What Is The Best Nursery Humidifier?

A humidifier is a device that adds humidity in dry or arid climate, whether it's a desert in the Middle East or the middle of winter in Siberia. A nursery humidifier is a humidifier designed specifically to give a dry baby's room more moisture. With that in mind, let's find the best nursery humidifier around.

Warm Versus Cool Mist Humidifier

Because both types of humidifier work well, it ultimately boils down to preference which one you'll go with.

Warm Mist:

As many nursery humidifier reviews us would take note, warm mist humidifiers (which covers brands like vicks nursery humidifier, sunbeam nursery humidifier, vornado nursery humidifier, and pureguardian nursery humidifier) or vaporizers use hot steam boiled from a heating element to turn a room into a mild sauna of sorts.

Is this necessarily good for your child to have a steamy nursery though? It depends. A warm mist humidifier for your nursery has the following benefits:

  • Less expensive
  • Quieter operation
  • Makes the room feel warmer and germ-free
  • Less likely to break since it has fewer moving parts
  • Avoids congestion and dryness from artificial heating

However, whether you have a miomee nursery humidifier or some other brand of warm mist humidifier, this type of device also has a downside.

  • Accidental falls or spills can hurt your baby
  • Not great for babies who can't take a hot room
  • Potential for burns on hands and face from the steam nozzle

 If you've picked a warm mist humidifier, keep it away from your child's reach. Make it so that he won't pull a cord and spill the contents of the unit unto himself or herself.

Cool Mist:

The cool mist baby nursery humidifier (which covers brands like opolar nursery humidifier, touchshop nursery humidifier, mistaire nursery humidifier, anypro nursery humidifier, baby humidifier argos, and baby humidifier asda) was made because of this warm mist safety issue.

Cool mist, as its name suggests, only uses cold water. It uses tech that sprays the water really fast, creating a mist rather than vapor that maintains the cool temperature of the water.

Rather than feeling like a sauna, it instead feels like a cool spray of water or morning fog. The cold mist nursery humidifier has the following perks:

  • Safer than its warm mist counterpart
  • No potential for burns or contact with scalding water
  • Reminiscent of air conditioning with the way it sprays the air
  • Perfect for use with a dry A/C room to keep the room cold and humidified

However, cool mist humidifiers have their own risks, such as:

  • Requires regularly cleanup and maintenance
  • The units can be a breeding ground for mold and other germs
  • The pathogens can easily spread in the nursery since humidifiers are made for spreading mist

Pediatricians Are All For Warm Mist Humidifiers

Pediatricians actually prefer the old-fashioned warm mist vaporizer to the newer cool mist models because warm air is cleaner. Germs are vaporized in the process of turning water into steam (as many a warm mist nursery humidifier is capable of doing). It's like how you boil water to make it potable by killing germs or how you dip silverware forks and spoons into hot water to sterilize them. It's the same principle.

If you can't be bothered to clean and air-dry a cool mist unit, get a warm mist one instead and put it on a high shelf away from your baby's crib. If you're willing to do daily maintenance, then buy a cool mist baby humidifier then just replace the filters or cartridges and water daily as required.

Review 5 Best Nursery Humidifiers Around

1. OPOLAR Ultrasonic Cool Mist Vase Humidifier:


If I can describe the OPOLAR nursery and whole home ultrasonic cool mist vase humidifier in a nutshell, it'd be this. It looks great and works even better. No other humidifier out there looks like a vase. Sure, there exists the baby humidifier and night light combo, but this one really puts a room together as a functional nursery sculpture. The three-feet-tall vase releases a cool mist that keeps your room fresh.

It's perfect for those nurseries that mainly use A/C to keep the child cool. Because an A/C typically makes the air dry, you have to use a humidifier to get the humidity up. However, in turn, a warm mist humidifier tends to mess with the coolness of the room. You need something like the eye-catching OPOLAR humidifier to liven up your nursery without wasting your electricity by warming a cold room up.

