The 5 Best Luggage Sets for Kids in 2024 : Reviews & Buying Guide

Hello there, my name is Lisa. I live in Boston with my husband and two kids. We are always traveling for one reason or another – usually, it’s because we want to see the grandparents! When we travel, I really like to make sure that all of our bags fit the requirements for easy air travel security screenings (especially when flying through airports like LaGuardia).

It was recently time for us to buy a new set of luggage since our others were worn out. Since you’re reading this review, I’m guessing you’re also looking to buy some great kids’ carry-on luggage too! Are you planning on taking a long trip across the country? Perhaps your child needs their own bag during flights? Maybe your family just wants something to keep all your family’s suitcases organized and to make it easier to find things? Maybe you’re just buying something new for your birthday or other holiday coming up, and want to get the perfect gift. Whatever you need a kids’ bag for, we hope that our reviews are helpful as you look through the options available.

We’ve done a lot of research into finding some of the best carry-on bags on the market for children (and their parents). We hope this article is informative and helps you pick out one that will work well for your little traveler!


  1. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage 

  2. Debbieicy Cute Ballet Dance Backpack Tutu Dress Dance Bag with Key Chain Girls

  3. iPlay, iLearn Unicorn Kids Luggage, Girls Carry on Suitcase W/ 4 Spinner Wheels, Pink Travel Luggage Set W/ Backpack, Trolley Luggage for Children Toddlers

  4. Heys Kids’ Travel Tots Owl

  5. Trunki Boys’ Terrance, Blue

Buyers Guide

Traveling with kids can be mentally draining in itself. But the last thing parents want is to worry about their luggage too.

Choosing the right luggage for children is one of ‘those’ sorts of things that can either make your trip easier or more challenging. And this is where we come in!

When it comes to choosing the best luggage set for kids, it is important to know a few things. The buyer should be able to determine what luggage features they desire and then narrow down their search from there.

Kid-Friendly Features

The most important thing when it comes to picking out a kids’ suitcase is ensuring that they will be comfortable using it. Whether you want an item that can easily transition from car to plane so they can take it with them on road trips or just need something that has lightweight wheels for running through the airport with, make sure you’re finding something that will meet their needs and expectations.


One of the biggest concerns for parents trying to buy a luggage set for their kids is size – especially when space is at a premium during air travel (and no one wants to pay overweight baggage fees!). Some of these carry-on bags are small enough to fit in the overhead bin, but this also means there will likely be little room left over for anything else you need to pack. If this is a concern, be sure to shop around and find something with adjustable compartments – so that it can expand as your child gets older!


Another concern when looking for kids’ carry-on luggage is making sure that they are light enough to lift. It’s easy to overlook how much your child will actually be lifting, but having something lightweight and sturdy can make all the difference during a long journey!


Our final issue with kid-friendly luggage is safety. Do you want something with locking capabilities? Is this bag going to come off of their travel cart or stroller easily? These are things you need to consider before buying anything so you’re not left worrying about whether or not someone’s going to steal what’s inside of it!


Kids’ carry-on bags are typically made from two different materials: either polyester or nylon. Polyester is great because it doesn’t rip easily, is waterproof (which helps to keep things safe in case of spills), and is water-resistant (which means the inside stays dry even if the outside gets wet). However, some parents don’t like having their children travel with items made out of polyester due to its nasty plastic smell once new – which may exist for up to 50 washes depending on how often you wash it. Then again, you shouldn’t be washing these bags unless they get super dirty. Just wipe them down after each use and the scent will wash away!


The last thing you want is to buy carry-on luggage set for kids and then have them tear apart at the seams after just 2 trips. You’ll want to find something with sturdy zippers that close properly, handles that are strong enough for your child to pull their bag around, and wheels with a good grip (so they don’t fall off). Now, these sets aren’t suited for travel over long distances by any means as they’re frequently made out of thin plastic or cloth. But if you need an item for short little family vacations or weekend getaways, then you should be fine!

We’ve also found some amazing options that are great for families who like camping – where durability really comes in handy! Just keep in mind that these won’t be around for more than a year or two, so don’t spend your life savings on them!

