The Best Rocking Chair For A More Comfortable Sitting Experience

When it comes to parenting, especially in taking care of a newborn baby, we need to do the best of what we can to make them and ourselves feel comfortable. There are a lot of ways to do that. However, the best one is to have nursery furniture such as a rocking chair. This will not also benefit yourself, but this will also benefit your baby in a lot of ways.

However, it’s quite confusing to choose a rocking chair, knowing that there are a lot of choices in the market. Good thing you’ve found yourself in this article, because we’re going to tell you the best rocking chair you can get.

Do You Really Need A Rocking Chair?



1. Lets Your Baby Easily Sleep

Yes, you need to have a rocking chair if you have a baby because this will help them fall asleep easier. It does this thanks to its rocking motion. What the rocking motion does is that it allows the baby to fall asleep easier due to the back and forth motion that they go through. When this happens, their visual senses make them feel in sync with the movement. And the continuous back and forth motion then lets them fall asleep.

2. Better Comfort

Another cool thing about these rocking chairs is that they are comfortable to sit on. This is because of the way they are designed. Most rocking chairs have a reclined feature that perfectly matches its cushiony seats, and padded arm rests. It's because of this that rocking chairs have been the chair of choice for nursing mothers. You are then able to take care of your baby even more because you'll be more comfortable.

3. Reduces Body Pains Due to Continuous Motion

The other benefit you can get out of having a rocking chair is that you will feel a reduction in body pains. We all know that being seated for a long time can cause body pains because of your stationary status. However, it doesn't happen this way when you're seated in a rocking chair because the chair is constantly moving – it rocks forward and backward. It's because of this rocking motion that your body is more at ease. You can also feel the swish of air flowing past through you every time your chair rocks.

4. Improves Baby's Balance

Having a rocking chair and sitting on it while carrying your baby can also improve your baby’s balance. This happens because when your baby is rocked, the fluids located inside their inner air are also moved, which in turn initiates their vestibular system to be active. So even if your baby is deeply asleep, their balance and the communication between their brain and their movements are still practiced. This then becomes effective for them as they grow older because they’ll have better balance.

Getting The Best Rocking Chair



1. Know its Materials

For you to find a reliable rocking chair, you need to consider a few things. One of these is the materials that it is made of. It's in knowing the rocking chair's materials that you can know if it is durable or if it will last a long time. This is very important because a rocking chair made of high-quality materials will surely have a longer service life. Never choose rocking chairs that are made of plastic, because they can easily break. It would be best if you choose those made of premium metal or high-quality wood.

2. Learn More About Its Comfort Levels

It's important to check the chair if it's comfortable to sit on. Does it have adequate cushioning or padding placed on its seat, back rest, and arm rest? If yes, then that's a good sign that you can get this rocking chair. Try sitting on it and doing different motions. This will help you know if it's worth the buy. You surely don't want to sit in a durable and sturdy rocking chair but is so hard on your body.

3. Does it Look Nice?

This is also another important consideration to make when choosing a rocking chair. Look at its aesthetic appeal. Does it look attractive and interesting? Does its color compliment the look and feel of your house’s interior design? Will it fit well with your other furniture? It’s in asking these questions that you can know a rocking chair is worth the buy.

Popular Types Of Rocking Chairs



1. Glider Rocker

These glider rocking chairs are the ones that have some levers and swivels that are responsible for putting the chair in a rocking motion. However, it does this by rocking it on a flat surface, instead of a curved surface. This is the reason why this rocking chair doesn't take much space compared to the other types. You just need to be extra careful in using these because these are the ones that easily break up.

2. Spring Rocker

Then there are the spring rockers that have springs which are responsible for the chair’s rocking motion. These springs are located inside the chair’s box beneath it. These are growing in popularity these days because of its affordability and durability.

3. Reclining Rocker

These reclining rockers are the most popular type of rocking chair because of their traditional curved base design. They can also be reclined which enables you to become more comfortable when seated on it. Just remember that these are more expensive than the other rocking chair types.

Top 5 Best Rocking Chairs

1. Timber Ridge Smooth Glide Folding Rocking Chair


The Timber Ridge Smooth Glide Folding Rocking Chair is a foldable and lightweight rocking chair that can be used outdoors as well as indoors. It has a powder coated steel frame that measures 22/25 mm and has a 300 pounds maximum weight capacity. Its seat is padded with deluxe padding, as well as its back rest. You don’t need to assemble this one because all you have to do is to unfold it and set it up. Its fabric is also made with polyester fabric.


