The Ins And Outs Of Getting The Best Portable High Chair Available

A high chair is something that a baby or toddler can use in order to feed alongside their parents with baby food rather than go with the bottle. The best portable high chair depends on the individual needs of the baby in question, as you’ll see through this guide.

The High Chairs of Today

Many high chairs, particularly portable high chairs for toddlers, include a transition option wherein the seat can be utilized as a toddler booster for children at the dining room, an upright position seat for first-time feeding, or as a comfy cradle depending on your needs. It even covers non-toddler usage of portable high chairs usa by serving as an under-the-table youth chair or a computer desk’s spare seat. The best high chairs are the ones that can be reused in different stages of a child’s life.

Guide to Finding the Right High Chairs

You should know the following when shopping for high chairs.

  • Type: In this context, type refers to the size of the chair (big, medium, small), its height, and how much space it occupies (especially if you live at a home with limited space, like a small-sized apartment) regardless if you’re buying portable high chairs us or portable high chairs canada.
  • Safety Standards: Search for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification seal on the packaging of the portable high chair at walmart or Amazon you’ve just bought.
  • Tray: When buying portable high chairs target (brick-and-mortar store) or Amazon (online), find those with trays that detach easily and can fit in the dishwasher or sink for easy cleaning. Some of these trays even have dishwasher-safe covers for good measure. A chair with detachable tray is more reusable as your child grows, since it can be pulled up to the table as needed.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Speaking of cleaning, your portable high chairs uk or USA should be designed simple enough to clean up easily. Food will find a way to get into every crevice and crack. Check the tray, frame, seat, and harness for hard-to-wipe areas. If there are too many, find a simpler model. The harness and seat should be easy to wipe clean or run through the washing machine.
  • Versatility: There are some highchairs for kids or portable high chairs for camping available in baby supply stores that can convert into a baby-sized or toddler-sized booster seat as needed by you and your family. This way, your child can use the seat even when he’s older (you won’t need to throw it away).
  • Adjustability: You’d think the versatility category will cover the adjustability category as well when it comes to highchairs and portable high chairs reviews, but this is different. This is more about chair height adjustment that can be applied to infant or kid seats rather than something that transforms a highchair for babies into a highchair for kids.
  • Sturdiness and Stability: Your chosen infant and children’s highchair should have a wide base to make it harder to tip over. It should also have rubber boots to keep it from skidding or slipping off, resulting in the child falling. Indeed, portable high chairs should be stable enough to take a couple of shakes or so.
  • Comfort: Make sure your highchair is padded too in order to keep your baby’s bottom as cushioned and comfortable as possible. There are even portable high chairs argos or portable high chairs babies r us that have footrests or no sharp edges that can scratch your child’s legs. Check the tray bottom for sharp edges or holes that can hurt your baby’s fingers.
  • Safety Harness: A five-point harness must be present in your harness to ensure your child’s security and stability so that he won’t fall off of the highchair. A three-point portable high chairs harness with a crotch post is also enough to keep the kid from slipping out or standing up. Check out the buckle. Make sure it’s not easily undone by pressure from the child’s tummy.
  • Wheels: Some highchairs also have wheels for the sake of making themselves more mobile or portable (since these are portable high chairs for babies). This makes it easy to move the chair from the kitchen to the dining room like a stroller. Make sure the wheels lock to prevent accidental rollaway incidents.

5 Portable High Chairs for Review

1. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair:

Fisher-Price-SpaceSaver-portable-high-chairBuy from

This highchair by Fisher-Price is known as a space saver (hence the name). If your kitchen space is precious, then get a SpaceSaver with a cushioned seat and a tray you can lift up. The main appeal of the SpaceSaver in my point of view is its smallness and its ability to assimilate other chairs and turn it into high chairs of their own. This piece of nursery furniture is the practical way to go about highchairs.

This is because any chair of any height can become a highchair with this portable booster chair that you can attach to any chair. From the portable high chair au to US to UK, the main problem with bulky highchairs is that they tend to take up too much space, so having a booster highchair can make things simpler for you and your family. This chair also has an easy-to-clean surface that you can clear with a baby wipe.

2. Badger Basket Envee Baby High Chair with Playtable Conversion:

Badger-Basket-portable-high-chairBuy from

This highchair is great for many an infant that’s merely about a year old or lower. It’s a high chair that’s capable of converting itself into a table (as opposed to portable high chair attaches to table), meaning it has a lot of mileage when all is said and done. Another appealing thing about the Badger Basket Envee is its quite sturdy and easy to install.

It’s easy to break the chair down and store it in a box then put it back together again when it’s needed for use. This is also a high chair that can be passed from one generation to another. Some customers have a different opinion regarding this highchair. In their point of view is that it has poor design and quality that makes it unsafe for kids.

3. My Little Seat Travel Highchair – Coco Snow:

portable-high-chairBuy from

It’s tough to feed a toddler away from home. You can buy this seat for use when visiting in-laws and it won’t disappoint. Even when faced with a country-style or traditional dining room chairs, the portable high chair amazon is easily adjustable and able to reach tall tables. A highchair is supposed to live up to its name of being high or having great height.

However, the seat of this product doesn’t cover itself with upholstery, so you might need to put a pillow cushion or a folded towel on its seat anyway to ensure cushioned comfort for your child. Naturally, this hard seat surface is the reason why it’s getting minus points on this list even though when all is said and done, is a solid product. If it has cushioning, it would’ve ranked higher on this list.

4. OXO Tot Sprout High Chair:

OXO-portable-high-chairBuy from

OXO is an appealing high chair in my opinion because it has excellent overall functionality. It has a clean design that’s easy to clean and use as well as amazing sturdiness. The seat can be removed for easy washing and the tray can be removed one-handedly. However, it’s placed lower on this list because of its matte finish that’s easy to stain compared to other chairs.

To be more specific, some foods can quickly stain the surface of this finish if they’re not wiped off immediately. Once it stains, it won’t go away no matter how hard you scrub or wash it. Red foods in particular tend to leave the most lasting stains (like with squash and potatoes). You can use vegetable oil to scrub it all out, but it’s hard to keep the piece white because it’s a highchair for messy babies.

5. Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift:

Boon-Flair-Pedestal-HighchairBuy from

Whether you avail of the Boon Flair as a portable high chair amazon or as a portable high chair at target, you will get a quality product that has a tray liner, six urethane casters that protect floors, a five-point harness, and safety post. It’s also capable of gliding smoothly in all directions and can fit under tables with its pedestal base and its shrinkable height.

At any rate, its pneumatic lift dictates how tall or short it is. That’s arguably its main appeal actually. However, with all its pros it remains at the bottom of this list because of its many cons or weaknesses. It only has one tray liner. The brake isn’t strong enough to keep the chair from moving slightly. The base is pretty large as well, which eats up space in a small household.


So which of these highchairs is the best? Which of them serve as the best example of a portable highchair? When all is said and done, the best portable high chair remains the Fischer-Price SpaceSaver.

Not only does it epitomize everything about portable highchairs that characterize them from other highchairs. It also serves as a prime example of the ideal portable high chair. It also helps that all the other high chair rivals it has don’t hold a candle to it in terms of price and efficiency (or many of them have fatal flaws that leave them at the bottom part of the list).

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