken out to the main garbage bin in front of your home. The alternatives to disposable diaper pails also include copious use of trash bags.

It's not recommended to go the brown paper bag route in light of the liquid content of diapers and whatnot. Usually, the diapers are put in a trash bag to keep them from contaminating the ordinary trash bin, but sometimes even that's not enough. If you're more ecology-minded, you can make use of biodegradable liners as the more environment-friendly option. Features to Look Out For When shopping for diaper pails, you should be on the look out for the following features that specifically help in cutting back the odor of odious and smelly diapers.

Hands-Free Operation:

The best diaper pails are the ones that allow you to keep your baby steady on the changing his diaper. Instead of having your hands full with opening the bin and chucking the diaper inside, your cloth diaper pail and liner should have a bin or lid that you can open and close with the assistance of a foot pedal. The most advanced diaper pails even feature motion sensors that activate the lid when you're nearby motioning to get another diaper disposed or stored.

Child Safety Locks:

There are also diaper pails out there that keep your child from making a mess by opening the lid of a bin full of diapers. As many a cloth diaper pail amazon or Wal-Mart would take note, as soon as your baby starts crawling and walking, the diaper pail in his nursery becomes more accessible for his "playtime". Discourage him from accessing his filthy cloth diapers by making the lid childproof (like your medication).

Airlocks and Seals:

The best way to keep the stench from spreading is to have a diaper bin with airtight rubber seals. This locks the diapers so that their odor doesn't spread across the room or serve as a suffocation risk for your baby and you. Even if it's being used as a hamper and includes cloth diaper pail liner, you can never be too safe from diaper odor. Seal that problematic pile of cloth diapers away until you have to deal with them by washing them in the laundry.

Odor Prevention Treatments:

There are a number of odor-prevention treatments available like antimicrobial liners and deodorizers. Quite a number of pails include carbon filters, fan systems, or even seals and trap doors. For some reason, cloth diaper pail ammonia smell is a thing. You should get an easy to clean diaper pail if that's the case because urination on cloth diapers can leave an ammonia residue that remains on both the diapers and the pail you put them in. Or put liner on them to keep the residue from seeping into your diaper pail and cloth diapers.

Top 5 Cloth Diaper Pails

1. Ubbi Diaper Pail, White:


The main appeal of the Ubbi Diaper Pail is that it's made of high-grade powder-coated steel. When you have this in your nursery and bathroom, you won't need a special bag. It's also extra big so that you can take a week's worth of diapers without overfilling and requiring you to put up a second nasty garbage bag beside it.

Sealing the diapers rather than putting chemicals on them is one of the best cloth diaper pail ideas around because you won't have to worry about getting a cloth diaper pail smells like ammonia. In case you have to deal with a really dirty diaper, the Ubbi Steel Pail is relatively easy to clean up, whether quickly or thoroughly.

It also has a covered rim to avoid bags from ripping open and an improved insertion mechanism to prevent the rubber gasket from falling. In regards to its downsides, it mostly roots from it smelling.

Use liner to keep the diapers from making a mess inside this cloth diaper pail because it's not magic. So the bottom line when it comes to this diaper pail is that it can seal in the smells but even though it's steel and you can clean it, you should add covers to the diaper to ensure that there's no residue.

2. Dekor Plus Diaper Pail, Gray:


It looks like an ordinary bathroom trash bin (and many people use it for that purpose), but it's a waste of a diaper pail for cloth diapers to only use it for disposable diapers and used tissue after you've done number 2.

This laundry hamper for diapers prevents you from needing cloth diaper pail diy. For one thing, it's a totally hands-free diaper pail that you can step on, drop, and then you're done. The refill system is cost-effective and won't require you to pay for expensive maintenance costs and whatnot.

It also keeps the smell in the pail with its triple odor control system and the ABS plastic doesn't absorb odors for easy cleanup. On the other hand, it relies too much on deodorizers and doesn't actually seal, leading to some of the stench passing through. Use liner or waterproof bags to complete the package.

Many of these diaper pails are hands-free though, so what separates the Dekor Plus from the rest? How did it end up the second best diaper pail on this list? It mostly has to do with its multiple systems for deodorizing and catching the diaper. Even though it might need better sealing, it's otherwise excellent.

3. Busch Systems Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail (7 gallon: 1-2 days):


The third best "odorless" laundry bin for cloth diapers that doubles as a bathroom trash bin has a capacity of 7 gallons and can store 1-2 days worth of diapers before they go straight to the wash. Actually, it's specifically made as a diaper pail, as evidenced by its usage of a carbon filter.

The filter works by letting air in and keeping the odors from escaping. The odors are further closed off with a strong clamp closure. As various cloth diaper pail reviews would note, no ordinary trash can or laundry bin has a recyclable and plastic clamp that keeps the dirty diaper smell sealed.

It even includes a teddy bear filter cage for the carbon filter that screws together through a hole in the lid. Unlike the Dekor Plus, this hands-free odorless cloth diaper pail amazon is able to seal and filter the odors of multiple diapers. However, it ended up ranked third instead of second and first because of its limited capacity. If only it can take more than 1-2 days' worth of diapers, then it would've gotten a better rating.

4. Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail:


The Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail is known for its simplicity and no-nonsense efficiency. It's practically a mall trash can that doubles as a laundry bin for washable cloth diapers. It includes a Dorizer disk and it uses standard plastic bags.

Its air freshener disc masks the odor until you extract and wash the diapers. However, there are people who hate this diaper pail. This is how it landed 4th in this list of the best cloth diaper pails america. It's excellent enough to land the top 5 of this list but it's flawed in its execution of sealing odiferous used diapers.

Indeed, its strength is its weakness. Its score was dragged down by those who view its pop-up door as too small to fit anything into, particularly bulbous diapers filled with poop and urine. What's more, the air freshener makes an annoying rattling sound every time you open the pail.

5. Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail, White:


The classic version of Dekor is a lot simpler than the 2nd ranked Dekor, thus explaining how it got 5th place. However, like with the Safety 1st diaper pail, the simplicity of this Dekor also gives it appeal. It doesn't hurt that it's more affordable to boot.

It's a pail that's also hands-free, that also has the cost-effective system its fellow Dekor pail has, and has triple odor control with its ABS plastic bin. The second Dekor on this list is really stretching the definition of an amazon cloth diaper pail. It's enough to tempt some to just use a trash bin and loads of garbage bags to seal the stench.

It outright says it can double as a trash can. And herein lies the problem with this bin. It's not an air tight cloth diaper pail. It doesn't have the most advanced deodorizing system to get rid of the smells either. It's a step down from the Dekor Plus and it suffers even more from its flaws (it still doesn't keep the smell in). If you have babies who use more diapers than usual, the Dekor Classic might not be able to take it.


Nobody looks forward to diaper changing. Even the most doting of parents dread this chore. However, until a baby is properly potty trained, you'll need to get those used diapers into the trash can quick before they start stinking up your house. At any rate, the reason why the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail takes the top spot as the best cloth diaper pail is because you can use it with or without a special bag, there’s a covered rim to avoid ripped-open bags or curious children making a mess with their own diapers, and the fact that it's made of powder coated steel and rubber seals to locked all the smell in until laundry day happens.

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