7 Effortless Wall Covering Ideas For Damaged Walls

You have just moved into a new apartment and the walls in the living room are in horrible condition. You have noticed that a portion of your living room walls are damaged and it would cause a fortune to have it repaired. These scenarios can give you nightmares.

There are a lot of reasons walls can turn from good to bad: stains, cracks, uneven textures, discoloration and residual wallpaper backing are just some of them. Repairing the wall can be extremely costly. Leaving damaged walls alone and exposed can be such a gruesome sight.

Thankfully there are remedies available to conceal damage walls. Painting the damage wall is always the first option but sometimes it just is not good enough. Wall covering ideas can conceal damaged walls better than paint. They are light on your budget, too. All you need to do is ignite your creative genes!

1. Create a Picture Collage

A picture collage to conceal a damage wall is always an easy fix because it can cover an enormous space. A picture collage is a perfect strategy because sometimes the space you are trying to conceal is way too big for only one picture.

Besides, coming up with one big picture can be extremely expensive. A picture collage is pretty cheap especially if you are able to buy frames on sale. Check out some great picture frame collage at Amazon.com. You can also extend your creativity and create your own frame.

2. Hung Up a Tapestry

Initially, tapestries may seem old fashioned. It does necessarily mean though that when that when you speak of tapestries you are referring to an eighteenth century tapestry. There are tapestries with modern designs and they are not difficult to find. Tapestries are perfect wall coverings to conceal damaged walls because they come in a variety of widths and lengths.

Other than concealing a dreadful damaged wall, a tapestry is a brilliant way to add some texture to your living room. A tapestry can make your living room feel warmer and friendlier. Amazon.com has some exciting tapestries you can check out.

3. Put Up Your Own Curtains

Windows that had previous curtains create some of the worst wall damages. Under that circumstance the best remedy is to install your own curtains to hide the ugly wall. There are a lot of ways you can install curtains to maximize its use.

You can install the curtains higher than the actual window or over the actual width of the window. Your options depend upon what part of the wall beside the window you are trying to cover. If you have windows that are next to each other, you can install the curtains in between the window to conceal the damaged wall.

4. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Mirrors are superb decorating items. Mirrors make small rooms look bigger. Mirrors are also a perfect wall coverings to conceal damaged walls. Mirrors come in a variety of sizes you will surely be able to find one that will fit the damaged area of your wall.

Amazon.com has some interesting mirror wall decors you can choose from. You can opt to have one big mirror or create a collage of mirrors. If you need to cover a wide area, the best way is to go for horizontal full-length mirrors. Get creative with mirror frames so you can conceal your damaged walls.

5. Trendy Fabrics

It has become trendy these days to use long pieces of fabric to replace wallpapers. This is an easy project you can do on your own. With a staple gun you can either straight hung the fabric or create some ruffles on the fabric and then hung it on the damaged areas of the wall.

Fabric is a great alternative to paint, wall paper or a new drywall. Fabrics come in a variety of colors and patterns so you can release your creative genes and find the best fabric design that will blend with the interiors of the room. Fabric is relatively inexpensive and should you no longer like the fabric on your wall, it is easy to take down. Bottom line is the fabric can definitely cover the damaged areas of your wall.

6. Tile or Brick for a Unique Touch

Laying tiles or bricks as wall coverings to conceal damaged walls may take a little more effort but it will definitely be worth it. Bricks are a superb way to conceal damaged walls plus the fact that bricks can add a unique touch to your living room.

There are a lot of easy to follow instructional videos on how to brick or tile walls, you will definitely be able to do it yourself. For best results make sure to have the right materials and follow directions. View the video in full first before you get started to make sure you understand what to do exactly.

7. Forget Paint, Go for Faux Paint

Faux painting is a skill you need to learn but there are simple faux painting procedures you can easily follow. Faux painting is applying a variety of glazes to a wall to give the wall a textured surface. Wood, brick and marble are the most common faux paints. Faux paint is a common alternative to paint.

Search for videos online and discover the different patterns that you can create through faux painting. The nice thing about faux paint is it changes the texture of the wall to give an illusion that the wall is made of an expensive material. You can choose from three common faux painting techniques.

  • Color Wash. Applying glaze with overlapping brush stokes to achieve a worn look.
  • Sponging. Applying glaze with a sponge for achieve a textured look.
  • Ragging. Applying glaze with a rag to achieve a mild and variable look.

Damaged walls in your living room or in any room in your home should not be much of a problem. You can easily remedy the problem yourself. Of all the wall covering ideas I have presented to conceal damaged walls, I like the picture frame collage the most. Pictures provide warmth to homes.

If you have tried any of the remedies presented, let us know in the comments section how it came out. If you have more wall covering ideas for damaged walls, you may want to share them, too.

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