Will Refinishing Furniture With Chalk Paint Save You Time?

One of the things I love about chalk paint is that you don’t have to prep your furniture for sanding or stripping before you paint it. This eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of priming your fixture. For people who are always on the go, a chalk paint is indeed music to their ears.

If you love creating DIY crafts and home renovation projects, you will absolutely enjoy using this. It’s easy, fun, and works with any kind of surface. I’ve used it on my antique tables, plastic frames, wooden cabinets, and a lot more.

I’m a big fan of refinishing furniture with chalk paint. It works wonders on any old furniture. I used to hire painters to refurbish my old dining room table and I found it a bit costly. Ever since I was introduced to chalk paint by my fellow soccer mom, I stopped asking hiring painters.

Now, I do all of my refinishing by myself. I discovered the joys of creating arts and crafts, restoring old pieces into new and modern looks, and I enjoy doing every minute of it. If you want to save money, buy a chalk paint at your local home depot store and start creating your own DIY project.

Don’t be intimidated by it. Remember, a chalk paint is your friend. When you are doing your DIY project, you can do whatever you want without worrying about expensive labor.

How To Refinish Your Furniture

A chalk paint has excellent bondage minus the toxic chemicals found in most paints. It doesn’t smell as strong compared to other paint materials. This makes it safer and convenient to use when you are painting.

Before you begin your task, keep in mind that a chalk paint’s final product produces a beautiful matte finish. It has a velvety feel which looks lovely on any piece of furnishing. However, if you are expecting a glossy effect on your furniture, then a chalk paint isn’t for you.

If you have old pieces of furniture that are just lying around your house and waiting to be restored, get yourself a can of chalk paint and an unlimited supply of creativity. Here are some easy steps you can follow to bring life to your old and forgotten pieces.

1. Pick a furniture that is old and antique

Grandma’s old dresser is a good choice for your project. Once you are done painting it, a chalk paint will give your dresser a pretty and vintage look and feel.

2. Fill up gaps

In the preparation stage, I mentioned above that using a chalk paint eliminates the need for priming and sanding.

In case you have any noticeable gaps or dents in your fixture, try to fill it up so that it becomes smooth and even once you start painting over it. For small holes, you can leave it as it is because the pain and wax will fill up the space.

3. Prepare your materials

Gather your project materials including your chosen can of chalk paint, paintbrush, wax, and a clean rag.

When choosing a color pick a shade that will make your furniture pop out in the room. A beautiful teal color will make any fixture stand out.

You don’t have to invest in overly expensive paintbrushes. Just pick a good and reliable brush that you can use for some time. As long as it doesn’t shed and leave brush strokes on the furniture you are painting, then it’s a good buy.

4. Remove all the hardware of your dresser

Fill in the major gaps and nicks in case there are any. Leave the smaller scratches and dents since your paint and wax will take care of it and smoothen it out.

5. Clean the surface

Wipe off any signs of dust and debris. Your surface should be clean.

6. Start painting your furniture

Start with the top part then work your way to the bottom. Apply one or two coatings as needed.

Keep in mind that chalk paint dries quickly within a few minutes. Once you’re done painting the drawers, your top surface is ready for the application of your second coating. Allow your second coating to dry around 30 minutes.

7. Inspect your work

Once your fixture is dry, check all sides for any signs of paint drips or brush strokes. You can sand it gently to even out the surface. It will come off like chalk dust.

8. Wax your furniture

Dust off your furniture and wipe off any signs of residue using a dry rag.

Make sure the entire surface of your dresser is clean. Start applying a thin layer of clear wax over your furniture. The wax is very easy to apply especially since it has a thin consistency which easily glides over the surface.

You will notice that the areas where you waxed on will have a darker color. This is normal.

You will notice a light sheen and your rag will go over the surface smoothly once you’re done. I used to coat my furniture with a polyurethane but discovered that it tends to become yellowish over time. This is why I switched to a soft wax for my final coating.

9. Let your furniture dry overnight

This will allow the wax to cure with a nice and hard finish.

Once your wax dries, use a clean and dry rag and buff out the wax.

You can opt to use a buffing brush to make it easier for you. One you complete the process, reattach your hardware.

Have Fun With Chalk Paint

Now that you know the steps on how to successfully refinish your furniture with chalk paint, you should also learn how to play and have fun with it. A chalk paint is versatile can be used is various surfaces. You can even create and mix your own customized chalk paint.

Personally, I the best thing I love about chalk paint is that it helps me save time. Since I don’t have to go through the long preparation stage, it allows me to do other important things like playing with my kids or doing other household errands. Weekends are the only time I get to spend time with my children and I don’t want my time to be eaten by unnecessary tasks.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send us a message. We’d love to hear from you. In case you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask us and we’ll be glad to answer you back.

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