Best Paint For Bathroom Ceiling

It is never enjoyable to paint a bathroom ceiling. Bathrooms have however been remodeled more frequently than kitchens. It has as a matter of fact become the most refurbished room in a home. Replacing tiles and fixtures needs a professional but if you only need to apply a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling, you can easily do it yourself. The most important thing to consider in choosing paint for bathroom ceiling is to pick one that can withstand mildew.

Molds, bacteria and fungi heavily thrive on bathrooms because of the often moist and humid environment. Choosing a paint that can withstand mildew is the best thing you can do to avoid their growth which not only damage ceilings and walls but also have harmful health effects.

Choosing The Right Paint For Bathroom Ceiling

The bathroom is the one room in your home where moisture develops fast. It is therefore extremely important to choose the right type of paint when you are toying with the idea of giving your bathroom ceiling a fresh coat of paint.

Steam will always reach the bathroom ceiling. Moisture that comes with steam will cause the bathroom ceiling paint to stain, flake, or peel off. Moisture will also cause bathroom ceiling to develop molds and mildew. A semi-gloss paint is the best paint for bathroom ceiling:

  • Semi-gloss paint finish is best to ensure paint durability of your bathroom ceiling.
  • Semi-gloss paint finish comes with a little shine that can withstand water and prevent mildew growth or at least keep it to a minimum.
  • Semi-gloss paint finish is easy to wash because it can withstand stains.

Although a semi-gloss finish is best to resist mildew growth, any paint finish is ideal for bathroom ceilings as long as the paint comes with a formulation to resist mildew growth.

Also of equal importance in choosing the best paint for bathroom ceiling is the paint color. It should not only suit your personal preference but it should blend with the design and theme of the entire bathroom.

The Best Paint For Bathroom Ceiling

Semi-gloss paint is the best paint for bathroom ceiling. This type of paint comes highly recommended by the pros because compared to flat paint it can withstand more moisture. Paints made for bathrooms need to be able to withstand regular washing and cleaning without losing any of its luster. Bathroom paints should also be able to withstand mildew and stain.

Bathroom ceilings should first have a coat of primer before painting. Primers close the surface of the ceiling and help the paint to stick better. Primers also lessen the growth of molds within the bathroom ceiling

1. KILZ Color-Change Stainblocking Interior Ceiling Paint, White, 1-gallon


The KILZ Color-Change Stainblocking Interior Ceiling Paint comes in the color pink upon application and turns into white as it dries up. The initial pink color makes sure that you do not miss a stained spot especially so that you are painting over a white ceiling.


  • A paint and primer in one.
  • Best for bathroom ceilings with stains.
  • Initially paints in pink to make sure all stains are covered and turns to white as soon as it dries up.
  • Able to paint over stains.
  • Keeps splattering of paint to a minimum.
  • Easily cleans with soap and water.
  • Does not contain any Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) making it almost odorless.


  • Usually takes 2 – 3 coats to achieve the perfect look.

Final Verdict

Bathroom ceilings are prone to stains because of its wide exposure to moisture and steam. The KILZ Color-Change Stainblocking Interior Ceiling Paint works best to cover all ceiling stains. The nicest thing about this paint is although it comes in the color white, it initially paints as pink so you can paint over all stains.

2. Perma-White Mold And Mildew-Proof Interior Paint


The Perma-White Mold and Mildew-Proof Interior Paint is water-based. This paint comes with a 5-year warranty against molds and mildew.


  • Semi-gloss acrylic paint with primer.
  • Water-based paint thus it is least likely to attract mildew growth.
  • Being water-based it is environment friendly.
  • Odorless and fast-drying.
  • Does not require pre-treatment for almost all types of surfaces.
  • Best for areas, especially bathrooms with high mildew growth.
  • Can withstand high humidity environments.


  • Because it is fast-drying, there may be more brush lines thus sometimes an extra coat of paint is needed to smoothen the surface.

Final Verdict

The Perma-White Mold and Mildew-Proof Interior Paint is a water-based paint thus mildew is least likely to thrive on it. For bathroom ceilings, the growth of mildew is an important concern and this Mold and Mildew-Proof paint is the perfect solution.

3. Diamond Brite Paint 40400 Semi Gloss Latex Paint White


A bathroom is heavily exposed to splashes of water and steam, thus a semi-gloss paint is best for its walls and ceiling. The Diamond Brite Paint 40400 Semi-Gloss Latex Paint comes with a formulation that protects it from mildew. As such, brown spots caused by mildew growth can be lessened. For best results apply primer to seal the surface before painting the ceiling.


  • Can withstand mildew.
  • Best for bathroom walls and ceilings.
  • Can be applied with brush, paint roller or spray.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Its semi-gloss finish will make the flaws of the ceiling more noticeable.

Final Verdict

A paint that can withstand mildew is extremely important for a bathroom ceiling. The Diamond Brite Paint 40400 Semi-Gloss Latex Paint has been formulated to deal with mildew concerns. This paint is also easy to apply and more importantly easy to clean.

Much care must be taken in choosing paint for your bathroom ceiling. Molds thrive on humid and moist spaces and the bathroom is the best environment for them. Since the ceiling is prone to mildew growth, paint that is highly resistant to the growth of molds, bacteria and fungi is the best paint for bathroom ceiling.

Equal care must also be taken in choosing paint for bathroom walls so the entire room is protected against mold and mildew growth. There are a lot of techniques you can use to prevent the growth of bathroom molds. Starting off with the right type of paint is the best and easiest option.

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