The Best Exterior Primer For A Successful And Smooth Finish

If you’re renovating your home for the first time, your exterior walls and furnishings require a primer coating. Before you begin your painting job, you need to prime the surface first. This is an essential step because it allows the paint to be well-absorbed by the surface you are painting on.

A primer also provides resistance against moisture so that your paint will last longer. There are different types of primer such as acrylic, acrylic latex, alkyd-based or linseed oil.

An exterior primer is specifically formulated to create an even foundation so that your paint and top coat will go over the surface smoothly as possible. It is designed to withstand natural and environmental elements including wind, rain, sun, and other external factors. We’ve gathered a list of reviews to identify the best exterior primer in the market which we will discuss later on.

Best Exterior Primer Reviews

To give you a more in-depth look, we’ve gathered five of the best exterior primer products in the market. This will give you an idea on the differences of each product so you can decide which is more suitable for your project.

1. KILZ 2 Stain Blocking and Latex Primer


This product can be used on various surfaces including drywall, plaster, masonry, brick, panel and other painted exteriors. It can be used with latex or oil-based paint which makes it flexible to use. It effectively conceals light to medium stains and works well with color alterations.


  • It works great as a wood primer, especially on your outdoor deck. I used this on my patio and didn’t experience any problems. It also blends well with other wood surfaces including panels.
  • This coating dries off easily which saves you time.
  • The primer sticks well to the surface. Therefore, the paint glides on smoothly and evenly without any brush marks.
  • It covers unwanted stains. I tried using on water stains on my wall and was able to effectively hide the imperfections.


  • Since it dries out quickly, you need to smoothen it out immediately. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a thick coating on your wall.


The KILZ Stain Blocking and Latex Primer is suitable for wood exterior. It preps your surface to give you a smooth and even base. Just be careful when you are painting it because it dries out fast.

2. Rust-Oleum American Accents Ultra Cover Spray Paint Primer

This can of primer is compatible with wood, metal, plaster, plastic, unglazed ceramic, wicker and other surfaces. It works well on both interior and exterior materials.


  • It works nicely under your paint. The finished paint color looks vibrant.
  • This primer provides good coverage without any splatters.
  • You can spray it at any angle and the coating will stick properly and still look smooth.
  • This primer can also be used on your car’s headlight to make it shine and look brand new.


  • This doesn’t sit well with small hard plastic materials. It has the tendency to form bubbles while it dries out.
  • Mastering the spray technique takes a while and lots of practice as well.


The Rust-Oleum American Accents Spray Paint Cover Primer hides stains and marks efficiently. However, be careful when you are spraying it because it can create uneven coats on the surface.

3. Rust-Oleum Zinsser Bulls-Eye Primer

This primer can be used in various interior and exterior surfaces and even works on tiles and enameled trims.


  • For most surfaces, one coating does the job. This allows your paint to roll on smoothly.
  • It is great for refurbishing old and worn-out appliances.
  • There are no manifestations of chipping in the coating. Just make sure to sand your surface properly so that your primer will be absorbed.
  • This sticks well to any surface and is easy to clean.


  • The primer appears to be a bit sticky and has the tendency to leave brush marks on the surface.
  • You need to thin it out if you don’t want a thick coating on your wall.


The Rust-Oleum Zinsser Bulls-Eye Primer is versatile and can be used both inside and outside your home. This saves you money since you don’t have to buy a separate interior and exterior primer.

Uses Of Primer

Primers are designed to improve the binding qualities with the surface you are painting on. It seals the wall to prevent any mildew from eating up the surface. You can also use it to cover and hide dirty walls or stains.

Picking The Right Outdoor Primer

Choosing the right kind of primer for the job is important if you expect the best results. There are many types of primer and others provide additional benefits such as thicker coverage. The most important factor when picking an exterior primer is to determine what type of surface you are painting on.

There various types of primers available for drywall, concrete, wood, plastic or other exterior surfaces. Here are some of the classifications to give you an idea.

  • Acrylic primer – This is made of one hundred percent acrylic and is great for concealing stains. Acrylic primers seal off the moisture, mold and even the smell of paint as well.
  • Acrylic latex primer – This type of primer is formulated with a water-based solution which provides better performance and resistance to external elements.
  • Alkyd-based primer – It works great in blocking tannin stains. Before using this type of primer check in with your local government first. Some states have limited the use of alky-based primers due to VOC restrictions.
  • Linseed oil – This oil-based primer improves the color retention of your paint.


Based on the top three highly-recommended exterior primer, we strongly agree that the winner goes to the KILZ Stain Blocking and Latex Primer. Compared to the other products in the list, the KILZ primer provides more features.

It works great on exterior wood surfaces, sticks well and effectively hides imperfections. Since it is a water-based solution, it doesn’t require sanding. This saves you a lot of time and energy so you can focus more on the priming and painting task.

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This primer will help solve your issues with stains, damage, color alterations and refurbishing. When you are wring on a painting job in your home, a primer is one of the most important tools you’ll need to be able to successfully restore your old fixture, walls or panels. It allows your paint to stick tightly to provide a smooth and even finish.

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