The Best Long Range Baby Monitor: Your Ultimate Guide

A baby monitor is a security device which enables parents to observe their babies even when they are in other parts of the house. A long-range baby monitor is a monitor that works even if you're on opposite ends of the house. What that in mind, what is the best long range baby monitor?

How To Buy A Long Range Baby Monitor



You should look into the following factors before buying your own long-range baby monitor.

Analog versus Digital:

Analog baby monitors are cheaper. However, this comes at the cost of anyone within range to listen into your signal, especially when it comes to long-range monitors for your baby. Meanwhile, a digital monitor is capable of encrypting the long range baby monitor audio transmission.

This is so that eavesdropping by people who need better hobbies is impossible. You can even search for a monitor with a digital lock to encrypt video images from the camera as well. Look for a long range baby monitor amazon Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) to minimize interference with any other devices in your home.

Audio versus Video versus Audio and Video:

Baby monitors used to be audio to monitor the breathing of the baby by hearing it firsthand. There are even two-way audio monitors, so it's kind of like a long range baby monitor walkie-talkie between you and your little one. It eventually led to video feeds that allowed you to watch while your baby sleeps. Audio baby monitors cost less and take up less real estate.

Video monitors cost more and take up more space, but give you loads of other options, including usage of different screen sizes, night vision images, and even cameras that zoom and pan. Some of the newest monitors work with your smartphone or tablet in order to monitor your baby from a long range baby monitor app whether you're at work or at home (basically surveillance from anywhere).

Frequency In regards to frequency:

The most basic models or "short range" baby monitor use 49 MHz (megahertz). From there, you have models that go way up to 900 MHz, which is what many a long range baby monitor uses. This range is long but it's susceptible to interference from other cordless phones using the same frequency.

To address the interference, many monitors have gone the 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) route, turning them into the long range baby monitor 2.4 ghz type of product. Alas, the same frequency has been adopted by newer cordless phones and even several Wi-Fi systems. Interference still exists. Meanwhile, the lower frequency 1.9 GHz band that supports DECT is prone to the least amount of interference, making it the most secure band or frequency.

Vital Signs Tracking:

There are baby monitors in existence that sound an alert if your baby hasn't move as of late or even track down the vital signs of the child in question. These long range baby monitor us or long range baby monitor uk are even capable of tracking the temperature of your baby's nursery. It can even make relatively accurate predictions on when the baby will wake up and whatnot.


Smaller receivers allow you to carry them all over your home like a mobile phone. Bigger ones force you to place them in one area of your home. You can only check on your baby when you go to that area rather than be notified of what's happening to him on short notice. Just make sure to get a long range baby monitor thick walls so that you can continue monitoring your baby even when divided by thick walls. You can even get a monitor that turns your existing mobile phone or tablet into a baby monitor receiver of its own.

Low-Battery Indicator:

If your baby monitor's receiver runs on batteries like your remote control, then it pays to have a low-battery indicator so that you know when to replace it. Whether you have a long range baby monitor nz or long range baby monitor australia (or elsewhere), this is an important feature to have. Some cutesy receivers even sing out words to "I'm a Li'l Teapot" whenever their batteries run out of juice. Getting a monitor that lets you know when to change the batteries allows you to prevent emergencies and times when your eyes aren't on your tyke.

Sound-Activated Light:

Many a long range baby monitor walmart is so advanced that they give out a light activated by the sound of your baby's cries. This feature is helpful when you're vacuuming or calming down another child of yours. The light instantly warns you that another baby's in distress as soon as your vision makes contact with the baby monitor's receiver. It's a warning system at a glance to tell you that something's afoot, in other words.

Top 5 Best Long Range Baby Monitors

Here are the top 5 long range baby monitor 2017 products I'd like to recommend.

1. Premium Wireless Baby Monitor by ANNKE:


This monitor claims to help you never leave your little angel out of sight. Sure, that's just your average marketing spiel at work, but when I tried it out, I became a believer! Actually, the ANNKE Premium Wireless Baby Monitor is the best long range baby monitor in my estimations even though I rate it the same as iGuard Baby Monitor & Camera and Fishvision Baby Monitor Video Camera. The reason for this? More people agree with me in regards to Premium Wireless compared to the offerings of iGuard and Fishvision.

I and dozens of other parents have been won over by the ANNKE or Annke baby monitor because it allows me to watch, listen, and talk to my baby at the same time, like I'm using Skype or teleconferencing with my little one. The long range baby monitor video is pretty clear, offering cutting-edge tech that processes the image in a non-pixilated or blurry manner. The monitor includes microphones and built-in speakers that allow you to talk to your baby (to soothe and reassure them as required) since it's equipped with a receiver. The high-tech baby monitor even has its own 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network reserved for you and your baby alone.

