The Best Manual Breast Pump That You Can Find: A Complete List

Sometimes, you can't feed your child with breast milk. You're too busy and you can't attend to his needs. However, you also don't want to feed him with baby formula because you want to err on the side of caution and just give him your milk (since it's still best for the baby). That's where best pumps come in. How does one find the best manual breast pump exactly?

The Value Section For Manual Breast Pumps

A manual breast pump might be called for if you or your baby is having problems nursing and producing enough milk for a proper feeding. Many manual breast pump reviews agree on that regard. At any rate, here's some info you'll need to properly shop for the best manual pump for your milking needs.

Types of Breast Pumps

There are two categories of breast pump and their respective benefits and drawbacks.

1. Manual Breast Pump:

The mechanical pump uses your own "hand" power to manually express milk from your breast. This pump is completely operated by hand. You can find many a manual breast pump amazon online as well as offline (like manual breast pump walmart). It's usually found at the baby's section along with the baby diapers and milk bottles.

If you find using an electric breast pump uncomfortable and don't mind having to hand pump the milk out of your breast as its expresses the life-giving liquid, then you can go the manual breast pump route. You can even avail of manual breast pump silicone if that's more comfortable for you to wear and whatnot. Most manual breast pumps are single pumps for each breast.

2. Electric Breast Pump:

This pump uses electricity to power a motor that does the pumping for you instead of you having to hand-pump the milk out of your breast. It requires a battery or an electric socket in order to work. You can shop for an electric and manual breast pump at target and other similar stores. Many of these fully automatic pumps are double pumps for both breasts.

If you wish to pump milk more than once every day because you're too busy to personally nurse your young one every time but don't wish to feed him baby formula either, then a top-end electric breast pump instead of a manual breast pump is in your best interests to buy. These pumps are perfect for full-time worker moms who are frequently away from their baby and can't nurse in a regular manner.

What to Look for in Manual Pumps

Moms use manual pumps mostly to pump extra milk once a day. It's perfect for short-term separations or extra milk while you're driving (versus having to use baby formula). You can also go to a repair store and have manual breast pump parts replaced in a jiffy versus having to replace the whole thing (which is usually the case for electric breast pumps).

With that said, look for the following when shopping for manual breast pumps.

  • Portability: The smaller the better, but not too small that you won't have enough milk to feed your child. About less than 2 pounds manual breast pump ameda will suffice.
  • Affordability: Another reason why mothers choose the manual or hand pump is because it's affordable. If you're going to buy an expensive manual breast pump avent model, then you might as well get an electric model. Or you can buy it as a spare.
  • Convenience and Simplicity: Don't bother with manual breast pumps that have complex designs. They defeat the purpose of having manual pumps in the first place. Get a squeeze lever or piston pump that gets the job done without too much explanation.

Reviews of the 5 Top Manual Breast Pumps

1. NOKIRE Manual Breast Pump:


The Nokire Manual Breast Pump is a food grade piece of equipment that's BPA-free and FDA-approved. I like this breast pump because it's silent and comfortable to use. It's a type of manual breast pump walmart and that can be found everywhere, online and offline, because of its popularity. It even comes with a lid and nipple so that the baby can immediately consume the milk right after it is pumped.

I found the pump easy to assemble and its size makes it easy to carry around as well. In terms of cleanup and sterilization, I didn't have any problems either. Just use the faucet, warm water, and some dishwashing soap and you're good to go. You can put it on the top dishwasher rack too. However, it also has its share of critics and criticisms, like how it's difficult for some to pump with its angle, so you have to tilt the cup to fit the breast sometimes.

2. Zenda Naturals Manual Breast Pump:


Zenda's main appeal to me as a nursing mother who wishes to have breast milk reserves for my young one is how fast and easy to use it is. It collects milk for storage from my breast like a tap, almost. The manual breast pump medela even has a free bonus lid so that the collecting container can also serve as the bottle and the storage medium for my milk.

It also doesn't hurt my nipples or my breasts compared to certain other manual breast pumps I've tried out. It's safe, it really works and it's a must-have traveling companion when I'm driving and I wish my baby to be fed without me nursing him or buying expensive formula. As for downsides, I've read feedback from other customers regarding how this is a waste of money because the pump doesn't stay suctioned on the breast. You have to hold it into place, which defeats the purpose of having a pump.

3. Ashton Bee Silicone Breast Pump for Breastfeeding with Lid:


The main things I like about the Ashton Bee breast pump are as follows. It's efficient in my eyes because it can collect milk while I'm nursing on my other breast, so if I only have issues with one breast I can still use the other to fulfill my child's feeding needs. This manual breast pump target is also available for on-demand milk storage for my baby. I have reserves included, at the very least.

This is in case I want to err on the side of caution and give my kid stored breast milk versus using milk formula. It's great for trips, nighttime feeding, and any time I have issues giving off any more milk at any given day. In terms of the downsides of Ashton Bee, there are loads of mothers who claim it doesn't work at all or has bad suction. While I don't share their conclusion (or else I wouldn't have included this product on this list), it might be a quality control issue or a case of the pump not working on all breast types.

4. NatureBond Silicone Manual Breast Pump Breastfeeding Milk Saver Suction:


As for NatureBond (or Nature Bond), it's a manual breast pump walgreens or Amazon that gives you more value for your money by being a pump that's strong enough to relieve engorgement or collect breast milk leaks. Every ounce of breast milk is saved by this pump thanks to the way it's designed. For what it's worth, it's highly recommended by the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, specifically its lactation nurses.

However, there must be a reason why this safe, comfortable, and even soft pump that's FDA-approved and 100% BPA-free (just like the topnotch NOKIRE Manual Breast Pump) is so low on this list. As you would suspect, it has gotten its fair share of negative feedback, such as the fact that it smells of burnt plastic. It smells the same as silicone Chinese phone cases. The smell is so strong it transfer to the hand. Some mothers found the smell so distasteful that they believed it'd spoil their milk.

5. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump:


In regards to the Medela Harmony Breast Pump, it deserves to be on this list because it's so easy to use and many mothers prefer it over other pumps (or at the very least there's a segment of mothers that want to get pumped by this particular manual breast pump cvs). It's a single-breast manual pump that you can occasionally use to store fresh breast milk for your baby when traveling.

It also shares qualities and features that landed the other breast pumps on this list, like it being lightweight and portable for the sake of on-the-go pumping. It also has unique abilities, like its ability to milk your breasts in less time with its 2-phase expression technology. However, despite its "maximum comfort vacuum" milking, it ends up dead last on this list because several units have ended up with no suction after only three months of usage.


When searching for breast pumps, you should go with the ones that express plenty of milk and is easy to assemble and clean. You should also look for products that epitomize why hand breast pumps are preferable to electric ones (because you can have complete control of the milking process and you don't feel uncomfortable while doing it). Therefore, the best manual breast pump is the Nokire Manual Breast Pump. This pump does all of the above and more. What's more, unlike its peers or competition, the NOKIRE pump has fewer flaws or negative feedback from the mothers that use it, its flaws regarding milking angle aside.

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