5 Brilliant Ways You Can Work With Décor For Black Leather Furniture

Leather is still a highly desired fabric for furniture. Black leather furniture is always a stylish and chic décor choice. Black leather furniture is beautiful and at the same time offers unique advantages.

  • Quality: Leather is classy but most importantly modern tanning processes have made leather resistant to sagging, peeling and crackling.
  • Comfort: Leather furniture gets softer and more comfortable as time goes by. Instead of looking old and worn out, leather furniture looks much better over time.
  • Durability: Leather is tough but nevertheless flexible thus it resists tears and punctures. Additionally leather is resistant to dirt and spills.
  • Appearance: The color of leather does not fade because when it is dyed, leather absorbs the color.
  • Cost: Leather furniture will outlast any fabric furniture thus in the long term, leather furniture offers a much better value.

Black furniture is always an eye-catching centerpiece. However it also poses some interior design challenges. There is no one right and perfect way to decorate around black leather furniture because the versatile black leather furniture comes in styles from retro to modern and casual to formal. The trick is look for a variety of ways to decorate around your black leather furniture to come up with the vibe you want.

Here are 5 brilliant ways you can work with décor for black leather furniture:

1. Soften the Design Effect With Light Shades of Paint

Your first challenge in decorating around black leather furniture is deciding on what color to paint your walls. Black is a neutral color so almost all wall colors will work with the black leather furniture. Your decision on what wall color to go for will depend on how bold, simple or conventional a look you want.

The most important thing you need to bear in mind is you want a color that will soften the effect of your black furniture. Light or bright shades of paint are the most ideal wall colors for black leather furniture. Light or bright walls will add more light into your room and will highlight your black leather furniture. White, light gray or light beige are good wall colors. So are blood red walls.

2. Wood Finishes to Soften the Mood

With black leather furniture you need to choose finishes for the other furniture to soften the mood of the room. Wood finish for the rest of the furniture such as center tables, coffee tables and end tables will soften the built-in stiffness of the black leather furniture and will bring more warmth into the room.

Choose furniture that will compliment your black leather furniture. If the black leather furniture in your living room is of the modern type, your wood finish furniture should also be of the modern type.

Over the years wood flooring has always been one of the most preferred. Wood flooring is durable and has built-in beauty. Wood flooring is available from the lightest shades of natural wood and white to the darkest shade of mahogany. If you are looking for the right wood flooring to match black leather furniture, you will never go wrong with light colored wood flooring.

Light-colored wood or laminated floors will further enhance the warmth you want to create in your living room. Light-colored wood floors will counteract black leather furniture by giving the room an open and warm feeling.

3. Accentuate With Throw Pillows

The nicest thing about black leather furniture is that throw pillows of any color can work with it. Throw pillows are awesome accents for black leather furniture. You have four ways to go in choosing throw pillows to match your black leather furniture. Choose throw pillows that are of the same color as your wall paint.

You can also choose throw pillows that are in a darker shade of the wall paint. You can also go for both placing each throw pillow on opposite ends of the black leather furniture or side by side. Use the same theme for the throw pillows of the other furniture in the room to have a unified look. Lastly, you can also go for bright and bold throw pillows.

4. Balance the Room With Accessories

Accessories such as throw rugs or carpets, wall hangings, accent pieces such as vases and statues should have the colors of the room’s color scheme. Never use only one color for accessories. Accessories should come in three colors- black and two colors from your color scheme. This way you will be able to balance the colors in the room. Spread out the placement of your accessories so the room is filled with all the colors.

A patterned or light colored area rug will offset the darkness of the black leather furniture.

Highlight the other accessories in the room so the concentration on the black leather furniture can be lessened. Add a lot of colorful and bright artwork on the walls. A neatly designed tall bookshelf and gorgeous drapery panels can do the trick. While the black leather furniture is the main centerpiece of your living room you would like to keep its presence as subtle as possible.

5. Metals Compliment Black

Metal accessories are a perfect match to your black leather furniture. Should you choose to go for metal lamps and other metal accessories pick the ones that exude warmth. Stay away from chrome accessories because chrome has a cold look. Matte-finish metals project a warm tone and are a perfect complement to black leather furniture.

Black leather furniture is a stylish piece of furniture. I really wanted to have black leather furniture in my living room. To be honest though, I was at first at a dilemma on how I would decorate my living room around black leather furniture. Well, every design problem has a nice solution.

If you too are a proud owner of black leather furniture, let us know in the comments section if the ideas mentioned have helped ease your dilemma on how to decorate a room around your black leather furniture. If you have other design ideas perhaps you would like to share them, too.

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