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Get the perfect guide and comparisons between wheelbarrows out there.   

County Clipper Wheelbarrows are like the most elite batch of wheelbarrows ever made. They combine unrivaled style, total reliability, and enhanced designs to make the best wheelbarrows of this age. A wheelbarrow’s job is to transport goods from point A to point B efficiently, exerting minimalistic pressure on the user. County clipper wheelbarrows are made with customized needs and most of them point towards the traditional use of wheelbarrows, which is gardening.

Here’s a complete guide on how to buy the best wheelbarrow according to your requirements.

Buyer’s Guide to the best County Clipper Wheelbarrows out there

A wheelbarrow is associated with labor and much more. The following are factors you need to keep in mind:

  • The Capability

The buyer needs to keep in mind the purpose of the wheelbarrow. County wheelbarrows are mainly used for gardening purposes and hence one needs to buy a barrow that has a durable tray, sturdy frame, and also focus on the tipping mechanism of the wheelbarrow along with the tires of it.

  • Size of Barrow

One should get a large heavy cart only if they’re capable of moving it. Wheelbarrows are mostly meant to be pushed by hand, hence one should make sure the frame and wheels of the wheelbarrow are in respect to their capabilities. There will come times when you might have to shovel sand/gravels/fertilizers etc into it, make sure you buy the one which can take huge loads at one go so that don’t retrace your steps back and forth.

  • Construction Material

Wheelbarrows are made mainly of two types: metal and plastic. While metal is strong and a galvanized one may protect from rust for some time, metal trays can be affected by toxic substances, on the other hand, plastic trays are lighter, weatherproof, and much more resistant to toxic substances.

  • Tires

Two primary types are, pneumatic and solid. While solid tires don’t puncture, the ride won’t be smooth especially on rough terrain, on the other hand, pneumatic tires can puncture but are much smoother and easy to move around. Although, with these kinds of wheelbarrows it better to get wider wheels for even weight distribution and comfortable maneuverability

1.     Main Gate County Clipper Wheelbarrow

UK’s best selling wheelbarrow, this cart is built to last and made for your everyday use withstanding the test of time and efficiency.  

Main Gate County Clipper Wheelbarrow


The county clipper from Maingate Ltd has it all for you. Easy to clean, rust-proof, and superbly engineered to perfectly balance while rolling on any terrain. The cart is easy to assemble, has rugged tires, roller bearings for low friction, professional-grade wheels, steel skids, and a huge capacity of  90 liters (liquid), 110 liters (granules)

Features and Benefits

·         Ergonomics

The wheelbarrow has been engineered with solid steel skids that protect tubular legs from rusting through, a tipping bar responsible for full control during tipping or storing goods which reduces strains on the back and arms.

·         Professional Grade Wheels

The large wheels have a rugged, 4 ply block pattern tire which offers maximum grip in all weather conditions. The inflatable tires are large and comfortable with dimensions 16” x 4” and roller bearings for squeak-free rolling.

·         Durable body  

The steel frame has been completely galvanized against corrosion and soft, comfortable handle grips make this wheelbarrow perfectly all-weather resistant and make heavy-duty work seem like a child’s play.

Advantages & Disadvantages

 Checks all basic requirements
 Solid steel skids
 Wheel with inner tube for repairs

  •  Vague assembly instructions.

2.     Green County Clipper Wheelbarrow

A good looking wheelbarrow with a polypropylene tray and galvanized chassis. 4-ply Pneumatic tubed tire 400×100 wheel with roller bearings is a must for your garden.

Green County Clipper Wheelbarrow (90-110 LTR


The Clipper 90-110ltrs Wheelbarrow from The Recycle Works is also among the best sellers out there. Always coming out on top when comparisons are made as this wheelbarrow is built to last! This item is the Green Wheelbarrow but is also available in Blue, Chianti, and Pink (under separate listings). Galvanised frame, pneumatic tires, polypropylene trays in vibrant colors make this cart pretty much the ideal standard for all wheelbarrows out there.

Features and Benefits

·         Puncture-proof Inflatable tires  

The rugged pneumatic tires come with standard easy repairable inner tubes which saves all the trouble of re-inflating a punctured or low pressured wheel.

·         Durable tray

The frame supports a polypropylene tray along with a galvanized chassis that makes the barrow all-weather resistant and also extends its service life. The tough tray ensures that no matter what you load on it, it’ll keep your goods safe throughout the ride.

·         Sturdy rust-proof frame

The wheelbarrow comes with a stylish body that has been steel welded instead of spot welded to give it extra strength. The oversized cross-braces are meant for additional support that makes the frame more rugged and stiff. The steel’s been galvanized to fight against scratches and also postpone the onset of rusting.

Advantages & Disadvantages

 Steel welded and oversized cross-braces
 Large wheel for smooth maneuverability

  •  Alignment issues while assembling parts


A wheelbarrow is the simplest traditional lever out there which helps the best with transporting goods and ergonomics to make dumping easy. These have evolved into today’s trolleys and surely live up to their mission of making life easier for all its users. County Clipper wheelbarrows are large, gardening tools that are an absolute must in every passionate gardener’s toolshed.

Here, we’ve given you 2 options of the best sellers out there, compared them according to your need, and also provide the most appropriate guidelines to keep in mind every time you shop for county clipper wheelbarrows. We have done your homework; we’ve researched and presented you with a reasonable price range.

We did our part, make sure you choose the best tipping wheelbarrow according to your comfort. Keep coming back to us for more such detailed and informative comparisons.

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