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7 Incredible Lighting Solutions No Ceiling Fixture

Recently, I have moved to a new building just a few blocks from my workplace. Everything was great. I loved the parking space, the friendly neighbors, and the overall maintenance of the facility, not to mention the possibility for me just to walk going to work.

The only problem I have is that there are no ceiling fixtures inside the unit. While the building is new, it holds a classic appeal, with no electrical wiring designed for ceiling light fixtures. As such, I had to do my own research in finding alternative solutions.

Along the way, I have come up with this list of incredible lighting solutions no ceiling fixture.

1. Extension Cords That Maximize Entryway Light Switch

In order to potentially spread light as evenly as possible throughout the space despite the absence of a ceiling light fixture, you can install two floor lamps and place them on each side of the unit’s back wall, connecting them using an extension cord.

Afterwards, you can plug the cord into the outlet that is controlled using the light switch in the entryway. With this, you can evenly light the room even without any ceiling light fixture.

The next problem that you may be worried about is the visibility of extension cords along the entry way. Worry no more, take a look at this interesting article on how to hide electrical extension cords from sight.

2. Choose The Floor Lamps That Has Higher Light Bulb Watts

Keep in mind that your goal here is to have a good lighting coverage for the entire space. This is to offset the light that is needed in the area. With this in mind, it is highly recommended to look for floor lamps that can support several light bulbs using higher watts.

For example, if a single floor lamp has the capacity to hold four 60 watts light bulbs, every floor lamp can light the entire room using 240 watts.

Here’s a guide on how to choose the right bulb watts for your floor lamps.

3. Select Lampshades That Are Light Colored

I have discovered that using wide cream or white colored lampshades are effective in lighting the room. Some of my guests say that the look is drab in their eyes, so I ended up decorating my lampshades with the use of tassels.

These glass tassels may be used to create an elegant look. While lighter colored lampshades may really look drab at first, they will become more beautiful and attractive when they are decorated and start lighting the entire room.

There are a lot of options that you can choose from, especially with the color selections. Here are some quick tips that you can consider.

4. Use A Separate Lighting For The Room Front

In order to introduce more light to a room, you can simply install another floor lamp and place it at the front, right opposite your entrance.

Even though this arrangement seems uncontrolled using the entryway light switch, the lamp may be separately turned on in order to increase light entering the room. There are a lot of models on floor lamps that you can choose from various stores and sources these days.

As a reminder, however, select the best one that is fit for the entrance of the room. Take a look at the following suggestions on how to light your entryway using floor lamps.

5. Light Your Room Using Identical Lamps

The presence of too many lamps can end up the room looking messy, especially if every floor lamp is different from each other. As such, you can try to light your room using identical lamps.

However, if you cannot find similar looking floor lamps, you can opt to selecting something that is quite similar, making sure that the lamp shades look identical. Since the lampshade is the part that is illuminated in the lamp, it is the same part that will stand out the best, and can easily fool the eye into thinking that all of the floor lamps are just identical.

If you are out of ideas on the design and style of floor lamps that you can use to grace your space, here are some choices for you.

6. Install A Ceiling Light Fixture Just Near Your Wall

There is no problem even if there is no ceiling light fixture in your space. You can simply connect one to the outlet which is operated using the entryway switch. As long as the fixture is hung relatively close to your wall, you can decoratively hide the wire. However, you need to ensure that the light switch comes with rotating heads, so that you can easily turn them on to illuminate the entire room.

If you are worried about the wires that will be visible on the walls, here are some ideas on how to hide your wires in sight.

7. Strategically Placing Your Floor Lamps

Even though you cannot find the light source from the ceiling, lighting can still be maneuvered depending on the location of your floor lamps. As such, it is very important to strategically place your floor lamps at the right location. Here are some of the best ideas on strategic floor lamps locations that you can implement in your home.


All of the items included in this list are some of the options I have found effective. Do you find this list useful as much as I do?

Personally, I think that coming up with this list is very important, especially for those who are renting a space, or moving into a new abode that has already been designed beforehand. While you may not be given the option to install ceiling fixtures prior to the move, you have the option to alter things out as you are the new ‘owner’ of the space.

What do you think about it? If you have any recommendations and further suggestions, please feel free to comment your thoughts below! Share if you liked it too!

  • December 11, 2016
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