  • It’s comfortable to sit down on this one because of the padding it has on its seat. You can literally spend countless hours sitting on this chair without having hurting your butt or back.
  • It’s also easy to set up. You just need to unfold it and you’re done.
  • This one has an interesting design to it which gives it an elegant look.


  • The padding on its seat is a little bit too thin.
  • The arm rests are small and too narrow. Your arms can easily fall of it.

2. Artiva USA Wood Glider Rocker Chair


The Artiva USA Wood Glider Rocker Chair is another highly recommended rocking chair because of its design and sturdiness. It also comes with an ottoman where you can rest your feet on. Its cushion pads are made of a fluffy microfiber material and high quality foam filling that’ll surely make you feel at ease. It also has a wide seating room that makes it perfect for people of all sizes. Aside from that this rocking chair also has a smooth gliding system and four inner springs that gives it additional support. It also is a good addition to your house’s furniture.


  • It’s very comfortable to sit down on this because of the very thick padding cushion it has on its seat, back rest, and arm rest. Even the ottoman has a soft and fluffy padding.
  • The thick cushion is so soft and smooth, but it still feels sturdy. It doesn’t loosen up through time.
  • It comes with an ottoman, that makes you become more comfortable as you can place your legs on it.


  • This can easily get scratches when bumped on or when hit because of its wood material.
  • This rocking chair is expensive. However, it’s justified because of the materials it is made of.

3. Ivy Terrace Rocker Seating Set


The Ivy Terrace 3-Piece Rocker Seating Set is a 3-piece rocker set which includes two rocking chairs and one small table. It is perfect to be placed on your patio or garden. The round side table measures 18 inches in diameter. The rocking chairs are made of recycled lumber that is assured to be a durable and solid material. It’s also made of stainless steel hardware. What’s nice about this product is that it can still look great without maintenance such as painting or glossing.


  • This is a nice looking set because of the clear white color it has. Its design and shape can also adapt to any environment or surroundings.
  • You’ll have your money’s worth with this one because you’ll get three pieces of furniture.
  • The chairs and the small round table are durable and very sturdy. They can take a lot of beating.


  • It’s not too comfortable sitting on this for a long time because it’s hard. It lacks cushion or padding.
  • It’s also difficult to put together

4. Leann Outdoor Dark Brown Wicker Rocking Chair


The Leann Outdoor Dark Brown Wicker Rocking Chair is made of wicker and aluminum frame and features rocking legs. It has a stylish and soft-edged design that will perfectly fit well in the outdoors. Its curve shaped seat and ergonomically designed backrest will most likely make you feel comfortable. This is perfect for you if you want to carry your baby with you out in the sun.


  • It has a very simple, yet classy and elegant design, making this add beauty to your surroundings.
  • It can also be easily assembled. You don’t have to worry about bringing and putting it anywhere you like because it is lightweight.
  • The curved seat design and backrest also makes you feel comfortable because it doesn’t press onto your back entirely.


  • This one is a bit too light, making it not feel that sturdy. You need to be extra careful when there are a lot of people surrounding you because the chair might slip and slide.
  • There is a possibility that the rocking chair might tumble because of its lightness and design.

5. Merax Cushioned Rattan Rocker Chair Rocking Armchair


Then there’s the Merax Cushioned Rattan Rocker Chair Rocking Armchair which is made of brown rattan and polyester fabric. The one that holds up its structure is an aluminum frame. This can be placed indoors or outdoors because of its water-resistant design. This rocking chair features two cushion padding. One is placed on its seat, and the other one on its back rest. The fabric has a vibrant orange color, which will surely add beauty to your place.


  • It’s very easy to assemble because of its simple and uncomplicated design and structure.
  • It’s comfortable to sit on because of the very thick seat and back rest padding cushions.
  • This is totally worth the price because it’s affordable, despite the excellent comfort levels you are going to experience when seated on this one.
  • The color is also vibrant and makes your place livelier.


  • The orange color can easily fade especially if it’s exposed to the outdoors where the sun’s heat and rain water can deteriorate the condition of the chair.


Out of the five reviewed products, the one to stand out as the best rocking chair is the Merax Cushioned Rattan Rocker Chair Rocking Armchair. It’s very comfortable to sit on for long periods of time, it’s durable, it has great texture, and can add up beauty to your place. For sure, it’s not only you who’ll feel good when sitting on this, but your baby as well. With this, you’ll surely make the most out of being a parent, by simply having nursery furniture such as a rocking chair. So have fun, sit back, and relax when you’ve got this one.

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