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7 Ways On How To Make A Sofa Bed More Comfortable

Sofa beds are convenient especially for households with small and limited spaces. It acts as an extra seating which can also be converted into an extra bed for your guests. They are suitable for overnight accommodations and sleepovers.

However, they are not really recommended for longer visits because it falls short when it comes to comfortability. Sofa beds are mostly difficult to sleep in. Some mattresses don’t provide enough cushioning and you can feel the springs digging in your back.

Nevertheless, don’t let this spoil you from inviting your friends over. There are ways on how to make a sofa bed more comfortable. So, how do you do it?

How to Choose a Sofa Bed

A sofa bed provides you a place to sit during the day and a bed to sleep on during the rest of the night. Choosing the right kind will give you a good start on how to make a sofa bed more comfortable. Here are some considerations before you purchase one:

  • SPACE – One of the most important considerations you need to factor in when buying a sofa bed is the space in your house. If you have a small and limited living area, a loveseat or a futon is recommended so that it won’t eat up the entire room.
  • A pull-out bed may take up more space but it provides a more comfortable place to sleep in. On the other hand, if you have a huge space in your house, you can opt for a large couch that can accommodate more than one guest.

  • LOCATION – Another factor is where you plan to put the sofa bed. If you plan to use it in your living room, you may want to consider a more stylish design like a leather convertible couch or an upholstered sofa bed that works well with the rest of your interior. If it’s in a family room, you can opt for a more casual sofa bed.
  • STYLE – When it comes to style, pick a design that suits both your aesthetic and practical needs. Traditional sofa beds area usually made in a pull-out style where the mattress is folded up inside the couch. This is the most comfortable type of sofa bed but it may be harder to convert from sofa to bed.
  • Futons and other types of fold-down beds are more convenient and easy to use. However, they are smaller and less comfortable compared to a pull-out sofa bed.

Converting your Sofa Bed into a Sleeping Haven

Once you determine the most suitable type of sofa bed for you, the next step is how to make it more comfortable to sleep in. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure that your guests sleep like a baby throughout the night.

1. Add cushioning

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make your sofa bed more comfortable. You can buy a mattress topper for additional cushioning. The extra padding will prevent your guests from experiencing back pains and soreness.

There are different kinds of mattress toppers to suit your preference and need. A thicker foam provides more comfort. You can also buy a heated pad to keep your guests warm and cozy during cold winter nights.

When you purchase a mattress pad, make sure you that it is specifically designed for a sofa bed so that you can fold it up and store it properly. If the foam is too heavy, you may not be able to bend it. Look for toppers that are made of memory foam.

2. Rotate the mattress

You can simply pull out your mattress and flip it over. With this simple step, you can significantly improve the condition of your mattress without shedding a single cent. Rotate it every six months to ensure that the cushioning on one side is not overly used.

Alternating both sides can help restore the fluffiness of your sofa bed. Do not forget to replace your mattress every few years especially when you are using it on a daily basis.

3. Fill the gaps

Another no-cost option is to fill the gaps in between the sofa and the bed with pillows. This way the entire surface of the mattress is flattened without extra gaps and holes.

If there are exposed metal parts, cover it up with bolsters. This way, your guests won’t accidentally bump into the metal holdings while they are sleeping.

4. High-quality bedding

Make sure your bedding is made of high-quality materials to ensure a comfortable sleep. A soft and plush material can significantly lead to a relaxing slumber. Pick a bedding with the exact size of your mattress.

You can buy some mattress clips to keep the beddings from moving out of place. Always pick high-quality sheets and add some blankets to keep your guests comfortable.

5. Clean bed

Always make sure that your sofa bed is clean and free from debris and dust mites. Nobody wants to sleep on a dirty, rough, and smelly bed. Wash your beddings and blankets regularly.

Vacuum both sides of your mattress to eliminate dust and other particles. Use clean and fresh sheets every time you use it.

6. Use a duvet

Another quick solution is to place a duvet over your mattress instead of using it as a blanket. Duvets are thicker than the standard blankets and it can add cushioning to your mattress for extra comfort.

7. Separately store the bedding

After each use, remove the bedding and store it separately in a cabinet instead of folding it together with the bed. The bedding adds weight and east up the space of the sofa bed which may get in the way of your bed’s mechanism. It can end up damaging your mattress in the long run.

Making it Work

A sofa bed is one of the most versatile furniture you can have in your home. You can use it in different ways while maximizing the limited amount of space in your house. It should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

When choosing the right kind of sofa bed for your room, always consider the factors mentioned above to make things easier for you. Once you’ve picked the right one, just follow the steps on how to make your sofa bed more comfortable for your guests to sleep in. This way, they won’t hesitate to come back for another sleepover.

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