Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Just because you’re short on space, does not mean that you have to skimp on style. Small homes are more and more common nowadays, with skyrocketing house prices and shrinking apartment square footage, the majority of us actually tend to wind up in spaces that are a little more snug than we bargained for. Well, it doesn’t have to feel that way. With some clever design and conscious styling, you won’t even notice your limited room – guaranteed! Follow these top tips for decorating your small space perfectly.


Shop to scale

Make precise measurements of each room in your home and take those numbers with you everywhere you shop and always, always keep them close by when shopping online. Having measurements handy will mean that you will always be purchasing furniture that fits the scale of your home. This rule is actually essential for homes of all sizes, off scaled furniture just doesn’t look right in any room. Of course, smaller spaces are going to need some smaller furniture, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be plush, luxurious, and inviting at the same time.

Choose multifunctional pieces

Furniture that serves more than one purpose is going to be a massive life and space saver! This means finding clever hacks like using your blanket box as a coffee table, multi-purposing a display cabinet like a bookshelf, and using a fold-out or expanding table as both your desk and your dining space. Shop with the intent to find pieces that perform more than one function and you’ll take home some clever pieces that are going to make everything run a bit smoother and feel a bit roomier.

Mirrors are your friend

Mirrors are a small space staple! They reflect the room and trick the eye into thinking that there’s more room than there actually is, plus, mirrors just look fantastic. Keep it open and bright by choosing an oversized leaning mirror with decorative trim. A decorative mirror doubles up as an art piece, so that’s another multipurpose point for you! Find plenty of statement mirrors for less in the furniture clearance section of your favorite furniture provider!

Style upwards

When you’ve run out of room on your floor plan, it’s time to direct your gaze upwards! Install floating shelves, hanging plants, and save decorative pieces for some lateral expression! Your walls have so much potential for displays, storage and color, it’s mad that most homes don’t really take advantage of their upwards space. Think about installing a gallery wall to make a striking style statement that adds a beautifully personal tone to a home.

Storage is king

Storage solutions are absolutely key to small spaces. Any kind of clutter will immediately make your house look smaller, so clear it away with pieces that offer up plenty of storage room. Other clutter such as cables and remotes should be hidden in baskets or boxes to keep everything calm, organized, and airy.

Decorate mindfully

Although you don’t have to stick to strictly minimalist decor, you should make a conscious decision to be as restrained and refined as possible when you’re decorating. Be restrained by using three throw pillows instead of four or five, choosing linear patterns, keep your color palette relatively neutral and fresh with one pop color, and make sure walkways are always clear and accessible. By decorating mindfully, you’ll find yourself with a beautifully thought out and stylish home that you’ll love living in.

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