Compartments and Organization

The number of compartments and organization pockets in a suitcase is important for keeping all of your child’s things tidy and organized – especially if they are young or have lots of little toys, electronics, or clothing. There should be plenty to ensure everything stays neatly packed as well as easily accessible so that it doesn’t take forever for them to find something when they need it. You will also want to look into whether the bag has any mesh pockets on the outside to store snacks, drinks, or other accessories (especially if you’re planning on buying one used). In addition, some bags have a designated compartment to place shoes in to protect them when they’re being transported.

Raincoat or Waterproofing

It’s always a good idea for children to carry an extra layer – especially if you are traveling during colder months! If your child is young, having a raincoat or waterproof material can be extremely useful (especially since it can also double as a blanket). These compartments make packing things like hats and mittens much easier and ensure that they will stay dust-free until they need them.  This feature may not seem important at first, but trust me – it makes all the difference when your kid needs something warm on their way inside from the airport terminal!

Color Scheme

There are endless color schemes for boys and girls when it comes to kids’ carry-on bags. Some are bolder with primary colors, while others have a more subtle design such as brown or black. If you’re buying these items for your child, keep in mind that they may want to color coordinate their luggage based on the overall look of their outfit – so make sure you pick something they will like!

Additional Bags

Many airlines allow children over the age of two years old to check a bag for free; however, some smaller airlines may require that children only travel with carry-on baggage. It is important for parents to consider this information before purchasing additional bags (or paying extra fees!) because most of the time this rule applies to all passengers – even children.

If you are purchasing a bag for your toddler, it would be best to shop around and find something that they can use up until the age of four years old – just in case they need an extra bag when flying with a different airline!

Compliance Information

This is important if you plan on checking your child’s bags. Whenever possible, try to stick to suitcases made from non-recycled materials because damaged ones often get thrown away or recycled! Regardless of what material your child’s suitcase is made out of, ensure there are no sharp corners or protrusions that may puncture other baggage while packed in the hold; unlike adult suitcases which have hard plastic bumpers to protect them. On top of this, all bags should be labeled with child safety features and have a unique serial number for tracking – in case of any damage or loss.

Price and Value

If you’re shopping online, it’s important to find the best price that fits your budget! Most of these suitcases are made from durable materials and will last for many years; however, you will want to make sure that it is worth the high cost if you plan on buying new ones. You can usually find cheaper ones at used stores such as Goodwill or even yard sales (depending on when you go!) – but try not to buy one that has been damaged by animals or exposed to the outdoors for too long. Due to frequent baggage checks in airports, all checked bags must be able to be locked or able to stay shut in a small, tamper-evident lock. This is why parents need to search through their suitcases before traveling (especially if you’re checking them) and look for any sharp edges or protrusions; otherwise, they may get damaged when stored with other bags!

Our top Picks for Kids’ Carry-On Luggage Sets and their detailed reviews.

  1. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

FUN & FUNCTIONAL Colorful exciting characters and patterns make this luggage super stylish. Kids love to travel and parents don’t want them to have a hard time.

E:\Rahul Ji Sir Amazon\Self Contnet Writing Work\Jarvis Uploaded 08-10-2021\Images Relexing Space\Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage.png

That’s why we made the Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage! With fun colors, patterns, and characters, your child will be excited about traveling with their own luggage. The carry-on size is perfect for kids and easy for parents too. It has accessible zipper pockets so you can keep track of everything inside. And it comes in tons of different designs that are sure to make anyone happy!

You’ll never have to worry about forgetting something or having trouble finding what you need because this luggage is organized and ready for anything. Get your child the best rolling luggage on the market today by clicking this link now!


Order now before they’re gone forever!


Feature & Benefits

Multiple Storage Pockets

Our Stephen Joseph rolling luggage is the perfect bag for traveling with kids. The roomy 14.5” x 18” main zippered opening is large enough to store all their belongings, plus get organized with the mesh zipper pouch for internal storage. The outer shell of the rolling luggage offers extra space for toys, plush pals, and snacks in the three exterior zipper compartments and three mesh pockets for those items that need to be easily accessible

Fun Patterns and Prints

Travel with your favorite characters! A variety of bags to choose from allows kids to bring their favorite patterns along with them, no matter how far from home they travel. Imaginative patterns include sweet sloths, blissful unicorns, and colorful dinosaurs. Coordinate these bags with our classic backpacks and lunch boxes for a full travel set!

