The ABCs Of Finding The Best Toddler Step Stool

A toddler step tool is a tool used in potty training to help a little child go up to the toilet seat and sit down on a specially designed potty training seat that attaches to it (it makes the hole smaller so a child could sit on a big toilet).

Guide To Finding Toddler Step Stools

In order to assist your child in going potty by himself/herself without you lifting him up, there's a need for a potty step tool to be available alongside the potty training seat´╗┐. You can probably find the best toddler step stool as a toddler step stool walmart, toddler step stool amazon, or even a toddler step stool ikea.

What to Look For in a Step Stool

You need to watch out for a coupe of features when choosing a step tool for your beloved toddler.

  • Height: In order to judge the best toddler stool height for your kid, you should know what it is your toddler needs to reach. A single step stool may be perfect for a toddler reaching the bathroom sink. However, as far as reaching the toilet is concerned (its most common usage), you need special stools like the toddler step stool with handles.
  • A single step stool is also not enough to reach the kitchen bench, with him going on his tiptoes to get up (which is dangerous for a kid who's only new to walking and standing). You don't want him to fall or anything. If you need to reach two different heights (say, his toilet and his cabinet), then buy two different stools.

    As a rule of thumb, measure the stool twice before buying it once. You might even encounter toddler step stool plans for those IKEA stools that require building by yourself so you won't know how high it is until you get the finished product.

  • Grip and Stability: Your toddler step stool for kitchen or toilet should also be safe enough to grip. Don't rush out and buy a step stool, only to get one with an unsure or slippery grip. The safety of your child should be your priority. You don't want him to crash to the floor after slipping or breaking apart a stool with an unsure grip.
  • Stability is also the reason why it's usually discouraged for parents to make a toddler step stool diy. Unless they're a carpenter, there's too much risk involved and the stool can end up breaking from underneath. It's better to buy a commercial stool than make your own if you don't know how to make one.

    An ideal step stool should have a non-slip surface on the section of the step stool where the toddler stands. This will keep him in balance and prevent slippage. The feet should be non-skid as well so that the toddler step stool chair won't kick out of him no matter how much he wiggles and moves.

  • Hygiene: Whether you get a toddler step stool target or toddler step stool, it's important to make sure of good hygiene in the bathroom. Your potty step stools should be easy to clean and have antibacterial properties to keep your child safe from germs and infections from making a mess.
  • Disciplining your child to not make a mess is part of his hygiene or potty training. However, it helps if the toddler step stool has a secure design (like a toddler step stool with sides) that encourages a child to potty on a big toilet so that they can go on and off easily without making a mess.

    Therefore, the way a step tool is designed can also help with the hygiene portion of potty training. Does the step tool encourage confidence? Does it have cartoon designs included that make the act of potty entertaining?

Top 5 Best Toddler Step Stools Reviews

Here are the best-rated top 5 toddler step stools you should try out.

1. California Home Goods (2 Pack) Dual Height Step Stool for Toddlers & Kids:


I mainly like this piece of nursery furniture for the fact that I get two height step tools from this package. It's not necessarily two for the price of one but it's certainly convenient to get two from one package. Both of the seats have rubber inserts on all four corners of the stool, so the legs won't easily slip and give your toddler a nasty fall.

There's no doubting the grip and safety of this toddler step stool. They're something that can gain 10.5 inches in height and will allow you to reach the bathroom sink to brush their teeth on their own. However, it does have downsides. While the fact that it's small makes it easy to fit into a bathroom, it's also too small for some big toddlers to use. It's too small for either table in the pack to support heavy babies.

2. Perfechi Kids Step Stool for Toddlers Bathroom & Potty Training:


As for the Perfechi Kids Step Stool, it markets itself as a kid's self-confidence builder (along with the potty training seat) to make him more prepared in using a toilet seat. The stool helps kids climb to the toilet and wash their hands. It gives children ergonomic support and height for a longer reach that's also safe and stable (it won't break under the weight of most kids).

This is also a unisex potty training stool. Either boys or girls can use it. The toddler step stool has soft colors and an "androgynous" design that's perfect for either gender. It also allows you kids to get closer to the kitchen sink or feeding table as required. It has an indented front so that kids can better hug the toilet bowl as they move towards it. However, there are certain units that look beat up and used up, signaling poor quality control.

3. Zohzo Step Stool For Kids - Children's Step Stool For Baby and Toddlers:


This is also highly rated because it's an ergonomic and compact step stool that kids can climb as a safety stool. This is a stool that parents approve of because it's a dependable one that safely keeps kids on it. It also has a unique surface with cartoon feet on it so that kids can have fun putting their feet on the stool, as though it's a toy.

It's ergonomic in the sense that when your child steps on the toddler step stool, it fits his feet. It's also short enough to climb for many tots and toddlers. It's compact, small, and lightweight, which means that even when you use it on a bathroom, it still somehow able to fit and be usable. However, the stool is too short for tall three year olds. That's its main complaint, actually. It's perfect for certain sizes of children.

4. Secure Home Dual Height Step Stool for Kids:


The Secure Home Dual Height Step Stool lives up to all these adjectives and names. It's secure and safe, your kid can use it at your home, and it really does have two heights (like a two-step ladder). The toddler step stool is great for potty training and is versatile, sturdy, and stylish for a potty trainer in my humble opinion. It's able to fulfill tasks like helping your kid brush your teeth.

Its also one of the safer step stools around because it's a ladder type rather than a one-step stool. It's marketed as a stool that gives your child "independence". These stools allow your kid to reach high places he wouldn't normally get to. It's also able to hold up to 150 pounds. Every detail of the stool is refined in every detail for safety's sake. However, it has the fatal flaw of having silicon feet that slip rather than rubber that keeps slippage from happening.

5. ACKO Children Non Slip Two Levels Step Stool Toddler Stool:


This heavy duty 220-pound weight two-level stool is reminiscent Secure Home Dual Height. This is the best stool for you when it comes to heavier babies and toddlers as well as taller kids. It serves as part of a good toddler step stool and toilet seat combo because of the height it can achieve and the toughness of its BPA-free, environment-friendly materials.

So how come the ACKO Children Non Slip Toddler Stool isn't the top stool compared to the California Home Goods (2 Pack) Dual Height Step Stool? It's not a twin toddle stool package, for one thing. For another thing, many customers feel like ACKO is rather expensive for what you can get. It's okay but it doesn't justify its $23 to $30 price range, which gives it minus points and the other stools have more unique features that outweigh its durability.


Step tools aren't only used for reaching the toilet seat with potty training seat. A toddler can also use these stools to reach high places for him without you lifting him up or help out putting away his toys, clothes, beddings, or his other stuff away. He can use these stools the way adults use them as well.

Ergo, hands down, the California Home Goods (2 Pack) Dual Height Step Stool for Toddlers & Kids is the best value for your money among all the options available as far as the contest for the best toddler step stool is concerned. It's not perfect and all the rest of the stools have their own gimmicks that make them quite unique. However, California Home Goods beats them out in terms of practical value.

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