2. Touchshop Cool Mist Humidifier Mini Portable Egg:


Here's another ultrasonic cool mist humidifier with a unique appearance, this time in the shape of a mini portable egg. It produces an ultra-fine mist you'd want to use to humidify your dry nursery A/C. This baby humidifier also claims to purify the air all around, adding moisture to keep your baby's sinuses, lips, and skin from getting all sorts of problems.

It even has a nightlight for good measure. So how did this mini portable humidifier with multiple color options and compatible charging (it's usable with any plug or power bank that uses a USB cable to charge) get beaten by the OPOLAR Ultrasonic Cool Mist Vase? The vase design is cooler in my opinion even though the egg design is more nursery-appropriate. Also, the smallness of the Touchstop egg humidifier works against it in terms of coverage.

3. MistAire XL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Large Rooms:


The only reason this humidifier is so low on this list in my opinion is because the negative feedback dragged its positive feedback down. I'd personally rank it higher in light of the sheer amount of satisfied parent customers that view this as a top cool mist humidifier, but too many other parents have their own complaints about this large-room nursery humidifier of sorts to get it the top spot.

As for this unit's baby humidifier benefits, it includes being a complete package. Aside from the humidifier, it also includes a user manual, disk cleaning brush, and AC power adapter on top of a 1-gallon water tank that can humidify rooms up to 500 square feet and an optional night light for the baby. Alas, its score went below less popular humidifiers out there because faulty units gave it a bad rap. Bad MistAire humidifiers had leaks from the bottom and lacked the advertised humidifying power.

4. Anypro Ultrasonic Room Cool Mist Humidifier:


This is yet another nursery humidifier using ultrasonic technology to spread fine mist over a cold area (like a baby's room with air-conditioning) and comes with a perfunctory night light to boot. So why is this baby humidifier usa ranked lower than MistAire even though they share specs and even designs (slightly)? For the simple reason that more people gave feedback about MistAire than they did Anypro.

AnyPro also has its own share of negatives, like some users getting units that gurgled and dripping noises due to poor quality control on Anypro's part. The faulty humidifiers lacked its many claims and features, like working optional timer settings, high to low mist levels that are controllable, and the ability to last long with its 2-liter capacity of steam production. Most of the units shipped out do fulfill these promises, but one of the reasons why OPOLAR beats Any Pro out is because it has fewer quality issues with any of its delivered units.

5. Vicks FilterFree Humidifier:


The lone representative of the warm mist category of humidifier is probably the safest one for a nursery (and the best-rated one within its kind). Vicks Filter-Free, as its name suggests, works without ever needing to replace or buy a filter ever. As a consequence, this baby humidifier and vaporizer product works best with filtered and clean water so as not to defeat its purpose (and some tap water or hard water can end up ruining the product as well).

Its main claim to face is the reduction of the survival rates of the flu virus and other germs on the surface of the air due to its steam action. Studies by Environmental Health and Engineering prove that warm mist humidifiers keep the indoor air at a 40% to 60% RH level, thus making sure your little one sleeps inside a place that's germ-free and wonderfully warm. However, it has its flaws like some units producing an annoying high-pitched sound that interferes with the baby's sleep as well as the parent's. A working Vicks humidifier should have a low humming sound instead.


I guess I have an obvious bias against warm mist humidifiers mostly out of fear of having my child get choked up in a sauna of a room or accidentally burn himself as he gets into contact with the steam of the vaporizer. Judging by the ratings given by many a parent regarding the baby humidifier and air purifier topic, they agree with me.

Sure, I included the Vicks vaporizer in there to aid the baby humidifier cool or warm mist debate, but to be quite frank it's possible for this list to be mostly composed ultrasonic humidifiers in light of ratings. Incidentally, the cream of the crop of this type of humidifier is incidentally the OPOLAR Ultrasonic Cool Mist Vase Humidifier. It's stylish, it's safe for the baby, and it really works as a cooling humidifier.

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