Best Master Wheelbarrows for you! (Review & Buyers Guide)

Get the perfect guide and comparisons between the best wheelbarrows out there specifically made for your variety of purposes. 

The compact object can be single-handedly used, a wheelbarrow may look like your ordinary device but its range of usage in the modern world knows no bounds. Today, construction site workers use it to transport bricks, while the gardener may use it to transport compost or anything that needs to be moved from one place to another. Master Wheelbarrows have been custom-designed to fit into your profile of work. You just need to reach out and buy the right one.

Here’s a complete guide on how to buy the best wheelbarrow according to your requirements.

Buyer’s Guide to the best Wheelbarrows out there

A wheelbarrow is associated with field labor and much more. The following are factors you need to keep in mind:

  • Personal Limitations

The buyer needs to keep personal capabilities in mind while buying a wheelbarrow. Sometimes, its easier to pull a cart rather than pushing it. Hence, even while loading or unloading materials, at times one will be required to lift higher than usual.

  • Tub Size

One should get a large heavy cart only if they’re capable of moving it. The tub should be deep and large enough to make sure you don’t retrace your steps back and forth. Also, if you work in a large area, it’s better to get a bigger handle for even distribution of weight.

  • Frame

Wheelbarrows are made mainly of two types: metal and plastic. While metal is strong and a galvanized one may protect from rust for some time, metal trays can be affected by toxic substances, on the other hand, plastic trays are lighter, weatherproof, and much more resistant to toxic substances.

  • Wheels

The tires may seem a small factor to consider but it has its importance. Two primary types are, pneumatic and solid. While solid tires don’t puncture, the ride won’t be smooth especially on rough terrain, on the other hand, pneumatic tires can puncture but are much smoother and easy to move around. Also, if you want, there are puncture-proof pneumatic tires available too.

1.     Bon 28 908 Premium Contractor grade Wheelbarrow

This cart helps you transport heavy loads over rough terrain smoothly. Engineered with a special non-stick surface, it will not rust or dent. The undercarriage and legs are made from steel channel. Available with wood or steel handles and numerous tire options.

Bon 28 908 Premium Contractor Grade Poly-Tray Single Wheel Wheelbarrow with Steel Handle and Ribbed Tire, 5-3/4 Cubic Feet


Designed for heavy-duty, long-lasting use, this cart features sturdy, structural foam construction that won’t rust, dent, chip, or peel. All-plastic, seamless pan design resists leaking and cracking. A premium grade poly tray wheelbarrow is perfect for the contractor or the professional landscaper. The high molecular weight poly tray is a full .250 thick and made in the USA.

Features and Benefits

 ·         Durable tray

The significantly tough tray of the cart is 26 inches wide and also comes with a large rolled lip for extra strength. This ensures your high-quality contractor-grade poly tray has a longer life than compared to standard wheelbarrows.

·         Single wheel

This wheelbarrow comes with a single wheel but a 16-inch ribbed tire ensures complete ease in maneuverability on all kinds of terrain whether it be rocky, muddy, or sandy.

·         Sturdy structure

A steel handle connected with undercarriage gives this wheelbarrow a stable and balanced movement even when filled up-to-the brim. The padded handles ensure that your hands are safe and feel the least pressure while moving this heavy-duty cart around.

Advantages & Disadvantages

 Huge load capacity, 5-3/4 cubic foot.
 Available in wooden or steel handles and varied tires

  •  Assembly instructions confusing


2.     Medium Sized Wooden Garden Cart

A heavy-duty wheelbarrow with pneumatic wheels that glides easily over grass, cement, and rock surfaces to make your job easier. The garden tool cart features a handy dump-front to ease the strain on your back.

Garden Cart with Pneumatic Wheels - Medium Size (Wood/Steel)


The Wooden Garden Cart from Cart Vermont with its highly durable construction and heavy load capacity makes it the ultimate companion for your lawn and garden work. It can haul materials such as mulch, topsoil, logs, yd waste, debris, rocks & more. It makes the perfect outdoor gift for a gardener or backyard enthusiast.

Features and Benefits

·         Pneumatic Wheels

The air-filled 20inch pneumatic steel wheels allow this heavy-duty garden tool to move smoothly through all kinds of surfaces and perfect to haul all garden tools, large heavy items, or even potted plants.

·         Ergonomics

The garden cart has a wooden barrow made of plywood which has been hand-dipped into an environmentally safe water-based stain. The steel frame also features an easy dump front to reduce the strain on your back.

·         Durable Frame

The 11-gauge steel frame has been electrostatically coated to prevent any kind of corrosion and keep the wheel running in all weather conditions while giving it long service life.

Advantages & Disadvantages

 All-weather resistant
 Durable and Sturdy frame

  •  Vague assembly instructions

3.     Master Gardner Wb 7072 Yardtek Pro Wheelbarrow

 A comfortable handle grip, redesigned frame making it easy to, this premium wheelbarrow covers all the areas you need to be concerned about.


Master Gardner Wb7072 Yardtek Pro Galvanized Wheelbarrow


The newly-designed YardTek Pro from Master Gardner has an innovative and updated frame design that makes it quick and easy to assemble and put this cart to work. The cart has been made to make your heavy-duty work easier and a lesser retracing of steps. Along with added strength and agility from the 20 gauge steel bed and solid axle, this wheelbarrow was made for the toughest jobs with its pneumatic tire and heavy-duty nose bracket.

Features and Benefits

·         Pneumatic Wheels

The large 6” x 16” ply inflatable tire gives this massive beast good grip, balanced maneuverability, and glides over all surfaces with ease even when loaded to its maximum capacity.

·         Durable Frame

The cart has been made to handle heavy loads and has a 20 gauge steel bed with a 5/8” solid axle promising not only durable handling but a stable one too.

·         Extra Comfort

The handles feature a soft grip which ensures your hands are kept safe and minimum pressure exerted on them. The tough nose bracket also adds extra strength to carry your heavy loads with ease and cancel out all those extra work.

Advantages & Disadvantages

 All-weather resistant
 Heavy Duty barrow for multipurpose

  •  Assembly instructions confusing for some


A master wheelbarrow is a significant tool in any worker’s kit. It saves hours and hours of labor work and with the right one, you can even forget repeated trekking back and forth. These carts have been specially designed for gardening purposes and accommodate to the needs on the field, however, one can also use them for other uses, especially in urban construction sites.

Here, we’ve given you a wide variety of wheelbarrows to choose from according to your need and also provide the most appropriate guidelines to keep in mind every time you shop, we have done your homework; we’ve researched and presented you with a reasonable price range. When one works hard for long hours, the right tool can make all the differences.

We did our part, make sure you choose the best wheelbarrow according to your comfort. Keep coming back to us for more such detailed and informative comparisons.

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