5 Ideas on How to Decorate A Slanted Wall

During our redecorating project, there was one part of the house that posed a big problem during the transformation. I was faced with the challenge of how to decorate a slanted wall and a slanted ceiling.

It was confusing and frustrating trying to think about what can probably provide symmetry to such an irregularly made space, but after some mixing and matching I was able to come up with 5 ideas to work with my dilemma.

Not all of the ideas can be DIY-ed, hence the list below is basically for ideas 1 to 4. If you're planning on applying them to your home, then these are the materials you will be needing:

1. Picture frames


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You might think that it is useless trying to layout and position picture frames in a slanted wall, but there’s actually a trick to this.

2. Two different colors of paint

Yes, you read it right: do not settle for just one paint color, purchase two swatches that compliment each other.

3. Light-weight drapes and fairy lights


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Net- like drapes or fabrics that are free to flow and dance with the wind can be used as design elements. If you have fairy lights stored somewhere, take them out and make them useful.

Now let’s remove that problem your facing and lets get started on the 5 ideas on how to decorate a slanted wall!

Idea no. 1 - The trick to lay outing picture frames

Take a masking tape and place an angled line on your floor - imagine the line to be the ceiling line. Next, take your frames and place them on the floor, placing each frame to work with the inclination of the ceiling. Hanging photo frames can be done two ways: to follow the slant of the wall, or to just to focus on one area and make a regularly-shaped layout of frames.

Once you're happy with how everything looks placed on the floor, mark the wall for the nailing procedure. By first doing the layout at the floor, you will not tire from having to look at an elevated area, and lessen the chance of damaging the wall with nailing too much.

Idea no. 2 - Applying a different color to treat your ceiling and your wall


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Take your paint and decide which one would be used for the ceiling, and which one will be for the wall. For this idea, it is best to have swatches that do not clash such as pastel shades. Do not be afraid to color your ceiling, it may sound scary but it is an approach that can instantly transform any space.

If you do not fancy pastel colors, this technique can also be used for darker shades. Red and white, black and white, gray and white, are only some of the paint combinations you can try. Keep in mind however that if you have a low height clearance ceiling, paint the ceiling with a light colored shade to make it appear more open and airy.

Idea no. 3 - Placing light-weight drapes and fairy lights

If you're decorating a bedroom space, you might want to consider hanging a light-weight drapery and leveling it up with fairy lights. It does not have to be a fancy fabric, as long as its airy and moves with the wind.

This combination can draw the attention to the ceiling, making your wall less of a burden to decorate. This design idea creates a center of attraction that instantly lifts up the vibe of the space.

Idea no. 4 - Emphasizing the slope of the ceiling


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Our home has wood beams running through the slanted ceiling; it was painted white and was unnoticeable because it camouflaged with the ceiling and wall paint finish. But since the room had a high ceiling, we wanted to show the authenticity of the wooden beams to make the room feel less empty.

We therefore hired a professional to restore the painted beam and show the original wood grain. This allowed us to make the space more rustic and also adds warmth to the space.

If you have a high slanted ceiling, you can also consider having faux wooden elements installed. In doing so you have lesser trouble trying to fill the room with ornaments, the ceiling details will work its magic and basically tie everything together.

Idea no. 5 - Installing cabinetry


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There are a lot of ready made shelving units you can install to align with the angle of your wall; embrace the slant and place ornaments on the shelves such as books, figurines and collectibles to draw the attention to the space. Create shelving that can showcase your passion, and I’m sure you’ll have visitors engaged in conversation upon seeing the design.

When all else fails, you can always hire a professional cabinet maker or carpenter to design your slanted wall and ceiling. They can follow the slope and make a closed cabinet with doors, which is particularly useful if you have a lot of items and need more storage.

Also, they can install shelving that is accurately measured so you do not have to DIY the installation procedure.

Dealing with irregularly shaped walls should not hinder you from further improving a space. Take it as a challenge and embrace the variety it offers. It’s not fun having to look at an empty space, maximize the design opportunity your home has and keep on decorating.

Which idea do you think you can apply for your wall transformation? I hope you found this tutorial on how to decorate a slanted wall useful! If you like this post, please do not forget to share, who knows you might be able to help a troubled friend with decorating too! Leave a comment if you have other ideas or tips and I’ll be more than happy to try them out myself.

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