Easy Carrying

This kid-friendly rolling luggage features an extendable handle for easy pulling through airports, train stations, or bus stops. Two fixed wheels allow for smooth rolling and two sturdy plastic feet allow for stability when standing the luggage upright.

FUN & FUNCTIONAL Colorful exciting characters and patterns make this luggage super stylish Your child is sure to find something they love with the variety of designs offered Don’t forget to make it a set with other coordinating Stephen Joseph products or customize it to make it your own

CARRY-ON SIZE With multiple pockets and plenty of space to pack this luggage is carry-on sized and ready to roll! Measuring 14 5″x 18″x 6 5″ they’re great for kids to travel with and easy for parents to manage too

SPECIAL FEATURES With accessible zipper pockets and fun designs that even include glitter accents there are plenty of awesome features that make this luggage stylish and smart An extendable handle for easy rolling makes travel simple for kids Multiple outside compartments also help you simply and organize your child’s belongings no matter how far they travel

HIGH QUALITY With sturdy construction and durable polyester exterior you can be assured this bag is made to last through plenty of wear and tear Sturdy wheels and exterior hardware will make it the perfect bag to use for your next vacation

Key Description

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 14.5 x 6.5 x 18 inches; 2.48 Pounds


Final Thought

Rolling luggage that is not designed with kids in mind. Parents of little ones know how hard it is to travel with children. There are so many things to pack, and the rolling luggage has more space than a duffel bag but still can’t hold everything you need for your trip.

The Classic Rolling Luggage by Stephen Joseph offers multiple storage pockets and an easy way to organize all those toys, plush pals, snacks, and clothes into one place! Plus our bags are fun patterns and prints that will get your child excited about packing their own suitcase!


2. Debbieicy Cute Ballet Dance Backpack Tutu Dress Dance Bag with Key Chain Girls

Cute ballet dance girl Princess Dance Bag is the little kid backpack where fun meets function. Whimsical details and durable materials make this the perfect on the go.

Debbieicy Cute Ballet Dance Backpack Tutu Dress Dance Bag with Key Chain Girls.png


Does your little girl love to dance?

If so, they’ll love this ballet bag! It’s the perfect size for their tutu and shoes. The adjustable belt buckle is a great way to make sure it fits them just right. And with the cute embroidery on the front, they’ll be able to show off their passion for dancing anywhere they go.

They’re going to want one of these bags in every color possible! With all of our different colors and styles available, you can’t go wrong with this purchase. You know that feeling when you find something that makes you feel like a kid again? This is it! Get one today before we sell out!

The best part about this bag is how lightweight and easy to clean it is. No more worries about spills or stains ruining your favorite outfit because now she can keep her clothes clean while still having fun at school or practice. Plus, if there are any loose threads from the stitching process, we will gladly replace or refund your purchase without hesitation!


Click “Add To Cart” now to get yours before they’re gone forever!”

Feature & Benefits

  • Each bag comes with a Keychain as a gift.
  • Cute ballet dance girl princess design, Comfortable handheld, adjustable belt buckle, cute ballet embroidery, metal double-way zipper, silk bowknot decoration, ideal gift for your little princess.
  • S-shaped strap which can prevent your back and spinal from pressure.ergonomic, breathable, waterproof, lightweight, and easy to clean.
  • Material: Nylon + polyester lining Size:(L*W*H)32.5*18*18cm/12.8*7.1*7.1inch.
  • Adjustable belt buckle, lace decoration, cute ballet embroidery, metal zipper, metal belt link, ideal gift for your little princess.
  • Each bag comes with a Ballet keychain as a gift. Ergonomic, breathable, waterproof, lightweight, and easy to clean. We have pink of both long and short mesh for your choice.
  • Each backpack will be check carefully before shipping, any threads, please contact us and we will help to exchange or refund.

Key Description


Package: 1*Dance Bag 1*Necklace


Final Thought:

Ballet is a beautiful and graceful art form, but it can be hard to find cute ballet clothes that are also functional.

So many of the dresses and tutus for little girls are just too frilly or impractical for everyday use.

