Best Wheelbarrows for homes!

Get the perfect guide and comparisons between different purple wheelbarrows out there specifically made to be used at home.  

The compact object can be single-handedly used, a wheelbarrow may look like your ordinary device but its range of usage in the modern world knows no bounds. Today, construction site workers use it to transport bricks, while the gardener may use it to transport compost or anything that needs to be moved from one place to another. When we say wheelbarrows are made for everyone, we mean everyone.

Here’s a complete guide on how to buy a wheelbarrow best suited for your kids and other day-to-day activities.

Buyer’s Guide to the best Wheelbarrows out there

The following are factors you need to keep in mind:

  • Needs to be kid-friendly

As the wheelbarrow will be in a domestic environment, it needs to be sturdy and safe around children too. One should option out metal barrows as they can cause harm and even be difficult to clean.

  • Size of Barrow

The size of the barrow can differ concerning what purpose it is being bought. If it’s for kids, it can be of a smaller size, if for gardening purposes, you should get a larger one.

  • Composition

Wheelbarrows are made mainly of two types: metal and plastic. The frame can be made of steel or plastic while the barrow of cloth just to be on the safer side.

  • Tires

The tires may seem a small factor to consider but it has its importance. Two primary types are, pneumatic and solid. Even though pneumatic tires are preferable, they can easily get ruined and punctured. Solids, on the other hand, don’t need to be maintained although they make ride a bit wobbly.

1.     Heavy-Duty Garden Trolley Cart Wagon Truck Wheelbarrow

A multi-functioning folding cart ideal for a utility gardening festival, or even an outdoor fishing exhibition.



Designed for everyday activities where you need to transport goods from one part of the house or garden to another. A lightweight cart, but strong and sturdy to handle all terrain and ergonomics which make using this wagon extra easy.

Features and Benefits

·         Foldable

The cart requires no assembling. It can easily be just folded when not in use. This makes it efficient as it saves space and time spent finding a place to keep your wheelbarrow and assemble and dissemble.

·         Composition

4 durable and heavy-duty wheels made up of sturdy steel make manoeuvering the highest load seem effortless. The 600D oxford cloth is removable and washable gives the cart a long service life while it makes carrying heavy loads easy.

·         Large Capacity  

The wagon, length 85cms, width 50cms, and height 20cms make it capable of carrying large quantities at one go. 80kgs is the maximum load capacity which is pretty good considering the size of the wheelbarrow.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Ø  Foldable
  • Ø  Washable
  • Ø  80kgs Load capacity
  • Ø Vague assembling instructions

2.     American Plastic Toys Wheelbarrow  

Some may consider this just a toy for children, but it is made for all those little helpers who want to assist their parents with the yard work. Completely made of durable plastic, this wheelbarrow promises endless fun and help.

American Plastic Toys Wheelbarrow (Colors may vary)


The American Plastic Toys has been proudly manufacturing fun, safe toys in the United States since 1962. Assembling all toys in the USA itself and materials molded with Polypropylene(80%) and Polyethylene(20%) plastic. These durable and kid-friendly plastics are used to create fun and useful toys for children. This colorful wheelbarrow has been made with special care considering its users.

Features and Benefits

·         Quality and Safety

Completely safe and following the US Federal toy safety standard, the wheelbarrow is composed of BPA and free of phthalate plastic.

·         Made in the USA

All the parts have been molded, assembled, and manufactured in the USA. Even the raw materials such as plastic and other materials have been domestically sourced.

·         Age restrictions

The wheelbarrow consists of small parts that can be choked on and hence it is advisable to be kept out of reach from children younger than 3 years of age. This can be used to wheel around and transport leaves, twigs by children and adults alike if they wish to.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Ø  Durable Materials

Ø  Easy to clean

Ø  Meant for children

Ø  Colors may vary

3.     Foldable Multi-Purpose large capacity Wheelbarrow

A purple-colored foldable wheelbarrow can be used extensively in all kinds of goods transport.

   Foldable Multi-Purpose large capacity Wheelbarrow


The newly-designed foldable beach wagon cart, large capacity Wheelbarrow Garden Cart, Kids Pull Wagon Outdoor/Indoor, and picnic shopping heavy duty basket from LLC truly stands up to its promise of being multipurpose.

Features and Benefits

·         Multi-Usage

The wheelbarrow truly lives up to its name of being multi-purposed. It can help transport groceries in one go, move heavy objects from one place to another without retracing your steps back and forth in any given terrain, whether it be a normal road, grass, dirt, sand, or even rocky areas.

·         Large Capacity  

The wagon with dimensions 73cms x 60cms x 48.5cms offers a maximum load capacity of 60kgs. Which is more than enough for domestic indoor and outdoor activities.

·         Foldable Storage

The foldable design with an adjustable handle, this wheelbarrow saves time and space to store. The compact design can be easily expanded and collapsed in seconds.

·         Rotating Casters

The cart is equipped with a unique attribute which is a whirlwind caster. This caster makes sure no matter what the surface is, turning around is much easier and smoother, and also, doesn’t create any noise.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Ø  Easy Maintenance

Ø  Rotating silent casters

Ø  The frame consists of a metal

Ø  Less loading capacity compared to others


A wheelbarrow isn’t restricted to just gardening and lifting horse manure or bricks. Today people are using modified versions of these wagons in their everyday lives. These multipurpose wheelbarrows save a lot of time and effort, you may not need it right now but we all face a time when we need a wheelbarrow.

Here, we’ve given you different wheelbarrows to choose from according to your need and also provide the most appropriate guidelines to keep in mind every time you shop for multipurpose wheelbarrows. We have done your homework; we’ve researched and presented you with a reasonable price range. When one works hard for long hours, the right tool can make all the differences.

We did our part, make sure you choose the best wheelbarrow according to your comfort. Keep coming back to us for more such detailed and informative comparisons.

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