2. iGuard Baby Monitor & Camera 3.2":


This is another one of three baby monitors I rate as the best, so to cut the three-way tie I've ranked this one second because it has gotten fewer top-rated votes of confidence compared to the legion of satisfied customers that the ANNKE Premium Wireless Baby Monitor got. The second best baby monitor isn't a long range baby monitor iphone or Android compatible device, so it's kind of understandable why ANNKE was able to edge it out on the top spot. ANNKE simply has more hi-tech features (even though iGuard's not bad either).

Like Annke, iGuard has two-way sensitive talk back and wireless full color LCD monitoring. Talk to your baby then listen to his cries, whimpers, burps, laughter, and breathing even when you're not in the same room with him. There's no need to install any apps or whatever on this long range baby monitor canada or USA. Just turn your monitor on then the camera will start working immediately with your receiver that's like a cellphone or game console in your hand. One thing iGuard has that ANNKE lacks is its ability to see the baby at night or low light through night vision features and temperature monitoring. The camera even tilts to give you alternate viewing points.

3. Fishvision Baby Monitor Video Camera:


This is the third topnotch baby monitor on this three-way tie of excellent baby monitors on this list. If the ANNKE or iGuard baby monitors didn't exist, then this best long range baby monitor uk or US would've taken the top spot easily. Actually, Fishvision looks a lot like iGuard while ANNKE has a much smaller screen. You'd think parents would prefer the bigger screen but more customers rated ANNKE high because of its cellphone and tablet connectivity. Regardless, Fishvision is pretty much a less heralded iGuard clone with fewer monitoring features and whatnot.

It's less heralded because it has fewer features. It shares the same quality (more or less) features like a long range (of about 853 feet), a crystal clear picture (both Annke and iGuard has this benefit), 2-way talk back (ditto with ANNKE and iGuard), and other general features found in all topnotch baby monitors (like freeing you from the fatigue of checking on your baby every time). However, it lacks Annke's mobile device connectivity and iGuard's temperature monitoring and night vision. It does outdo them by having eight built-in lullabies that can bring the baby to instant sleep every time.

4. Willcare Baby Monitor with Two-Way Audio:


The Willcare Baby Monitor ranks pretty high for an audio-only monitor lacking any video whatsoever. The reason for this is because it's one of the most complete audio monitors for babies around. Even though it has no long range baby monitor camera to speak of, it makes up for it with its low price point and the advanced sound indicator at the top of the parent unit. This shows you the level of volume in the baby's room (a la the volume meters in music studios), especially when the baby is crying quite loudly.

It also lasts longer than video monitors because it only uses audio and because it has power saving features. The monitor is sound-activated and enables you to focus on other things until the monitor is activated by the cries of a hungry child or a kid that requires having his or her diaper changed. That's how this monitor makes its claim as the best long range baby monitor, even on a list mostly occupied by video and audio monitors. I'm particularly amazed at its ability to focus only on the voice of the child, eliminating background noise that's under 40 decibels and whatnot. It even has a night light!

5. Babysense Video Baby Monitor:


The Babysense Baby Monitor has a 2.4-inch high quality color LCD display, which is about the same size of monitor found in ANNKE but much smaller than the 3.2-inch (or so) LCD displays of iGuard and Fishvision. Regardless, the long distance range baby monitor is big enough to give a clear and stable hi-def streaming of your baby. This is secure and interference-free streaming connection that works on 2.4 GHz FHSS technology. The sound coming from the monitor is also as clear as its high-definition digital vision picture quality to boot. It's definitely a winner on that front.

So how come this monitor with a 900-feet open space range (and an out-of-range warning sound feature) is so low on this list and why does the Fishvision monitor and its 853-feet of range somehow better than Babysense? Well, for one thing, Fishvision has a bigger monitor. For another thing, even though Babysense has all sorts of bells and whistles (like its 2x digital zoom, alarm/timer setting, and sound-activated LED indicators), it gets flack for its still camera that can't pan around and the fact that it sometimes goes in and out of its signal for something that's supposed to have 900 feet of range.


This list of baby monitors is mostly here to showcase the most advanced and convenient long-range baby monitors currently available on the market to date. It's for this reason and more that I've made my decision on which of these monitors are the best. As far as I'm concerned (and many other consumers and concerned parents, I'm sure) the best long range baby monitor for my money is the Premium Wireless Baby Monitor by ANNKE. It has the fewest flaws among the monitors on this list or even monitors not listed in this review.

Unlike the lower-rated Babysense, its camera has a pan and tilt function. Unlike the Willcare Baby Monitor (which admittedly has better sound quality and energy-saving features), the ANNKE Premium Wireless Baby Monitor isn't audio-only and has good audio and video quality from all get out. Unlike the iGuard and Fishvision monitors (who also has topnotch features you won't see with ANNKE and bigger monitors to boot), my choice for the best long range digital baby monitor is much more convenient exactly because it has smart device compatibility. The ability to monitor ANNKE through a tablet or cellphone puts it heads-over-heels above the rest of the monitors on this list.

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