Debbieicy Cute Ballet Dance Backpack Tutu Dress Dance Bag with Key Chain Girls will make your daughter feel like a princess while she dances through her day! The bag has plenty of storage space inside – pockets, zippers, and pouches galore! It even comes with its own matching key chain so you can keep track of all those tiny essentials. And best of all? This backpack dress is washable, durable enough for everyday wear, and machine-washable! Your girl will have no trouble carrying this bag from class to practice to dance performances at home or on the road. She’ll be able to carry everything she needs in style without worrying about making a mess.


3. iPlay, iLearn Unicorn Kids Luggage, Girls Carry on Suitcase Trolley Luggage for Children Toddlers

  • W/ 4 Spinner Wheels
  • Pink Travel Luggage Set
  • W/ Backpack

A Lovely Companion On Your Journey

Play iLearn Unicorn Kids Luggage  Girls Carry on Suitcase Trolley Luggage for Children Toddlers.png


Looking for a new suitcase?

The iPlay, iLearn Unicorn Kids Luggage is the perfect size for kids. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around with its backpack straps and rolling wheels. And it comes in fun colors like pink, purple, blue, green and red! There are plenty of pockets inside so your child can pack their clothes neatly. Plus there’s a convenient handle on top that makes it easy to pull along behind them when they want to fly solo.

This luggage set will make traveling more enjoyable for you and your children! They can explore the airport or hotel without being weighed down by heavy bags while still having all their belongings close at hand. You won’t have to worry about them losing anything because this bag has everything they need right where they need it – even a built-in TSA lock so you don’t have to fumble with keys before going through security!     This luggage set is also great for sleepovers or weekend getaways – just throw in some extra clothes and snacks (and maybe an iPad) because we know how much kids love staying up late watching movies! Your children will be able to enjoy every moment of their trip knowing that they’re carrying around something special made just for them!


Click here now if you want one too!

Feature & Benefits

  • Cotton lining
  • Perfect Size】Lightweight hard shell kids luggage and backpack, hard shell made from ABS Plastic. Luggage size is 18.0” x 11.5” x 8.0” (includes wheels and handle). Backpack size is 13.0″ x 10.0″ x 4.5″.
  • Light Weight Design】 Is not overly heavy and will not be an extra burden to children. The perfect luggage set to bring on Airlines, Weekends Away, or Sleep Overs. Easy for kids to carry this backpack and to pull the rolling luggage themselves, allowing them to cultivate independence.
  • 4 Multi-Directional Wheels】 Supports 360 degree rolling, super easy for mobility. You and your kids will find it very easy to pull and push.
  • Extendable handles】 Telescoping handle makes handle height adjustable for parents and children or different sizes. 3 step-adjustable telescopic rods made of aluminum allow for comfortable pulling and easy grabbing for little hands.
  • Fun Designs】Kids enjoy travel, so let’s make their travel time enjoyable! They will love the playful designs on their luggage and want to pull their own luggage like a little traveler

Key Description

  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 11 x 8 x 18 inches; 7 Pounds
  • Manufacturer recommended age ‏ : ‎ 5 years and up
  • btn-check-price-amazon

Final Thought

A lot of kids travel with their parents, but some kids like to go on trips by themselves.

But if they’re going alone, what do you give them? Too many bags can be a burden for anyone; especially children. So we designed the iPlay Kids Luggage Set so that it’s easy to carry and handle!

The 4 multi-directional wheels allow your child to roll this bag around in any direction without having to lift it or drag it behind him/herself. This is perfect for when you want your kid to walk ahead of you while traveling through an airport or city streets. Your child will love being able to pull his luggage along as he walks beside you! And because the backpack can hold all of his essentials (or even just snacks), he’ll always have everything he needs with him at all times. Plus, since the suitcase zips closed completely and has a hard shell design, your little one

4.Heys Kids’ Travel Tots Owl

The travel tots 2Pc. Kids luggage & backpack set is the perfect travel companion for your little ones

Heys Kids' Travel Tots Owl


Your kids are going to love this new luggage set!

