How To Embrace Industrial Chic Decor In Your Home

Moving in to a new apartment welcomed me with the feeling of being iffy and excited- it was the perfect time to start all over and decorate my place with a style that reflects my own character and personality. I’ve been eyeing urban lofts with industrial chic decor that were transformed from factories and other industrial buildings, but they were too expensive for my rental budget.

So I did what an uptight but creative person would do; I created my own industrial chic space. From exposed finishes to rustic elements and details, I was able to transform my apartment into a space that resembles the warmth of a home, but at the same time being utilitarian.

I’m pretty sure you’re excited to throw out your unused items and start repainting, but before you start putting decorative details and renovating, make sure you are equipped with these two items:

  • Design Inspiration 
  • This style of interior design is limitless, there are countless options on how you can transform your space. If not carefully planned, it may turn out as an uncoordinated disaster or a space that is too bare. Do you want just a hint of industrial items, or an overall feel of a factory itself?

    Gather images that suit your preference and narrow down your choices. Make a set of inspirational images for each room and sort out the ones that can be applied to each room, remember that not all designs are suitable to your space. By doing so you can effectively shop for additional items you might need and remain organized and focus on the design you want to achieve.

  • Patience
  • The key to achieving an authentic industrial feel is in the small pieces presented in each room. Collecting these items may take time, and multiple trips to vintage shops. Have a lot of patience and carefully pick items that can be added to your space.

Interior designing does not come in just one sitting and perfection is achieved by the constant transformation until you feel at ease with everything. Here are simple tips you can try to incorporate industrial chic style to your home:

1. Leave details exposed



The beauty of industrial style is being able to mix and match the old elements with new ones. My apartment came with exposed ceiling trusses at the bedroom; instead of having to provide ceiling panels to cover them, I painted these structural elements white to match the ceiling finish and keep the attention focused on the space below.

The same approach can be done with doors and walls that have been partly damaged- try to patch up the damaged part but treat it as a part of the industrial vibe. Leaving details of wear and tear will add to the authenticity of your industrial home.

2. Leave more open spaces



Industrial buildings are open spaces and so high ceilings and wide rooms will fit this theme. You may not have too much space to work with, but the key is to declutter and only leave the necessities on display. Invest on storage that is dual purpose or can be used as a coffee or side table. The more open space, the lighter the room will feel.

3. Choose minimal design furniture



Furniture plays a vital role in any space, it is after all the biggest piece to incorporate to the theme.

In buying any furniture piece, look for small details such as distressed wood or iron legs as these types can be blended with any type of decoration. Deciding on a new theme does not mean having to throw out your old chairs and tables, take a step back and see if you can change the fabric to a more subdued color, or if you could repaint the table top to compliment the industrial theme design.

4. Splurge on lighting elements



To make a space truly come alive, invest on lighting features that will amplify all the elements you placed inside. A chandelier or a hanging lamp is the first thing a viewer sees when he enters a room. If you have details you want to showcase like a set of vintage books and other collector items, then you may opt for a simple hanging lamp that will allow the focus and attention to be on these small pieces.

On the other hand, you can also invest on an intricate lighting to serve as the main attraction of the room. Whether it be simple or intricate, make sure the material is made from either a wood or metal finish- these two materials compliment the industrial theme very well.

5. Add warmth



Because of the repetitive elements such as wood, metal, and mostly white paint, achieving an industrial chic style can seem monotonous. To prevent having an unwelcoming impact to your home, you can add elements such as textured rugs, colored throw pillows, and other items that add the feeling of warmth in the space. Drape some knitted fabric to your couch and try to balance the color distribution throughout the space you are transforming.

6. Add life



Consider putting vegetation such as vines and potted plants in your space to make it seem much comfortable to live in. An industrial style interior design may come off as chilly, and you can combat this by putting greens. It does not have to be a real plant, but the greens will amp up the corners that may lack elements of interest.

If you have a bookshelf that is not being fully, try wrapping the edges with faux vines and it will solve the problem of having a boring display.

So what do you think about the above tips? If you have a friend who’s in need of tips on industrial style decorating, help them out by sharing this page so they can jumpstart the transformation. And if you are also planning on renovating, I hope you were able to gather up the courage to start transforming your space- it does not have to be hard, as long as you keep being creative and passionate.

Also, I’d like to hear what other tips you might add four our industrial chic space transformation, so don’t forget to leave your comments below!

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