Best Paint Marker To Spice Up Your Artwork

If you love working on various painting projects, a paint marker is a must-have tool in your home decorating kit. Paint markers are perfect for marking various materials for both interior and exterior surfaces. It is made up of thick and pigmented colors suspended in a resin or solvent solution and is formulated with ingredients that can resist tough weather conditions.

Since I often work on DIY home projects, I’ve used a lot of paint markers. In this regard, I’ve gathered a list of my top picks on the best paint marker. Each product has a list of its own pros and cons to give you an idea and help you decide which one is most suitable for you.

Choosing The Best Paint Marker

A lot of artists use this tool for both home and office use. There are so many brands, colors, styles, and materials to choose from. Selecting the right marker is important for any painting task. There are a lot of products available in the market today which makes it sometimes confusing for some consumers.

Hence, here are some features you need to look for in a paint marker.

  • Construction – The first thing you need to identify is where you intend on using the marker. Does your painting job require a permanent or temporary marking? What type of surface are you going to use it on?
  • Answering these questions will help you narrow down your choices. For example, if you are planning to use it on metal surfaces make sure that the paint marker is compatible with metal surfaces. It should be highly visible on any steel surface without causing the metal to corrode. In this case, choose a marker with minimal traces of sulfur and halogen.

    Pick a marker that is durable and can last a long period of time. Do your research first. After all, you don’t want to end up with a marker that easily fades.

    In some painting tasks, you may need a temporary marker. In this case, choose a soapstone marker because this will not contaminate the surface.

  • Type – An oil-based marker is most suitable for surfaces such as glass, plastic, wood, rubber, and cardboard materials. It is durable and long lasting. This type of marker can work effectively even under high humidity and exposure to harsh environments.
  • Temperature resistance – If you are working on a material that is prone to extreme temperatures, choose a marker that can endure this condition. This will prevent the paint marker from running, peeling, and discoloration.
  • Tip size – Paint markers vary in tip sizes including thin, medium, and thick points. The tip size is very important because it determines how you will control the lines, curves, and spacing. As a general rule, a thinner tip makes it easier to draw details and a thicker tip, on the other hand, allows you to use the paint in bigger spaces.

Best Paint Marker Reviews

1. Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker


If you are looking for a product that you can use in various projects and tasks, the Sharpie Oil-based paint marker may be a good choice for you. This effectively works on any surface whether it’s metal, wood, rubber, glass, plastic, stone or basically any kind material. I’ve tried using it on my tables, chairs, décor, and gardening supplies and works flawlessly.


  • It dries in just a few minutes so you can finish marking your items in a short time.
  • Since it is formulated with long-lasting materials, it is resistant to fading.
  • It is infused with nontoxic ingredients making it safe to use. This makes it appropriate and fun for working on various art projects with your children.
  • I tried using it on a dirty old metal plate and I was delighted with the color effect of the marker. The lines and color are solid and visible.
  • Since I was hosting a baby shower for my sister, I used this marker to draw on wine glasses. It looked so pretty and unique. A lot of our guests asked how I did it.


  • On some occasions, the paint may have the tendency to dry out especially with continuous use.
  • If you press too hard on the tip, the paint may possibly drip and leave a mess on your work.

2. Uni-Posca Medium Paint Marker


If you need a marker for your art paper projects, the Uni-Posca paint marker may be the most suitable choice because it doesn’t bleed through the sheets. Since it has a thick consistency, you don’t have to go over the same spot multiple times. The color of the paint is nice and smooth.


  • It’s a fun way to be creative. My 15-year-old son used it to draw on his old video game console. He used different color markers to create an artistic and cool new look.
  • Since it is water-based, I used it to add a few intricate details on my son’s surfboard and it went on flawlessly.
  • These markers are very easy to work with and produces a beautiful matte finish.
  • The colors are rich, bright, and vivid which is important in any artwork.


  • Avoid pumping on too hard because the paint may splatter and end up ruin your painting.
  • If the paint doesn’t come out solid, you will have watery lines.
  • The light colored markers doesn’t easily go over darker hues. Therefore, you can still see the color underneath. Mixing colors may not be ideal for this kind of marker.

3. Uni-Posca Extra Fine Paint Marker


The Uni-Posca Extra Fine paint marker is ideal for decorating art projects that require fine strokes and details. The effect makes it appear as if you painted with a brush. The color has a nice opaque look and goes on the surface smoothly and evenly.


  • It works great especially if you are painting on canvas materials. The paint glides on the material without any glitch.
  • I love using this marker to create intricate and detailed designs. At first, I tried looking for a small and thin brush to help me with my artwork but could not find any that passes my standard. Eventually, I came across these extra fine tips and I find it quite satisfying.
  • It holds up great even for outdoor use. I applied it on a wooden panel that sits in our garden. The color is still intact even after some time.
  • The flow of paint is very consistent.


  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. It will speed up the fading of some colors especially the lighter tones.
  • Adding more pressure to the tip will unleash a pool of paint that will mess up any artwork.
  • Be careful when pressing the tip because the paint may get stuck in the marker.

4. Sharpie Medium Point Paint Marker


The Sharpie Paint Marker is compatible with any kind of surface, texture, material or shape making it a versatile tool for various painting tasks. It’s a fun tool to use on decorating your ornaments. I’ve tried it on plastic and wood décor and found it easy to apply even on round shaped figures.


  • The paint has a nice and consistent flow, unlike other markers I’ve used.
  • It doesn’t drip or leak while you are working on your art piece.
  • I especially adore the metallic gold color. I use it often to touch up my old antique mirrors and frames. It gives it an elegant and vintage look.


  • I used these markers to draw and personalize my coffee mug. The paint easily washed off which is quite disappointing.
  • The paint may have the tendency to blob occasionally.
  • The light colors may fade quicker than the darker colored ones.
  • Once you store these markers, there is a tendency for it to dry up after several months.

5. Ohuhu Dual Tips Art Sketch Twin Marker Pens


The Ohuhu Marker Pens gives you a splash of 40 vibrant color selections to choose from. This may be a great choice for painters who are looking for a wide range of color palette. This set comes with a sleek black carrying case for easy storage and portability.


  • The dual tip design is very useful. You can use it in both thin and thick lines for highlighting curves and outlines with more accuracy. Since it is flexible, you can execute your creative ideas in different patterns.
  • The colors seem to blend together very well especially when the base color is still wet.
  • This marker works well in shading and shadowing details.
  • It has a good quality at a very affordable price.


  • The paint may have the tendency to spread easily since the paint appears to be extra wet.
  • The fine tip doesn’t seem to be consistent in all the markers. Some pens are okay but a few markers tend to create trickles.
  • The color palette doesn’t include purple. You have to mix and blend the colors to create your own purple hue. This makes it a bit annoying for people who love this color.


Although all five products are great to use, I must say that the best paint marker goes to the Ohuhu Dual Tips Paint Marker. In terms of quality, performance, and price, I highly recommend this product. This paint marker shines above the rest.

This set includes an array of luscious color choices and provides more options for artists to paint with. It encourages you to be more creative when you are decorating your pieces. Plus, it’s a nice pen to use for creating textures, layers, and patterns on any surface.

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