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How To Buy The Best Baby Nursery Furniture 2017

Taking care of babies is no doubt fun, enjoyable, and cute. However, we cannot deny the fact that it’s not that easy when you have a baby at home because that would mean cleaning them up every time they poop, keeping a close eye on them throughout the day, and feeding them at almost any time of the day. There are really a lot of activities you need to do when you’ve got a baby at home. Fortunately, there are already baby furniture available in the market that you can buy.

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about these. We’ll also help you choose the best nursery furniture.

What Is Nursery Furniture?

Nursery furniture is the furniture that is created specifically for babies' use. These are manufactured by companies to help make the job of parents in taking care of their children easier and more comfortable. Aside from the parent's comfort, babies will also greatly benefit from these as these also make them safer when they're undergoing the different activities they should experience.

From changing clothes and diapers to breastfeeding, to help them sleep more comfortably, and even in aiding their psychological and physical development, these nursery furniture are indeed essential must-haves for parents who have babies at home.

What Nursery Furniture Is Needed?

1. Crib

The most important nursery furniture that you should have in your home is a crib. A crib is very important because this is where your baby will be spending most of their day in. This is the place where they sleep, drink milk, and lay idle. It’s their abode, which is why they should be comfortable in it. If adults have a room, babies have a crib.

This not only makes them safe because they won’t be able to get out of it, but this also nurtures their growth. It makes them feel accustomed to the real world and it makes them feel secure and happy at the same time. When choosing a crib, make sure that it’s durable, comfortable, and has no sharp or pointed surfaces.

2. Crib Mattress

A crib mattress is where your baby lies and sits down. It’s the object or furniture which it has most contact with. It’s because of this that it makes perfect sense for you to see to it that it is soft, cushiony, and smooth. Babies have been inside the mother’s womb for nine months where they are surrounding with soft and smooth sac.

This is the reason why they should be exposed to a soft environment that simulates the baby’s world before they were born. A crib mattress perfectly fits those criteria because of its soft, cushiony, and smooth texture. It makes your baby’s adjustment stage to the world easier.

3. Chests & Drawers

Chests and drawers are another must have nursery furniture because you need to make sure that all of your baby’s things just like clothes, bibs, diapers, milk bottles, and more, should be placed in a clean and safe place. It should be sterile and away from other things that might contain germs from the outside world.

It’s because of this reason that all of the baby’s things must be placed in a different container that is solely for your baby’s things. This makes it easier for you to ensure the cleanliness and sterility of their things. Aside from ensuring the safety of your baby’s things, it also makes it easier for you to organize their things up.

It reduces clutter and it makes your room and house tidier. Who says parenting and having a baby leads to a messy house? With the help of nursery furniture such as chests and drawers, you don’t have to bother with any of those problems.

4. Nursery Chairs

Nursery chairs are where mothers can nurse or breastfeed their baby with ease and comfort. These nursery chairs are specifically designed to properly support the back and arms of mothers when they’re breastfeeding their baby. Breastfeeding is not easy because you need to properly carry and hold your baby and position them to be in direct contact with your nipple.

With the help of a nursing chair, breastfeeding becomes easier because you can recline it and you can even rock it forward and backward. It’s not only for breastfeeding but you can also sit on it with your baby if you want to let them sleep.

5. Changing Table

Changing your baby’s clothes might not be a difficult task to do, but it’s quite tricky especially if you don’t have a flat and soft surface to lay your baby on. This is especially true if you’re changing their used up diapers. For sure, that’s one of the worse things about parenthood – changing peed and pooped up diapers. But with the help of a changing table, you don’t have to worry too much because these are specifically designed to make changing your baby’s clothes or diapers easier.

The table’s surface is smooth, is not that hard, and is perfectly sized for your baby. Aside from it being a comfortable table, it also speaks of safety because it reduces your baby’s chances of rolling or falling off from it due to its surface texture, design and functionality.

Other Important Nursery Stuff

There are also other important nursery stuffs you need to have if you want to make baby parenting much easier for you. Things just like a baby monitor, diaper pail, and a night light are just a few of these important nursery stuff. You need a baby monitor so that you can keep a close look on your baby even if you’re in the other room.

Then you need a diaper pail so that you can have a separate trash bin where you can toss up all of those used up diapers. Having a night light is also important so that you can still see your baby even if it’s dark and already night time. Night lights are dim lights that don’t mess up your baby’s sleeping routine because it’s not too bright. And yes, they’re called dim lights for a purpose.

How Much Does Nursery Furniture Cost?

When it comes to nursery furniture, you also need to take into consideration the cost or the price. It doesn’t mean that the more expensive the product is, the higher is quality is. Though this may be true for some products, you shouldn’t always follow that rule. There are a lot of affordable furniture that aren’t priced too high. With this, its best if you just settle on the furniture that are mid priced.