The Heys Kids’ Travel Tots Owl is the perfect travel companion for your little ones. It’s a 2-piece set that includes a carry-on size suitcase and backpack with adjustable straps. This colorful, fun design features an owl print on both pieces of luggage and has been printed with vibrant artwork adding loads of fun to traveling for the kids and the entire family.

With its lightweight construction, it’s easy to pack up and take anywhere you go. The durable material will stand up against wear and tear so your child can use it again and again without worry about damage or loss of quality over time. And because they’re made by Heys, you know they’ll last through all those adventures in between flights!


Click here now to purchase this awesome product for your child today!


Feature, Benefits & F.A.Qs

Created by Heys with the unique characteristics of children in mind, incorporating several design features that benefit children.

Lightweight push-button telescopic handle system with multi-stage locking heights

Question: is it too large for 3 years old?

Answer: No…I bought it for my 3 yr old granddaughter and it’s perfect!!!

Question: Is it too large for a 17-month-old?

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Depending on the size of the 17-month-old, the child could carry the 13-inch backpack but may need some help with the rolling luggage which is 18 inches in height.

Question: Says 18”. So could it store an American girl 18” doll inside that was standing up?

Answer: If you bend the doll’s legs slightly she will fit.

Question: I received the elephant ones today and I was very disappointed. The handle for the big one was very wobbly. Has anyone else experienced this?

Answer: We have the Owl ones and I would agree that the handle on the big suitcase seemed wobbly. I planned to see if there was a way to tighten it before our next trip, but it didn’t seem to pose a problem during our last trip.

 Key description

Product Dimensions 18 x 13.5 x 9 inches
Item Weight 2.5 pounds
Department Unisex-child


Final Thought

Children are excited to go on vacation, but they don’t always understand the rules and regulations that come with traveling.

They will be much happier if you can find a way to make travel fun for them.

The Travel Tots luggage set by Heys Kids is designed specifically for children. It has several features that make it easier for kids to carry their own bags, including an adjustable shoulder strap and ergonomic design. This bag also comes in 8 different animal prints so your child can choose his or her favorite animal!

  1. Trunki Boys’ Terrance, Blue

The ideal companion for your traveling tot, complete with a comfy saddle seat

Trunki Boys' Terrance, Blue


Are you looking for a new toy?

Trunki is the perfect companion for your traveling tot. It’s lightweight, durable, and designed to be used as hand luggage so kids can pack it with all their favorite belongings while parents keep them in tow. And now there are two sizes – one for toddlers and one for older children!

With its comfy saddle seat, 18-liter capacity internal pocket, teddy bear seatbelt, and roomy design, Trunki is the ideal travel accessory. You won’t find another product like it on the market today – not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life. Rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered when it comes to traveling with kids!


Click this button right now and buy a Trunki!

Feature &  Benefits

  • Boredom busting – sit-on, ride-on, carry-on; keep toddlers entertained through the airport, at the destination, and away from home
  • Stress Less – multi-functional strap allows parents to tow Tired children on their rolling luggage or conveniently carry over the shoulder
  • Happy Travels – ideal kid’s travel companion for vacations, short breaks, sleepovers, and playing at home
  • Carry on – perfect cabin bag with wheels for little boys and girls (17. 5 x 8 x 12. 2 inches)
  • Storage toy – lots of characters for little ones to make friends with and store their belongings in


Key descriptions

Product Dimensions 17.4 x 8 x 11.2 inches
Item Weight 13.2 ounces
Department Baby-girls


Final Thought

Traveling with kids can be hard, especially if they get bored on the plane or in a car.

Trunki is a toy and luggage hybrid that keeps your child entertained while you travel. It’s also great for long road trips or even just running errands around town.

The most important thing about Trunki is that it works! We’ve sold over 1 million units worldwide because our product solves the problem of boredom for children when traveling by air, land or sea. But don’t take my word for it, check out what this mom had to say after her family used Trunki during their recent trip to Disney World in Florida: “Terrance was perfect on our trip – he kept my son busy at security and boarding time and he loved being able to ride him through the airport.” – Katerina B., Parent from Connecticut USA


Final Verdict

When it comes to traveling with kids, you’ll need a reliable stroller that won’t break down. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find one that offers style as well! We’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up 4-5 of our favorite travel strollers. Take a look at our picks below:



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