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Your Personal Color Assistant- The Nix Technology

No more keeping home heaps of paint cards. The Nix Technology making applications and gadgets are here to be your personal color assistant and let you discover your truly flawless tone.

Imagine, you’re prepared to give your home an invigorate. Perhaps you’ve been gazing at greige office dividers for a long time, or you’re moving children into their own rooms or simply need shading for your parlor.

Picking the correct paint can change your space and atmosphere. Gazing at columns of hues in your nearby home improvement store, it’s anything but difficult to feel overpowered with decisions. It’s additionally simple to cherish a shade coming up, however, loathe the manner in which it turns out once it’s on your divider or wall. In case you’re attempting to coordinate an old shade, it can get significantly more challenging.

That’s why, Nix technology, your personal color assistant, is here to help with a bunch of shrewd color sensors and versatile applications. With a little assistance from tech, you can unquestionably employ a paintbrush and add the perfect tone to your home.

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Nix- Color Sensing Device

With regards to estimating a perfect color, a spectrometer comes first for considering the business-standard. With costs in the thousands, convoluted procedures, and cumbersome structures, these cutting edge gadgets are regularly far off for the normal DIYer, however, a portion of the essential thoughts behind spectrometers are appearing in shading detecting gadgets you can fit in your pocket for under $100- Nix Color Sensor.

At $100, this shading sensor isn’t actually modest, yet it could make life significantly simpler for anybody coordinating numerous paint hues. The pre-aligned Nix Color Sensor Mini squares out encompassing light and uses an adjusted light source to peruse a surface’s shading. The sensor at that point sends that perusing to your smartphone by means of Bluetooth and the Nix Paints or Nix Digital application, where you can coordinate hues to twelve diverse paint brands in the US and Canada.

Sounds so cool, isn’t it?

Nix Pro 2 and Nix Mini shading sensors are amazing, simple to-utilize augmentations to any inventive master toolbox

Making an interpretation of the physical world to the advanced has been a test, particularly with regards to things like shading. Be that as it may, new devices from startup Nix can help slice through the disarray – the Nix line of shading sensors, including the Nix Mini (ordinarily $99) and the more refined Nix Pro 2 (regularly $349).

These gadgets are amazing and simple in their utilization and development. Their fundamental intention is to give you an advanced translation of a simple hue, which could be the shade of any surface you go over. To get this done, they house a little focal point and sensor inside a precious stone-formed plastic walled-in area. Moreover, both the Mini and the Pro are effectively pocketable, yet the Mini is about the breadth of an enormous coin, while the Pro looks like a golf ball.


The in-built sensor worked for batteries that charge through Micro USB, and since they aren’t generally utilizing that much force when inactivity, you can get around 3,000 individual surface outputs out of a solitary full battery.

Utilizing them is likewise incredibly simple: You download an application. Nix has three, including,

Nix Digital App- This is designed for visual planners and makers, the Nix Digital application offers moment computerized shading information for checked surfaces. Place the Nix Mini or Nix Pro to any surface and right away view RGB, CMYK, HEX, and CIELAB values on your cell phone or tablet. After you filter a surface, you would now be able to swipe between different shading palettes, for example, monochromatic, integral, triadic, and so on.

Nix Paint App – The Nix Paint application works with the Nix Mini Color Sensor and the Nix Pro Color Sensor. An incredible apparatus for planners and paint experts, the Nix Paints application gives you simple paint coordinating in short order. Contact the Nix Mini to any surface and match to an assortment of 30,000+ hues on your cell phone.

The Nix Sensor will take a color checked and the Nix Paint App will give you different shading palettes to assist you with picking the correct integral hues. I figure this could help a ton of amateurs that need a little assistance in picking the correct hues.

Moreover, you would then be able to spare all checked hues to a custom pattern and find the nearest store to buy your paint.

Nix Pro App Only Available with Nix Pro Color Sensor- Nix Pro Color Sensor can quantify the specific shade of any surface and give moment in-application matches to a huge shading library of paints and vinyl. With the capacity to import your own custom libraries, lead A/B shading correlations, and modify your output settings, it makes fast work of estimating hues around you.

After downloading the app, pair your mobile with the device (this will show up consequently once the device is charged) and afterward tap a catch in the application to filter a surface, holding the Nix up to said surface.

The procedure is overly speedy and gives various outcomes relying upon which application you’re utilizing. In the Nix Paints application, when you select your favored paint brand, it’ll show you the closest matches, which is extraordinary in case you’re accomplishing patchwork or repainting a bit of your home. You can likewise get a palette of complementary or in any case coordinating hues for refurbishing.

Nix Pro gives a scope of shading readouts that are utilized by experts for super-exact coordination and estimation, and you can re-use the inherent paint library to coordinate precisely.

Nix can filter pretty much any surface, including a wide range of paints, textures, just as tile and other ground surfaces. It’s an embellishment that truly makes it snappy and easy what has been a truly complex procedure previously, and it additionally comes adjusted out of the container so there’s nothing the client needs to get confused about shading exactness while utilizing it.


Nix color sensor - measure Colors Instantly

Nix Technology will assist you in finding the ideal shade for any undertaking 

At the point when you’re arranging a DIY task or planning on designing a new site, making a color plan is so easier now than one might imagine. As a rule, we will in general discover motivation in reality—a companion’s home, the café, etc. Nix Color Sensors permit you to catch the shading from any surface and find coordinating paint.

Shading has a gigantic influence on structure. While red suggests energy, green is seen as natural, and blue inspires to be cool. Hues can even have a mental impact too.

Nix shading sensors can assist you with catching the ideal shade for any venture. There are two forms—the Nix Mini and the Nix Pro. The previous is ideal for arranging your home stylistic theme, while the last is made for proficient creators and craftsmen.

The Nix Mini is effectively little enough to fit on your keychain. The sensor can give the RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB codes for any shading with noteworthy exactness. Likewise, from using the nix app, you can look through 31,000 paints from significant brands to locate an ideal match.

Besides, the Nix Pro takes things up an indent, with highlights focused on imaginative professionals. Alongside the codes referenced over, the Pro sensor conveys CIELAB, LCH, and LRV values. The gadget additionally shut out all surrounding light to guarantee precise readings.

Utilizing the Pro, you will get new highlights in the application, also. You can investigate and spare shading harmonies, import custom libraries, and even direct A/B tests in a hurry 9 we already mention that above).

Beyond that, the nix sensors are battery-powered, with a battery life that stretches to a huge number of outputs. The Nix applications are allowed to download on iOS and Android, and you can without much of a stretch import your shading palettes to Adobe Creative Cloud programming.


In the end, Nix is a convenient solution for any number of creative individuals. In the event that you regularly need to coordinate paint hues, this instrument will support you. In case, you are a digital craftsman that needs to get an alternate shading palette from hues you are motivated by in reality the Nix Mini will effortlessly do that.

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