Cribs have an average price of $100 to $200. However, there are also those brands that can go up to $450 or even $500. For crib mattresses, the lowest price starts at $30. However, this isn’t recommended. There are expensive mattresses that are sold for $230 to $300 too. As long as it’s in the $90 to $150 price range, then that’s a good choice.

For chests and drawers, the usual price is from $100 to $500. While nursery chairs can cost for as low as $160 to a whopping $680. Anything that inside the $200 to $400 price range is ideal. When it comes to changing tables, you can buy them for as low as $100. There are also those that are sold for $200.

When To Order Nursery Furniture?

The perfect time to buy a crib and dresser is as soon as you know the gender of your baby. It’s with this that you are able to prepare beforehand and you can still put details on how you want your crib and dresser to look like. However, if you are a bit constrained of budget, you can get them in as late as six months into the pregnancy.

You can also expect the made-to-order nursery furniture to be done by 32nd week, which is why you should order it in as early as 20th to 25th week so that it will come in time.

How To Arrange Nursery Furniture?

1. Make it a Space Saver

The first thing you need to do in arranging your nursery furniture is to survey your house and your place. See to it that your nursery furniture won’t be taking up too much space. You need to make space for them and to make sure that they wouldn’t be an eye sore to your house. With this, it’s best if you place the crib inside a room and place it at the corner.

This will not only be a space saver, but it will also make your baby safer and secure because the chances of them falling off are far lesser because they are next to a wall. The same principle applies to your changing table and nursery chair. Put them in the corner or the sides as much as possible, so they won't block the pathway.

2. Make it Add Beauty

Another important consideration you need to make when arranging your nursery furniture is to think about its aesthetic appeal. Remember, these are not just functional furniture, but they are also in your house for a purpose, and that is to also add beauty to it. Think of it as a multi purpose furniture that you do not only need for your baby but that you also need to make your house more attractive.

Place your nursery chair in an area that will fill up an empty or dull space in your house. You might want to place it near the fireplace or in your living room. This will not only make you feel comfortable when nursing your child, but it will also entertain you more. This also means that when you're choosing one, you need also to check the aesthetic features.

Does it look nice? Does it have a soft and smooth surface? Will it look good for your house’s interior design? It’s in asking yourself questions like these that you’re able to make sure that your baby nursery furniture will perfectly fit well inside your house.

3. Organized

You also need to make sure that your arrangement is organized. This is the most important thing you need to remember when arranging your nursery furniture. Make sure that they are aligned, streamlined, and doesn’t add up to the clutter of your house. If you’ve got a lot of things placed in a certain area of your house, remove them.

This will make space for your nursery furniture. Remember that having a lot of furniture inside your house might sound cool because you got a lot of things, but it isn't. It's important to talk about minimalism when you've got a child in your house because chances are, is that your house will surely get messier.

Good thing you can do something about it. Being organized is the number one rule when it comes to arranging nursery furniture. Make sure that it looks neat and well thought of. When you do, you’ll be surprised to hear from your visitors how cool and stylish your home as become thanks to your nursery furniture.

4. Matches Your Other Furniture

When thinking of arranging your nursery furniture, you also need to see to it that it will match the other furniture in your house. It might be with the color, with the shape, or with the purpose of your nursery furniture. If you already have a lot of chairs in your living room, then don’t place your nursery chair there.

Instead, place it inside your room or in another place. You can also place your baby's chests and drawers beside your cabinet. This will make it easier for you to get things for your baby. You also don't need to have another changing table right beside another table. Not only is it impractical, but it will look funny. If you've got a table where you can change your baby's clothes and diapers, and then don't bother in getting a changing table because you’ll only end up wasting money.

Top 5 Best Nursery Furniture

1. Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress


The Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress is made of a soybean core foam that gives you the assurance that it is very soft and smooth and will stay like this for a long time. It uses soybeans that help in ensuring that the foam will be perfectly firm for babies.

Its foam is also certified by the CertiPur US and is assured to have no mercury, lead, phthalates, formaldehyde, or flame retardants. It's also stain-resistant and waterproof. These perfect match its lock stitched binding that gives your baby excellent comfort and cushion. This is also great in driving away dust allergens, preventing them from seeping into the mattress when in use for a long time. This is the best crib mattress that you can get on the market.


It's made of high-quality materials, which gives you the assurance that this will last a long time. When you touch it, you'll easily feel that it is stuffed with the perfect materials to provide excellent cushion and comfort. It's very soft but still sturdy. It's because of this that there is no doubt that your baby will have a comfortable time lying on it throughout the day and night time. This one is also very quiet. It doesn't produce squeaky sounds which are the common problem with other mattress brands. It fits perfectly well with most cribs.


