What Are The Best Nightlights For Babies?

Is your baby afraid of the dark? Do you wish to be able to see him with your baby monitor when it's dark? You should therefore buy the best nightlight for baby possible. A nightlight illuminates your room with a soft glow so your baby can sleep while it's on.

What Are The Benefits Of Night Lights?


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Here are the benefits you should watch out for when shopping for the right nightlight for baby room.

  • Assist you to see at night to check on your baby.
  • If your kid is afraid of the dark, it's a comforting device.
  • Midnight diaper changes are easier thanks to the illuminated table.
  • Enables your little one to find his teddy bear or security blanket in the darkness.
  • Good for kids and great for parents because they can get to watch over their children's safety.

Different Types Of Nightlights


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You have various nightlight types to choose from. Choose carefully in light of your baby's needs and your budget. You can get a night light for baby nursery or a night light for baby car seat if you wish.

Plug-In Nightlight:

This is the most common type of nightlight that's also easy to use. Just plug it at the nearest socket then take it off when you don't want to use it anymore. The more advanced plug-in lights have daylight sensors that switch the light on as soon as the main lights are turned off. This also means when it's daytime, it won't turn on either. It only comes on when it's dark, thus saving you money when push comes to shove. Other night light for baby crib options possess motion sensors that turn the nightlight on when you walk past.

Projection Nightlight:

These cool nightlights work like projectors. They can project images on the roof or wall of the nursery. If you're looking for a night light for baby girl, you can find a colorful projector filled with girly images like unicorns, rainbows, flowers, and butterflies. There are other nightlights out there that can project images of superheroes, Disney princesses, planets, stars, the entire solar system, the whole universe, and so forth. Remember, too far is blurry and too close is too small.

Soft Nightlight:

This nightlight is a toy or stuffed animal with a nightlight within it. The light is covered by the stuffed toy as though its body is serving as a lampshade. This is a nice and good night light for baby feeding because the light isn't intense. These nightlights are made so that the soft nightlight can be toughed and hugged by the baby. The animal or doll isn't only cuddly and soft. The glow can also comfort you baby while the sun is down and night has fallen.

Portable Nightlight:

A portable nightlight is like a dim flashlight. You can use it anywhere and place it everywhere. It's a good night light for baby feeding and changing because you put it close to you to see what you're doing better.

That's because it doesn't need to be plugged into a power outlet and it can sit anywhere in the nursery. These nightlights usually run on batteries. Other lights can be charged through a USB cable and a plug.

Five Of The Best Nightlights For Review

Without further ado, here are the best nightlight brands I've gathered.

1. Omeet Simple Plug-in Remote Control Led Night Light:


The Omeet Simple Plug-in Remote Control Led Night Light ranks high on this list (in my opinion) because sometimes simple is best. This nightlight for baby boy and girl is convenient because it allows you to get access to baby when he or she poops or requires feeding. You also don't need to turn on the room light or the lamps in order to breastfeed the little tyke and it turns on with a click of the wireless remote control.

Additionally, it only takes 0.6 watts to power up or 2-3 kilowatts annually. It's energy efficient so that you won't have to worry about higher utility bills. It even has an auto shut off timer for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes. The remote can reach it at any corner of the room too. In terms of downsides, it has only a few. It's not as popular as its counterparts, its affordability might be misconstrued as cheapness or low-quality workmanship, and some parents might view it as too cheap and simple (its main strengths).

2. Visnfa Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker LED Night Light:


If you have dough to spare, then you can invest on this high-tech nightlight for baby that actually comes with its own Bluetooth 4.0 speakers. One of these LED lights is worth two Omeet Simple Plug-in Remote Control Led Night Lights to be honest. However, some parents actually prefer having more features on their nightlight. The Visnfa Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker LED Night Light can double as an MP3 player and alarm clock on top of being a nightlight lamp.

It's also portable, so you can place it anywhere on the room. However, there's a possibility of you accidentally dropping it or losing it if you're not careful. The wireless speaker also connects easily to any Bluetooth-enabled tablet or smartphone. This allows you to play audio books or nursery songs to your son or daughter to put them to sleep. Its time display can be set up as an alarm and has a calendar, it comes in 48 LED colors, and its USB input allows you to hook it up to an MP3 player. All that's missing is the night light for baby app!

3. NATIONALMATER 360 Degrees Rotation Moon Star Projector Night Lighting Lamp:


You've probably seen one of these nightlights in commercials. This projector type of nightlight is unlike any other basic nightlight out there. Whether it's a nightlight for an American baby room or a night light for baby room south africa, babies and parents around the world would certainly be amazed by this cinematic and calming type of light. However, it suffers from typical placement issues wherein the images appear blurry or small if it's not placed in the perfect position.

This children's sleeping aid comes with three lighting models (warm light, monochrome light, and off) and just enough brightness. It doesn't include the 4 AAA batteries it needs to work, but you can easily find that in any store. However, the fact that you have to buy the adapter to connect it to an electric socket is a bit of a downer. It claims to be made of high-quality circuits and industry-grade materials as well. In my opinion though, it feels more like a novelty item than a dependable nightlight (other parents might disagree).

4. X-CHENG Night Light 3-Modes Portable Silicone LED Night Lamp:


I'm including this nightlight on the list because it's borderline a soft nightlight (its body is a cute cartoon cat even though it's not exactly a stuffed toy) and because babies like the design. Sometimes, something as simple as a cat motif light is enough for a nightlight for baby girl or boy. There's no need for apps, Bluetooth capabilities, or a USB input for an MP3 player, although if you prefer that then it's probably worth the money for you.

Aside from the adorable cat "gimmick", the X-CHENG Night Light 3-Modes Portable Silicone LED Night Lamp also has a rechargeable 1200mAH lithium battery (that's included in the package) that lasts up to 15 hours with a full charge and a fluctuation light. It can change into 8 colors, which is a lot fewer than the 48 colors of Visnfa. However, I've gotten complaints about this nightlight smelling "weird" and not sticking to one color (it's stuck in fluctuation light mode).

5. Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle:


Rather than be a borderline example of a soft nightlight, the Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle is an actual night light for baby that doubles as a stuff toy (a plush turtle, to be exact) that you can keep near your beloved baby. Indeed, when getting a night light for a baby, why not get him a stuffed toy along with the light? It makes him or her happy having a dolly or a stuffed animal to hug while you yourself can keep a close eye on your tyke even after dark.

However, what makes this soft nightlight special is that once you turn it on, it also doubles as a projector nightlight that shows you and your child the different stars and constellations onto any walls of a nursery or baby room. It's rated lower than the other nightlights on this list because of poor quality control on Cloud b's part. Some of the turtles burn through the batteries quickly, to the point that you might have to change batteries every month for it.


Ultimately, the Omeet Simple Plug-in Remote Control Led Night Light beats out all the other available options for night light for newborn baby. This is because I feel that nightlights shouldn't be complicated and at best it should have a timer and remote included. There's no need for extra functions that makes the price balloon up unnecessarily when all you really need is a nightlight for baby that comforts your son and daughter enough for them to go to sleep feeling secure.

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