How To Work With Unusual Shaped Area Rugs?

Buying a new rug for your home is a fun activity and who doesn’t love shopping right? However, getting one isn’t just about picking whatever color or design you like. You also need to factor in a few considerations like the size, shape, color, texture, and design.

Otherwise, you might end up with a rug that you can’t use. Some owners even rely on their interior designers to choose the rug for them to be sure they get the right kind of rug. You’ll find a variety of traditional, modern, and unusual shaped area rugs for sale in the market today.

Types of Area Rugs

You’ll find many types of area rugs with different fabrics and designs to suit your requirement and preference. Choosing the best area rug for your home may be fun yet confusing at the same time. The challenge is to find the right one that will perfectly fit your home.

Here are different types and shapes of area rugs to choose from:

1. Rectangle

This is the most common type of shape for area rugs. It is practical because it can fit in different kinds of rooms. You can put it in your living room, dining room or your bedroom. It usually comes in different sizes from medium to large.

A rectangle area rug is easy to place and position in your house. It can liven up any simple room and transform it to create a cozy vibe.

2. Square

This is another type of rug that is used by many homeowners and interior designers. Similar to the rectangle shaped rugs, a square one is very easy and practical to play with. You can put it in any area of your house.

You can place it in your bedroom, living room or any other area in your house, as long as it fits the space.

In case you decide to place it underneath a table or any object, just make sure that the item on top of it is proportion to your square rug. Don’t put a square rug underneath an object that is bigger than the rug. Imagine a grand piano with a square rug underneath that doesn’t even reach the ends of the piano. Looks awkward right? It’s because the rug’s dimensions aren’t proportion to the piano so instead of highlighting the piano, you rug now becomes an eyesore.

Square rugs are versatile. You can use it to accent your furniture, warm up your floors or act as a conversational piece.

3. Round

This type of rug also comes in different sizes and diameter. You can use it to highlight certain pieces and furniture in your house. It is usually best used with dining tables that are also round in shape to create a balanced proportion.

It can also be used to create an inviting feel in small and minimal spaces. The round shape adds softness to the hard and sharp areas featured in the room. It can act as the focal point in any room.

4. Oval

This type of rug can be used similarly to rectangular or oblong shaped rugs. It can soften the look of your room. Oval rugs are commonly used to match oblong or rectangular shaped dining tables. You can also use it to provide contrast to different pieces of furniture. They are usually suitable for classic and traditional homes.

5. Customized

This is the most fun to play with. Customized rugs vary in shapes, colors, and designs. It is a unique way to accent your furniture or add a little bit of personality and flair to your home.

Customized and modern pieces are often designed in unusual shaped area rugs. This type of rug creates a unique and innovative approach to home decorating. It is more challenging to use and style but definitely more fun to use.

You can create your own shape of rug to perfectly fit a specific space in your room. If you have a space that no regular or standard shape can seem to match, then you can just customize your own rug and create a shape that is more appropriate for that specific area. Problem solved.

Some unusual shaped area rugs include puzzle type, animal hide or heart-shaped such as the Hughapy heart shaped area rug among many others. It provides an alternative for regular and standard area rugs. If you’re bored with the usual rugs, then a customized rug is your next bet.

Choosing the Best Type of Area Rug for your Space

When picking an area rug you should always consider who or what is it for. Since a rug is practically used to add personality to your living space, you should choose one that represents you as the homeowner and also complement the theme and overall look and design of your home. Here are some quick factors to consider when buying a rug:

  • STYLE: For example, if your theme is a modern inspired living room, then it’s best to stick to contemporary styles rather than pick the old and traditional patterned area rugs. Customized area rugs are more suitable for modern homes.
  • Otherwise, it will disrupt your space’s main look and theme. An area rug should always complement the overall look of your house.

  • SIZE: When buying an area rug, always make sure that it is larger than the object you are placing on it. An area rug creates a unified look and pulls everything together. There is no sense in getting a small rug if it won’t be visible and if you are going to hide it under a piece of bulky furniture.
  • COLOR: Similar to style, the color of your area rug should complement the rest of the hues and tones in the room. Otherwise, a wrong color combination can just clash with your existing color pattern and become visually displeasing to the eye.

Using Customized Area Rugs

Unusual shaped area rugs are a great way to incorporate your personality into your living space. It adds warmth and makes any space more inviting. Your guests will definitely remember the unique style of your customized area rugs.

It’s cool and fun to use as long as you pick the right style, size, and color to suit your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment or mix and match. Just make sure it follows your home’s theme to avoid a mishmash look.

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  • November 27, 2016
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