It easily bends in half because of its softness. Just be sure that it is placed on a firm foundation. It can become uneven through time if the crib you’ve placed it into doesn’t have a perfectly flat surface.

2. Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Crib


If you’re searching for a crib for your baby, then the Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Crib is the best one you can buy. This is because it can be easily converted to a toddler day bed, night bed, or a full sized bed. It is made from a durable and sturdy wooden construction that ensures the safety of your baby.

It also features three positions of height adjustments. Aside from that, it’s assured to be safe from toxic elements as it passes the ASTM safety standards. It measures 58.8 x 33 x 7.8 inches, which is perfectly sized for almost any room size.


It has a good-looking design. It’s not only fully functional and secure, but it also adds beauty to your house or room because of the way it looks. It’s very sturdy and strong. It doesn’t wobble, which gives the assurance that your baby will be safe and secure inside the crib. This crib feels very durable. You can tell it by the way you touch its surface. It feels pretty solid because of its high-quality wood construction.


Though it’s durable and strong, it can be easily dented when bumped onto something. It can also get easily scratched. There is a slight discoloration in its body, sometimes giving you the perception that there's a stain on it.

3. Windsor Glider and Ottoman


And if you’re looking for a nursery chair, the Windsor Glider and Ottoman might be just what you need. What's great about this baby furniture is that it has a huge seating room space which makes you feel comfortable even if you'll going to sit on it for hours at an end. This helps you to breathe easily. It also has enough space for you to put some of the other things beside you. That’s how spacious this chair is. Its arms are fully padded with high quality soft cushion.

Aside from that, this also has storage pockets where you can place important things inside while taking care of your baby. This can easily be cleaned because of its removable chair cushions. It also comes with an ottoman that you can put your feet onto and rest it there.


This is very easy to assemble because of the way it is built. It is not that heavy and can be transferred from one location to another. It’s very comfortable to sit on because of its huge seating space. The seat cushion is also pretty soft and smooth, the same as with the ottoman’s surface. It has an affordable price, making it a great buy for your needs.


It’s not the most durable chair because of its construction and too much portability. The arms are not that stable. They can wobble at times.

4. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table


Changing your baby’s clothes and diapers is not an easy thing to do. However, that fact can be reversed with the help of the Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table. This is probably the best changing table you can get. This is because it features a water resistant changing pad that has its own safety strap.

This assures you that your baby’s diapers won’t leak and seep through the table. It even has its own two fixed shelves that you can use to place the towels, clothes, diapers, or other things that you’re going to need when changing your baby. Aside from its functionality, it is also very safe because it has safety rails that secure your baby in place.

This one is also tested for any toxic substances and came out negative, making it pass ASTM safety standards. This changing table is made from high quality wood and wood composite. It measures 35.25 inches in width, 21.5 inches in diameter, and 36.75 inches in height.


It’s a very sturdy changing table. It doesn’t wobble and it’s very good in keeping your baby safe and secure in place. It’s easy to put together because of its design and portability.


The height of the changing table is quite low. You’ll find it a bit difficult to change your baby’s clothes or diapers because you have to lower your position down a bit. The quality is also not that great. The wood surface can easily peel off if exposed to liquid substances.

5. Sauder Beginnings 4-Drawer Chest


Then here’s the Sauder Beginnings 4-Drawer Chest which might just be the chest and drawer you’re searching for to keep your baby’s things. What sets this apart from other chests and drawers is that it has a charging station and power strip. It even has its own flip down work surfaces that when flipped out will reveal the cubby drawer.

It has a total of four drawers, the three at the bottom being larger than the first one on top. Its drawers have an easy glide feature which makes it easy for you to pull it out. It ensures you that it wouldn’t get stuck up or dislodged. It also has safety strops which give you the peace of mind in knowing that it wouldn’t fall down easily. It weighs 75 pounds, has a width of 27.5 inches and a height of 39.1 inches.


This one is fairly easy to assemble because it is light and portable. It also looks good because of its cherry cinnamon finish.


It’s not durable. It can easily get cracks and scratches when bumped on in the slightest of manner. It is made of cheap plastic material that can easily get scratched.


It really is important to have your own nursery furniture for your baby. With the help of this article, you’ll surely find it easier to take care of your baby and become a parent. All of the reviewed products are the best in each kind of furniture. However, out of the five reviewed products, the best baby nursery furniture is the Windsor Glider and Ottoman.

The reason behind this is that it’s not only your baby that benefits from it but also you. Aside from the fact that it’s very comfortable to sit on, has a huge seating space, is made of high quality materials, and can last for a long time as long as you use it properly. It also adds beauty to your house.

For sure, it’s not only you that’ll love this, but your baby as well. With this nursery chair, your baby will surely be more comfortable in your arms because you can also glide and rock them back and forth whilst seated on this one.

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