How to Choose and Design a Modern Wallpaper for Baby Room

As parents we all want to be hands on and close to every detail our child has to experience or encounter.

With the addition of another baby to our family, it was the perfect time for us to redecorate and make the old room conducive for a child. I decided to have a modern wallpaper for baby room installed because of how flexible it can be. By choosing a pattern that was both pleasing to the eye and modern, I knew that I would not have to redecorate again as the child grows.

I have to admit though, it was not easy tying all our ideas together and come up with a design we were happy with. So to help you in this project, I’ll teach you how to make your inspiration come true, but minus the hassle.

What you will need:

A design inspiration



Look through the internet and pin or print everything that catches your attention. Look for themes that are not to heavy or distracting, baby rooms should not have too much elements. Focus on a wallpaper design that is pleasing to the eye and can add calmness to the room.

That’s only one item needed, but you will be surprised how big of a task it is to look for design inspirations. This first step is the key to understand just how much transformation you are planning.

Now let’s get started with the selection and start the transformation of your baby room.

Step 1 - Narrow your design inspiration

Lay out all your pinned inspiration and try to create groups based on each theme. After creating the groups, choose the collection that best represents your planned modern theme for the baby’s room.

Too much ideas can be a pain to handle, so carefully choose your top pick and stick to that theme.

Step 2 - Pick out the wallpaper design



There are 3 factors to keep in mind and consider when choosing a modern wallpaper for baby room:

1. Your current furniture such as cribs, tables and lamps

The current paint or character of your items will play a big role in redecorating. Ask yourself if you are willing to re-paint each one, or purchase new ones for the redecorating. There are two ways to approach this: either the wallpaper will depend on the furniture, or your furniture will depend on your wallpaper.

2. The pattern or design

A baby’s room should be kept with little distractions or with only soothing patterns. Too much lines or ornamentation can bother your baby. The trick is to find a simple pattern so you would not have a hard time choosing other design items. Also, a straightforward design offers better flexibility as the child grows: you wouldn't have to worry about having a new wallpaper installed after a couple of years.

3. The color or swatch of the material (do you want it to be just for baby boys or even for girls?)

In today’s age we are trying to be less gender conscious especially when it comes to color, but there’s no denying that some colors are just better for girls than for boys. The wallpaper’s color will set the mood of the whole room, so keep color in mind when shopping for one.

Step 3 - Find a supplier

After finally deciding on which wallpaper to install, find a supplier that carries the design and pattern you want. There’s a chance you would not be able to find the exact design, but they’ll have a similar one.

Before finalizing your purchase, ask about the material specifications of the wallpaper. By doing so you are given a general idea about the lifespan of the product and save more in choosing a stronger material composition. Remember that a baby’s room will be used until toddler years, so the wallpaper should be of high quality.

Step 4 - Verify installation procedure

Once you've found the supplier, verify with the company the requirements and installation procedure. If you prefer just buying the wallpaper, then have them explain exactly the process of installation.

On my part, I had the wallpaper professionally installed as there’s little risk to this than making it a DIY project. Ask them if there needs to be any preparation done on your part so as the work can be done faster.

Step 5 - Additional design elements

The best part of the redecorating process is buying and putting small elements such as lighting, shelving, storage, and play areas. These design elements add spice to your baby room and can provide an engaging environment for your baby. Look back at your design inspirations and pick the ones that suit your baby room, you’ll be surprised how easy you can apply the idea.

Step 5- Air out the room

So you’ve finished redecorating, don’t occupy it just yet. The resin and smell of the products applied can be harmful when infants are immediately exposed. Take time to air out the room, leave the windows and doors open to naturally ventilate the place and release the toxins.

Step 6 - Admire your creation

After all of the steps are finished, take a step back and look at what you were able to create. Think of all the happy memories you can share and create with your loved ones, and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.



A baby is a new family member that can create and open a new chapter in our lives, I hope you’ll be able to find a modern wallpaper for baby room with the above steps I’ve shared. Create a space that will suit both you and your baby, and I promise it would be the best investment you will pay for.

If you like this tutorial, please do not forget to share. Also, leave me a comment down below if you have additional tips to share. Have fun decorating!

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